Chef, restaurant, charged with serving whale meat

March 12, 2010

The U.S. Department of Justice is filing charges against a Santa Monica restaurant and a  sushi chef for allegedly serving meat from an endangered whale. [Reuters]

The owners of The Hump Restaurant at the Santa Monica airport, along with sushi chef Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, are being charged with violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which makes it illegal to sell any kind of whale meat.

The charges spring from an undercover operation last October when officials were tipped off about the restaurant.  A later sting operation by U.S. wildlife and customs officials observed whale meat being served in the restaurant, after Yamamoto allegedly brought in a special package of meat from his car.

if convicted, the sushi chef and the restaurant owners face a possible penalty of up to one year in prison and fines varying between $100,000 and $200,000.

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Well, dog is too chewy and whale has too much fat … but it is one of those strange things people like to try, especially when they are young.

Interestingly enough, the entire purpose of all of this strict endorsement ( just look at all the highway petrol on the roads now-a-days) is to raise revenues.

With all the problems we are having, picking on a sushi chef seems pretty low.

Roger Freberg

Exactly, everything is about extracting money from the masses to keep a doomed, sinking ship afloat.

As far as I’m concerned, busting this chef was well worth the expense to us taxpayers . The media coverage about the fines does the rest of the work for everyone including the whales.


That goes for you to, Japan.

That’s what animals are for. I’m sure glad that our government is pissing away more tax dollars by investigating these horrific crimes.