Maldonado gets another chance at lieutenant governor confirmation

April 21, 2010

The nomination of state Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) to be California’s next lieutenant governor is apparently back in play after an earlier rejection [San Francisco Chronicle]

The state Assembly, which voted to reject Maldonado last February, is scheduled to take up another vote this week. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger resubmitted the Santa Maria Republican’s name, asking for another consideration.

Maldonado is scheduled to appear before the Assembly Rules Committee Wednesday morning. A full vote could come as early as Thursday.

There has been speculation that Democrats opposed the nomination earlier mainly to avoid the governor calling for a special election–Republicans tend to do better in those races. Should Maldonado be confirmed this week, his replacement would now be chosen in the regular November election. State Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee is expected to be the Republican candidate in that race.

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I have a confession to make.

I am a worldly person.

In the earlier years I believed in EEOC and affirmative action in general

In the early 1990’s I voted for Abel.

Across the test of time, I realized I let in a cancer into our political system by voting for him.

He must have really kissed butt to Arnold as much he attempted with Bush.

The main reason Abel Maldonado does anything political is usually some sort of political gain for himself, IMO. This is no different, in fact I think this is the ultimate self-serving political gain for a politician, to get him (or her) self appointed to a higher office; no “messy” election to deal with, no expenditures, just slide into the office and when the election rolls around, you are on the ballot as the incumbent. If he does get this appointment, he most likely will not be elected to the office once the office is voted on by the masses at the polls. Does Mr. Maldonado honestly believe that he will gain an even higher office by obtaining this position? If he does, he surely is delusional; I cannot believe that he will ever be elected as Governor or U.S. Senator. Able will most likely use this office as a jumping off point to get himself a lucrative “consulting” job or lobbyist position where he can make a very comfortable living. It is always about Abel, and for Abel, period.

The credibility of your post might improve if you included some facts or examples. That you do not like Maldonado is clear; your justification is either non-existent. Help us out.

Racket: My comments were not meant to assert that I had “facts” concerning Abel Maldonado; what I am asserting is my “opinion” of Mr. Maldonado’s political career. I seem to remember that Abel was instrumental in pushing through the legislation that completely changed how Workers Compensation functions in California; prior to the new legislation, some 70% of those filing were approved, after the new rules took effect, 70% of the cases are dismissed, and the new rules were applied retroactively to the cases that were pending during that time. Studies asserted that a majority of Workers Comp cases that were proven to be false were filed by employees of government agencies; prison guards, Highway Patrol, Cal Trans and others had the highest percentage of workers filing claims that were discovered to not have merit, but non government workers who were injured on the job were the ones who paid the price by having their claims denied instead of focusing on the ones who truly were abusing the system. The other reason that I have had a “problem” with the politics of Mr. Maldonado was a statement he himself made some time ago when he was running for a higher political office and he made the boast that he had never lost an election that he had run in (which he lost); to me, an attitude like that demonstrates that the politician isn’t too concerned about doing the current job he was elected to do, but has their sights set on the next job, the next position that garners them a higher profile , more power, or simply a higher pay grade. With all of that said, explain to me how it is that my assertions are incorrect, or is that just your opinion?

You need not justify nor support your personal experience.

His infantile behavior on “public TV news” with President Bush as well as a “solo news interview” was pathetically and publicly disappointing .

His past campaigning method is to research dirt against competing candidates.

It comes to no surprise that State Senators from both sides of the isles don’t like him or can’t stand him.

I was informed this rich kid never even finished college (hearsay).

I know this sounds terrible.

Maybe I am naive but if I am not wanted or appreciated, I would simply leave or leave it alone!

I can’t help but to wander about an existence of some ulterior motive other than the elected intent unless it is his nature to be a persistent pest.

My surface public opinion may change if I had a little more insight as to why it is so gravely vital in the short time Arnold has left in office that Abel be a Lt. Gov. other than mere recognition, it serves no other urgent purpose.