70 percent of Californians want illegal immigrants to stay

March 28, 2010

A new poll shows that 70 percent of Californians believe illegal immigrants working in the United States for at least two years should be allowed to keep their jobs and eventually apply for legal status. [Orange County Register]

The survey was conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California. An institute spokesperson says the new findings are consistent with six previous surveys on the issue during the last three years.

Twenty-five percent of the respondents believe the illegals should be deported.

Democrats and Independents favor letting illegal immigrants stay. Republicans are divided. About 90 percent of Latinos and 62 percent of whites support the idea of eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Read the report here.

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Hotdog, well that lets reverse all of mankinds history of displacing the indigenus people. It may be very off putting on the face and depth of it and it is. But even in nature which mankind is a part of and throughout the natral world things change for a number of reasons. Usually harsh and tough to get your head around. Ok, Ok, what does this have to do with illegals of any origin, the fact that in a society ruled by laws and governments borders do mean something. The elected officials are mandated to protect the foundation of written laws of the land, the constitution maybe. Why margialize the indigenus people here now. The profits of certain industries to make wealth on the backs of people that are continually taken advantage are due to several economic reasons, profit margins, economic compition in a global market. Skin color shouldn’t matter but I would like to see two things, 1) hotdog to loose his or her job to outsourcing. 2) all of the LLC’s, Companies, and corporations that benefit from this cheap labor to be the ones penalized. That means to pay for all of the benefits that are subsidizing the out sourcing of the nation we once knew.

Your whole argument is based on the premise that a society ruled by laws and governmments and borders do mean something. But I don’t think they do. Just another line sold to us for control and subjugation.

“Democracy…From the people who brought you Fascism, the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church, Communism and much more!”

” Why would I throw an honest, hard working, self supporting person out of the country if they are working hard to establish themselves and contributing?”…..because they are illegal which means they are not paying taxes like the rest of us. You are supporting the employers who hire illegals to work for next to nothing instead of hiring out of work American’s.

If anyone wants to follow the rules in order to be able to become a citizen of this country, more power to them….and learning our language would be nice too. Until then….you’re out.

” Why would I throw an honest, hard working, self supporting person out of the country if they are working hard to establish themselves and contributing?” Hmmmmmm, lets see, hard working for money under the table, taking our jobs that we deserve and should be getting but don’t because they have taken then, Use and abuse of our health care ER wards and welfare systems, and DMV systems. Why should I have to learn there language? This is supposed to be the USA, not mexico. Interestiung that 70% want them to stay, says who? The relatives? Everyone I have spoken with agree’s but in this country, nobody has the balls to stand up and do anything. Sad. America, the home of the free hands to others than americans.

This poll was financed through the James Irvine Foundation. A quick study on the foundation indicates that they are advocates who promote outreach programs in the low income areas of CA for the disenfranchised. The purpose of these polls are to “influence public policy” – “inform decision makers about public opinion”. So there you have the answer as to how they arrived at their conclusion.

It is an interesting dichotomy as to how one can work illegally in this country for “two years” and pay taxes. Even if they are working for an honest Employer, the state will take note of a discrepancy between the name and SS# they are using. The state requires Employers to file quarterly reports that include this information about every employee and the state catches these discrepancies within a couple of months and they take action. Employers who frequently file reports with these noted discrepancies are given a course on how to identify a false ID and are even connected to an INS data base that allows the employer to confirm that a SS# is legitimate and issued to the individual that has presented it. After that the state starts fining the employer for being “tricked” too easily! This usually happens to AG employers that attract a large # of immigrant workers. So it is TRUE that it is unlikely that many illegal workers are paying any taxes.

As for taking our jobs, this is true of tech workers but certainly not of Mexican migrant workers. They primarily work in agriculture, landscaping and other labor intensive service industries that Americans don’t want to do. They are also seasonal workers and rarely procure permanent full time positions that Americans want. Of course high school kids could probably use the dish washing jobs, etc. and there are plenty of welfare recipients who shouldn’t have a choice of whether they want to pick grapes. So I agree that illegals are a problem and we need all the jobs available for the Americans that don’t want them.

So are these money earning illegals going to be required to buy health insurance with thier tax free money under Obama’s new plan or will I have to continue to pay for it?

They may be hardworking but there is nothing honest about being here illegaly. Instead of new immigration laws we need to enforce the laws already in place.Most state and local entities won’t even ask if their legal or not. Our prisons are over crowded with illegals and we have an enormous cost to or social systems, medical, schools excetra. We are collapsing under their weight. Instead of being here and protesting to change our laws, they should return to Mexico and change their own country.

Well according to the PPIC 70% of the people said they thought “a person who had been working here at least two years should be able to keep their job”, etc. I think if someone were to ask me that question and I considered it at face value I would have to say let them stay if they are holding down full time employment and have established a means of supporting themselves for at least two years. It would take a heartless person to say otherwise. Why would I throw an honest, hard working, self supporting person out of the country if they are working hard to establish themselves and contributing?

On the other hand if I was asked that question with additional information such as they have a wife, two sisters a brother and 6 school age children who are subsidized with food stamps, health care, special ed and job training I wouldn’t think twice about saying we can’t afford afford the additional 10 dependents. I suspect if this went to a real vote that 70% would deny them legal status or allow them to remain unless they could prove that they are supporting all their dependents.

My American born and raised sister in-law in Santa Barbara was just informed she now can have access to public housing (she has been homeless for a 1.5 yr) as the rules have changed and now you must have a Social Security number to get housing.

Now meaning the people that have been living in OUR public housing must head for the exit,because they don’t have a SS and some units just became vacant.We have been for decades supporting non-citizens,Obamas aunt is a prime example.

Did they leave something out?

The survey asks three questions about illegal immigrants. Not one question mentions anything about giving US citizenship to illegal immigrants, yet the story says large groups of latinos and whites support the idea of citizenship for illegal immigrants. The story does not explain where or how the support for US citizenship was determined. One survey question mentions giving them legal status which is not citizenship. Can anybody figure out where they got their information to support their conclusion in this story?

Ya, they printed it up and said they did a survey and all your neighbors are for it ,so you should be too.

That’s about as real as they are all gonna go back to their country’s!

And I am sick and tired of the same ole crap being fed to us,they are coming here for your job not the make believe work that lazy Americans won’t do.If every illegal that was here, came to pick produce,it would take about 2 hours to pick all of California’s produce.

That argument was valid about 25 years ago,every trade in Calif. has Hispanics in it,you cannot go into a business and not find a gardener,painter,janitor,plumber or what ever,the old story just won’t pass the smell test any longer.Don’t believe me ,get some fast food on your way home and then make another stupid statement like that.

Surveys always seem to reflect someone else’s attitude but I imagine they are supposed to reflect the general public. One should remember at all times that the true illegal immigrants among us are the descendants of white people who invaded this country, killed the locals and stole their land. Since then we proclaimed this OUR land and then accepted who we wanted to immigrate thereafter.

Most of the so called ‘illegals’ here came for work that we won’t do, and we benefit everyday from their labors. We do have a problem with immigration but much of the shouting is race based and snooty ‘white’ attitudes.

Those lucky to have been born in this great nation and enjoys it’s resources should temper their outrage with compassion, reason and goodwill to others.

Looks like the snooty white people didn’t like my comments.

These surveys are so self serving,I have not meet a person that believes the illegals should be allowed to stay.Do a survey in San Luis Obispo county and see what the results are.Sure if you do a survey in Santa Maria you are going to get the response you want,supporting illegal’s getting support to stay and have benefits paid for.They should poll registered voters and see what the results are,are property owners,bet things would come out different.