Looks like California is going to pot

March 23, 2010

It looks like enough signatures have been gathered to place a voter initiative on the November ballot that would legalize marijuana in California. [Los Angeles Times]

Supporters credit Los Angeles County with putting the signature drive over the top. Election officials must report their results on Wednesday, but it appears that marijuana has earned a spot on the ballot.

These same supporters point to the easy access to marijuana now enjoyed by many Californians since the Obama administration ordered drug agents to lay off dispensaries–hundreds have recently opened across the state.

Advocates also believes that taxing marijuana sales would help solve the budget crisis in Sacramento. Nevada and Washington are also considering marijuana reform laws.

The 18-page marijuana initiative would allow anyone, 21 years of age or older, to possess, share, and transport up to one ounce for personal use and up to 25 square feet per residence or parcel.

The measure needs 433, 971 valid signatures to qualify.

All major candidates running for governor, including Jerry Brown, have come out against the measure.


yay if ca legalizes pot then thered be no reason to leave:)


Does anyone know which is the most or least harmful between using cigarettes and marijuana?


Cigarettes are more harmful due to two main factors. First is how each is smoked. Cigarette smokers are exposed to a great deal more smoke. If you smoked a pack of joints a day, however, that would obviously be a different story. The second is the chemicals present in tobacco, both from the fertilizer used, which contains Radium 226, and chemicals used to help the cigarette stay lit and burn evenly.


I realize it’s disappearing, but apply common sense.

Read the comments of ‘law enforcement against prohibition’:


Review your history. Prohibition, organized crime grows, mafia rooted.

Currently: Prohibition, organized crime (Narcos) grows, now in every US State.


Dear Roger Freberg and other “conservatives:”

It’s a shame that you assume everyone who supports legalization does so because they think that “if it feels good, do it.” There are many of us who do not find such an argument to be even relevant. Perhaps you would look at this differently if someone outlawed meat, because in excess it could cause health problems. I guess those of you who supported an end to the meat-prohibition would be part of the “if it tastes good, eat it” crowd.

Legal marijuana is not a disastrous experiment you tried before WWII. It is the default state of marijuana, meat, and well, pretty much everything else. Prohibition of marijuana is in fact the disastrous experiment you tried after WWII. Marijuana prohibition is the overregulation of the free market, restricting competition against cotton and other fibers, alcohol, and a whole host of psychoactive pharmaceutical products. It is contrary to true conservative ideals.

I realize that America has a perverted conservative mindset which complains about overregulation and excessive laws, unless it is to support one of their issues (usually something involving personal morality). What these conservatives cannot seem to do is equate their sense of morality with the sense of morality of someone (for example) who believes global warming will be the divine punishment for the sin of pollution, or that murder is a consequence of the 2nd amendment. They somehow see their rules and legal intrusions as different, somehow sacred and traditional. But they’re not.

All prohibition has unintended consequences and is antithetical to the ideas upon which America was founded. It is ironic that it is mostly conservatives who say, “if you don’t like it here, go somewhere else;” when they, just as many liberals, should be the ones to follow their own advice.

Matthew Kaney


Dear concerned parent,

Having asked the question… you already lost that battle. It’s hard to argue with those who still believe ‘if it feels good, do it.’ They aren’t thinking beyond today. Society is being split into two factions: those who do and those who do not and neither really wants to have anything to do with the other… except those who do want to feel ‘socially acceptable.’ Good luck.

Bad ju ju, America has been down this road before prior to WWI with disastrous results.

Roger Freberg

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Booty JuJu

EVERY society develops something to enter an altered state, whether it be martinis in Manhattan, Chateau Rothschild in Bordeaux, beer and weed the world over, or chewed up coca leaves in the Peruvian jungle.

Perhaps we should just accept that in life most people need to wander off the planet occasionally.

While the penalty for drugs in Singapore is death, the penalty Singaporean society pays is death by boredom, alcoholism, consumerism and gambling. If you think it makes good sense to toss people in prison for weed, there is no help for you.

Remember that ALL governments and religions are against drugs because it allows the INDIVIDUAL to choose their own perception of reality instead of the one “they” advocate.

They will have you believe that weed is to blame for all manner of social ills in the US.

Not grinding government or religious dogma, scotch for breakfast, fried mars bars, heroin, 24/7 drinking, beating up the wife, 60 Bensons a day, no exercise, no jobs, etc. etc. etc.

It’s weed. Yet for some reason this does not affect the Netherlands.

My effing arse. Try rational thought for a change.



I guess California is starting to make a little bit of sense: legalize pot and criminalize tobacco.

Obviously, there is more “upside” to smoking pot than there is to smoking cigarettes (because you get high). So it seems reasonable to condone (or at least not condemn) that activity, while demonizing cigarettes, since cigarettes don’t seem to have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

On Racketplanet, of course, the government butt the heck out of people’s personal life in most areas, and controlling what they smoke would be one of them.


Unfortunately, I have been a cigarette smoker too many years.

Aside the addition or habit issue, it is primarily for stress.

If legalized, I may consider using it NOT for a teeny bopper high or thrill but for stress as it may be less harmful than cigarettes and less expensive than alcohol!

Concerned Parent

When the prohibitionists start their propaganda machine, let’s just remember to ask all of the parents and grandparents in California, “If your young-adult child or grandchild got caught with a little marijuana, would you want him or her to go to jail?”

It’s time to let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.