Smoking ban at beaches and parks approved

March 22, 2010

California lawmakers voted Monday to ban smoking at 278 beaches and state parks in one of the nation’s far-reaching regulation of tobacco. [Los Angeles Times]

The new legislation calls for fines up to $100 for those caught smoking at a state beach, or in a designated section of a state park. However, smoking will still be allowed in some parking lots and campgrounds.

The smoking ban passed the state Assembly today and now goes back to the Senate, which already approved the measure, for some minor amendments. The vote followed party lines, with Republicans opposed to the ban because they feel it is unwarranted meddling in legal behavior.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not yet indicated publicly indicated whether he will sign the legislation.

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Granted that the only butts I like to see on the beach are naked… or partially so.

However, I have a hard time understanding how this is the most important legislation that the state can come up with? What about the economy, unemployment, school quality and affordable energy?

What a waste.

Roger Freberg

Booty, Do you have to be so rude and crude, I mean really? I get your point about the all pigs that are on the dole and when I say “pig” I don’t mean fat. To tear up everybody that is over weight, which you have identified as having a waist over 40 inches is just so adolescent. You sound just like the trash that you are complaining about. If you’ve never seen heavy set people out there earning a living, then I have to question if you’ve ever participated in that function.

The real crime is that the legislature is wasting its time with junk like this.

Next year, it is going to be illegal to even BE in some of the state parks because our morons don’t have the funds to keep them open.