Pot growers fear legal marijuana

March 28, 2010

If California voters legalize marijuana in next November’s election, growers fear it will drive down the price of their crops and hurt the local economy, especially in hard-pressed Humboldt County. [CBS News]

The locals are so worried up north that they held a meeting last week with civic leaders and growers brainstorming possible responses if marijuana ends up being legalized. One proposal: turn Humboldt County into a tourist destination for marijuana lovers, complete with tasting rooms and tours.

Many clandestine growers also fear that legalization will flood the market with cheap, corporate-grown weed and put them out of business.

California is currently one of 14 states that allow people to grow and consume marijuana for medical purposes. However, even if the initiative passes in November, marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

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It is a very strange issue… Legalizing Pot makes strange bedfellows, doesn’t it? And of course these t-shirts and bumper stickers will probably be pretty popular in Humboldt County… “Save Humboldt County – Keep Pot Illegal” http://www.zazzle.com/legalizepot

We have officially entered the Twilight Zone when criminals AND cops are on the same side on anything. That in itself tells me pot should be legalized.

I recently attended a forum for Sheriff’s candidates and all six that were there said the law as currently written is ridiculous and a sham to try and get pot legalized. If people want to legalize pot it should be put to a vote, they ALL agreed.

But marijuana is illegal under federal law and wacky California is about to vote on legalizing it. We are either visionaries or the craziest bunch of yahoos in the history of this country.

BTW none of the candidates said he would raid a pot dispensary on his own initiative should one open, and only Joe Cortez said he would if asked to intervene by the local police chief.

The worse thing that could happen from legalizing pot is,,,nothing! Legalizing post would help Ca. get out of our current financial crisis. Anyone that wants it already smokes/digests it, the current laws do nothing but keep the police distracted from real criminals and create dangerous Mexican drug cartels.

I have heard the opposite of what this article claims. I have read and spoken with people that say the northern Ca. growers hope that this passes as they will be on the ground floor to make even more profits.

I don’t believe that the prison establishment needs to worry about their jobs, there will always be plenty of criminals to secure their jobs. Perhaps with more prison room we can keep real criminals such as sex offenders in prison. Don’t forget, Arnie is going to release 40,000 prisoners due to prison over population.

This is a rare opportunity to send Congress a message that support for the prohibition is over. The only people still wanting the prohibition to continue are those who are benefiting from it financially – law enforcement, the DEA, Mexican drug cartels and drug treatment centers.

We the people of the United States, we the taxpayers who fund the prohibition, we who watch our sons and daughters be arrested for possessing marijuana while the prohibition completely *fails* to prevent marijuana’s widespread and prolific use, we demand that the prohibition be ended.

The benefits each of us, and our country as a whole, receive from the prohibition come nowhere near close to the costs it creates. The prohibition *didn’t* end marijuana use as promised, the prohibition *didn’t* protect our communities from drug dealers as promised, the prohibition *didn’t* prevent $BILLIONS from being diverted annually to the Mexican drug cartels. We no longer give our implicit consent to this prohibition which directly empowers the cartels and incites them to murder thousands of people every year.

We do not kill children and we do not support this policy that kills children. We, of the greatest democracy in the world, demand the right to determine the laws which govern us. We demand an end to the federal marijuana prohibition and the right to legally produce and sell marijuana to adults.

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Our concern should be ‘influence’ from the unlimited funds (& power) of the Mexican drug organizations. These merciless folks have murdered over 20,000 in Mexico, including US consular staff. These folks operate the ‘shadow’ government in Mexico.

These narcos make most of their money from the growing/importing/sales of marijuana in/to the US.

Don’t be surprised to see a coalition of growers, the prison guards’ union, and CAMP all come together to jointly oppose legalization. Keeping pot illegal is in their common interest of job security.