County officials play hard-to-get with Los Osos document

April 8, 2010

Los Osos residents are trying to figure out why San Luis Obispo County officials are making it so difficult to access a critical public document. [Tribune]

The 1,000 page document, relating to the Los Osos sewer project, only became available after some residents angrily complained to the board of supervisors.

However, there is only one copy and it can only be examined during regular business hours at county offices.

There have been numerous requests asking that the document be posted on-line, but Paavo Ogren, county Public Works Director, says he hasn’t done so because it would take staff time and money. Though when asked by a reporter, Ogren could not indicate how much money would be needed, nor how much staff time would be required to post the document.

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The county staff responded diligently Friday, coming close to completing the mission at the very end of business day, Friday April 09. Kudos to County Clerk-Recorder for her hard work.

County Staff did work past 5:30 PM on the scanning portion. It was not confirmed if overtime was charged to the county, and in what department.

The Document is in Three parts and can reached via the link below. As predicted elsewhere the Scanned documents are not searchable or “Cut and Paste-able”.

Part 1 Currently was halted at 533 Pages Starting with a blank page and Jan 27 letter to Jonna Engel of CCC and ending in wetland delineation site 7 figure 5 (This link was not provided to the general public as the County may need to make additional changes or additions, or even rescan that portion to Part I, before Official release expected by end of day Monday). There is now also a full copy at The CSD Office on 9th street which will benefit those residents who are not computer savvy. Most of the people (20<) interested in actually reading the document already have had access.

All three documents will be here eventually (Currently the two mentioned in the 4/11 12:16 PM post are also here)

Two of the three “binder” documents have been released. Document #2 is available here and Document #3 is here. The last part will be available tomorrow.

I like how the same County supporters are repeatedly complaining about… complainers. It’s interesting to say the least. It’s a rare sight to see people complain about others who are looking for more accountability and open access from their government. It’s mind-boggling.

What possible benefit to Paavo and Gibson is there in hiding the doc?

From the hip, my assessment is that the same old complainers sort of momentarily ran out of new material and are working to make this into something.

Yet more perpetual complaining from the broke polluters and professional whiners who have been kicking the can down the road for over 30 years, destroying their town and leaving ruins for the next generation to clean up.

Thankfully, adults are now in charge and the ankle biters are relegated to where they belong – doing a whip around at aroma therapy sessions and dumping the contents into lawyers pockets for some useless bomb throwing.

Booty, there have been enough mistakes to go all the way around. Paavo has been less than ethical in his back dating of contracts and perceived if not real hand shaking exploits. The recent hiring of the firm MWH America Inc smells like an open sewer pit. When you don’t keep a clean house you have to wring out the mops. There is plenty of blame to go all the way around.

I have no doubt that this document was produced electronically and it can easily be offered on line. Paavo is either computer illiterate, in which case I offer my services (free of charge) to make the document available to the public in PDF format or maybe he is just up to his same old shenanigans. WE should offer him a job at the county court house with his other undesirable crony friend or better yet, get that citizens review board in place and put him under the microscope while we let the “sun shine” in. What say you Paavo?

And what’s so interesting, Cindy, is that the County can easily convert their source material to PDF without ever touching the copier or the scanner.