Conservative calls for Ashburn to resign

March 9, 2010

Republican state Senator Roy Ashburn admitted in a radio interview on Monday that he is gay. Now one of the state’s most ardent conservatives is calling for him to resign. [Capitol Weekly]

Randy Thommason, president of, wants Ashburn to step down immediately, arguing, “His lying, cheating ways have boiled over and the public’s trust has been shattered.”

Ashburn’s admission of being gay follows his high-profile DUI arrest last week in Sacramento after being seen at a downtown gay bar.

Ashburn was divorced in 2003, but Thommason criticized the father of four for straying from his marriage and argued “that no one is truly gay.”

“Now that Ashburn has openly identified with the LGBT lifestyle, he is dramatically out of step with his constituents, has lost their trust, and is in danger of voting against their conservative family values.,” Thommason said.

Ashburn, who represents Tulare and Kern counties, is unable to run for re-election because of term limits.

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Nothing wrong with being gay, but I am sure he concealed that from his voters. I imagine he voted for ‘traditional family values’ (a misnomer and totally bogus but we all know what they mean by that-right wing support of the status quo and to hell with emerging ideas and modern thought) all the while living a lifestyle in contradiction to those concepts. I find it strange, like a black person voting against civil rights, it staggers the imagination. But this sort of hypocrisy has no place in our political legislature, I will be glad when he is gone.

I’m not necessarily certain that he was hiding the fact that he was gay. After all he is a Senator that was attending gay functions as in going to gay bars. Someone said that gay’s cover up for each other but I don’t see that being something he could rely on, not 400 of them and particularly when they had no reason to like the guy. I don’t think they can make him step down for being gay, maybe the DUI, or maybe they can deny him the privileged of a State owned vehicle?

Mr. Thommason sounds like an IDIOT! Step down for being gay??? The D.U.I. maybe and I mean maybe but so what if he didn’t come out as gay. Until you show me a law he broke big deal. If his constituents don’t like, they won’t vote him back in next time.

Oh and the statement that no one is truly gay??? Again idiot. They have shown enough studies to show diffenences in brain to show it is not a choise in most cases. Why would anybody chose a lifestyle that is going to be a rough one in public? Just because they want to??