Gibson gets a last-minute challenger

March 12, 2010

With less than three days before the formal filing deadline, the president of the Los Osos Community Services District has decided to challenge District 2 county supervisor Bruce Gibson’s re-election bid. [Tribune]

Marshall Ochylski, 61, who is also a land use attorney, filed papers this week for the June election.

Gibson, a Cayucos geophysicist, is seeking a second term on the board.

District 2 covers parts of San Luis Obispo and all of the North Coast.

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Roger is right, what can they do to that will lighten the financial burden and halt the blatant disparate discrimination of the elderly and low income folk of Losos whom are being forced out of their homes by the moral sewers that are the minds of the likes of folk that would force an unheard of $300.00 a month sewer bill, using junk science as an excuse to purge the town?

Quick fixes and gimmicks abound, lines were drawn, and the rhetoric plagues both sides of the debate.

To complicate matters further, there is a fundamental disconnect between what the State is demanding and what working folk can afford to pay for in the middle of our present day economic depression.

Perhaps the numerous State House Bills will give some relief and halt unfunded mandates. (HB 5797, HB5798, HB5836 and HB5766)

Hey, you are talking about MY district!!!

Both Christine Mulholland and I live near Laguna Lake and we were gerrymandered into this district… I guess the problems of Cambria and Laguna lake are the same… we’re both near a body of water?

In any event, part of solving California’s economic woes is to not put more financial burdens on the backs of people. I would ask this and his opponent what they plan to do to reduce the burden?

OH, yes, Dan Duvaul would be a big question. What are they going to do to pull him into compliance? Specifically, what are they going to do and when are they going to do it?

Roger Freberg

Asking to represent Los Osos is like asking for political leprosy.

Gibson has mucho problems, but who in their right mind would want that job?

Ochyski? Jesus, the guy’s a land use planner/attorney for Christ’s sake. He’s involved in at least one HUGE housing project he’s trying to get thru right now in Los Osos! Conflict of interest is an understatement. Looking for a reason why he’s on the LOCSD.? He needs a sewer to get his projects thru and pay in his pocket. Like his kindred spirit Jeff Edwards, he’s just another money whore willing to turn the town he actually lives into another overbuilt mass of confusion for his own personal gain.

First Bianchi then Gibson and now possibly this sellout? I know man truly is a blight upon the Earth but I keep hoping that………….ahh, nevermind.

I suspect you are a Los Ososan, and I suspect you are on the other side of whatever side Ochylski is on about the sewer. Further, I suspect it is going to be a long, loud race with the rest of the North Coast now having to pay attention to Los Osos’ laundry airing antics. Good grief.

Quite a Difficult guy to work with..and very transparent he jumped into CSD for the sewer for his develpment-now-he wants to vote it through as a supervisor! We need to keep these back-room robbers outa public office! No more special interest politicians!!!

Dude, your septic tank is boiling over.

then you need to get rid of Gibson also. Start clean….throw them both in the tank

I, too, am surprised no one jumped in sooner to take Gibson’s seat. He’s in a no-win position with the Osos sewer. The sewer is what the race is going to be about, and Gibson has already lost on that front.

Marshall, thank you……someone needs to challenge Gibson and I am surprised there has not been a flock of candidates given his poor representation of his constituents. He has done well by himself and his cronies as all modern politicans have but he certainly has not improved our lives. Good luck and you have my vote and you will have my contribution to your campaign.