State sues Carlton Hotel

March 9, 2010

The California Department of Industrial Relations is suing David Weyrich’s Carlton Hotel for labor violations, seeking at least $450,000 in lost wages and penalties. [Tribune]

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Paso Robles’ Superior Court, details six labor code violations, involving an estimated 60 workers employed at the upscale Atascadero hotel since October 2009. The labor code violations include failure to pay wages when due, failure to pay minimum wages, and failure to pay overtime.

According to the lawsuit, Weyrich owes at least $300,000 in penalties and $150,000 in unpaid wages and overtime.

The hotel property–currently assessed at nearly $14 million–has $451,865 in current and back property taxes due to the county.

Weyrich has not made a public comment about the lawsuit.

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Actually when the state sued an employer that I worked for. The penalties were paid to the employees. I received my back wages plus a penalty of 3x the amount owed.

That makes sense. Glad to hear it.

That is definitely good to hear. I am surprised because last year the state controller criticized industrial relations agency for failing to collect $54 million in fines that were due to the state rather than employees as a result of labor abuses. A big push needs to be made in other areas to ensure that there are more outcomes like yours.

A couple years ago a guy (illegal alien with no insurance) ran through a stop sign and hit me and then took off, though I presume it was more because he was afraid of the government as opposed to being held responsible financially. When the prosecutor called me in I requested that they forego prosecution, since it would probably cause him to flee anyway and just bring more issues for his family, and allow me to work out some kind of restitution plan with him just to cover my expenses. The prosecutor and police officer reacted tp me like I was insane, and they were hell bent on prosecuting him. As expected, he fled, so no prosecution NOR restitution.

Alright folks, here is a great example of how the government, in this case the state, has little or no interest in actually helping people with the laws that it supposedly has in place for that purpose.

How is it going to help the individuals who are owed that $150,000 in backpay if the state is trying to grab $300,000 in penalties? Additionally, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, but public taxes take precedence even over wages, so there’s another $451,865 that has to be dealt with first. We seriously need to reform the system so that it’s primary goal is compensation/restitution to the vicitms, NOT the state. I could go on for hours with other examples…