State AG asked to investigate Palin speaking fee

April 8, 2010

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is being asked to investigate the circumstances surrounding an upcoming speech by Sarah Palin at CSU Stanislaus. [California Watch]

Palin, the former GOP vice-presidential candidate, is scheduled to speak in Turlock on June 25, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the university. The event is being funded through the school’s private foundation.

However state Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco] claimed Wednesday that he has a “smoking gun” that Stanislaus officials are deliberately hiding public documents that reveal how much they agreed to pay the former Alaska governor.

Palin is rumored to be getting in excess of $100,000 for her appearance.

Yee is calling on the attorney general to investigate, saying that it is illegal for state agencies to enter into confidentiality agreements about the spending of public funds.

A spokesperson for Jerry Brown confirmed that an investigation is underway.

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Tea Party 48% Obama 44%

Nuff said!!!

Every body stop talking now; the mighty dhgscw has spoken! off topic troll with ” snake oil statistics” :-p

That a corrupt small town mayor/corrupt half term governor with apparent limited intellectual capacity can attract such a devoted following amongst the right wing base does not bode well for the Republican party. Unless and until they can distance themselves from the Palin’s. Beck’s, Hannity’s, and Limbaugh’s, the GOP base will continue to become increasingly irrelevant. Which is too bad as the Democratic party could certainly use an intelligent, well spoken opposition.

The problem is that Republicans refuse to acknowledge that this great nation was taken to the brink of financial collapse while their boy was at the helm. They refuse to recognize that they are represented by half witted sycophants and the likes of Arnold and Sarah whose talents would be best served in Hollywood. The Democrats are no better and refuse to recognize that Obama is in over his head. Between the bail outs, health care and now he is about to give amnesty to illegal immigrants thus promoting more illegal immigration. Until Democrats and Republicans alike start to admit that we are all in this together and step off our party lines we will continue to deteriorate.

It’s not so much that Obama is in over his head, it’s that he continues with neoliberal policies run amok in kowtowing to the banksters who run the show.

“Until Democrats and Republicans alike start to admit that we are all in this together and step off our party lines we will continue to deteriorate.” Mark

That is certainly true, we are all being scammed by those in power who use the “left vs right” paradigm to divide and conquer us. That I even responded to an article about Palin is evidence of the power of propaganda and the politics of divisiveness. The system is broke.

Palin whipped out a gem of a quote, telling the conference-goers that American does not need “this snake oil science stuff” and calling climate science “Gore-gate.”

Hahahah ahahhah Oh Geeezz LOL

Literally LOL