New daily flight added between SLO and Los Angeles

March 31, 2010

United Airlines will offer a sixth daily flight between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles International Airport starting April 6. [Tribune]

The new flight is scheduled to arrive in San Luis Obispo at 1:59 p.m. from Los Angeles, with a return departure planned for 2:23 p.m.

Passengers will fly on a 30-seat Embraer 120 turboprop, similar to those currently used on other United flights.

The San Luis Obispo airport recently lost about 37 percent of its departing seats when Delta and American Airlines left the market and US Airways cut back on flights to Las Vegas.

In addition to the six flights to Los Angeles, United also offers five trips to San Francisco daily.

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High fare price limited business? Or Lower fare price more business?


Renting a car (less than $100 for the whole family)? Or Driving your own car there (less than $50 with the whole family)?

I think, because of the state of the economy, the second options would be the most popular at this time unless the trip is for business.

I think its good to have an available airport that can fly to LAX and SFX, I hope it can survive the bad economic weather and later prosper here!

Many people who have traveled to LAX and SFX share the same sentiments that SFX in better than LAX.

I was told by a realtor, that if you want to know if a community is a good or bad place, look at how the children behave. Although not an exact science, if you wanted to get an idea about an area or a community or organization, you get a collective sample of people’s behavior and attitude. The more observations you make the more likely the status, again it is not an exact science. LAX, although sometimes not my choice of places, is not my preference.

I travel about once a year with my family.

Money is well spent on travel than anything else.

It is more cost effective to rent a car to LAX than it is to fly.

If the airlines here are to survive, they need to integrated as a connecting flight with other airlines.

Sure they won’t profit as such but we are talking about survival during the inescapable upcoming economic rain and storms. Many major airlines have survived by co-sharing with other airlines in international flights!

In the many years of travel, I always favor SFX to LAX. In my experience and observation, LAX is the worst airport in the world with respect to attitude of the people working there (all)!

May the LA City Airport rot in hell

May the airport police rot in hell

May US Custom in LA rot in hell

May the LA City Mayor rot in hell

Hmm…could you be more specific?

Apologize for the nasty ending part.

These are some of the collective experiences across the years:

Searching for airport terminals, asking people in uniform (both police and US Custom) simple question but they elude and not answer the question (Typical, half the time, I think it may be general mood or not-people service orientated-attitude of the area)

Custom searches

SFX Custom Officers has always been polite and courtesy, explain what they are doing (not offensive) and very efficient

LAX Officer “Put your bag up there and open it!” He sticks a dirty knife with a string attached, into a new can of Tea, after he was done, he told me to put it away and searched my luggage. I gave the can to him and told him to drink the contaminated tea!

During other trips, LAX Custom officers would do random interviews on people waiting in line. They’re not that experienced. One Officer (Hong Kong accent) kept repeating the same questions about a half a dozen times as if he bought anything not claimed on the form. Another Officer kept on digging and digging and playing varied mathematics with me and my wife on how much money we had because of out long overseas stay (Each person allowed a limit of 10K undeclared, we explained that We have friends and family covering our expenses overseas). One time an elder Philippine Officer, somewhat intimidating beared down on my wife and daughter and with a serious look told them “Your citizens? Why don’t you speak English” I politely interrupted and said my daughter was born in SLO located in the middle of California! (He was probably in a bad mood but I was PO)

Last year I pulled over to the curb at LAX to answer my cell searching for my wife and daughter from a trip, officer got behind me and I began to pulled away, cited for cell phone, the officer was practicing his interview technique. E.g. He ask my age, I told him I was 60 years old, he said “but your DL side 9/3049” I said one month away “I rounded it off.” We got into the validity of the cell phone violation and I tried to prove to him I never answered the called because of him plus I was pulled over! He went from stupid to polite and handed me a citation. (Cell phone stings I understand, this is about pure revene!)

I can go on, my many years of experience have been bad, (some trips were w/o incidents) I think it’s the people’s attitude in the area.

Here is another one:

During my wife’s last trip from overseas, she was given a box of cookies. It was confiscated and she told the fine will be $1500 (This is really true)! She was told nothing that had animal by-products were allowed in because of the swine flu epidemic. My wife said the standard notice given her (“No animal by-product”) does not construe candy and cookies, the officer explained that cookies have animal by-products. My wife responded that her sweater is made from animal by-products and similarly the cookies she buys at Trader Joe’s all have cooked eggs and butter. The officer was sympathetic with her about the inadequate notice issue and reduce the fine to $500.

My advice to people traveling overseas is, if you have a chioice between LAX or SFX, go SFX, the people that work there are more polite, educated!

Coast Flyer, Silverado’s shuttle to LAX, goes 6 times per day, has free wireless internet, maybe a couple passengers besides yourself, for $49. On top of that, if you are a professional who bills, you can work the whole way there and turn a profit.

Yeah, like I’m going to be using United out of San Luis Airport; I just went online to to see what they charge for a round trip from San Luis to LA and back; $512 ! Add to that, $8 a day for parking, yeah, this is affordable. I am dumbfounded at the pricing here; I fly around eight times a year, always on Southwest, which means I drive to either San Jose or Oakland. I have flown for as little as $69 one way, and because I am somewhat of a frequent flyer, my first trip this year was free. And I don’t pay for my two checked suitcases. I guess that I should be grateful that there are enough people who don’t mind paying prices like this to fly that Southwest feels the need to remain competitive. Wow.