Cash for clunker appliances

April 22, 2010

Does your old refrigerator rattle while it guzzles energy like an SUV in need of a tune up? A federal government rebate program could help you rid your home of that clunker appliance. [KEYT]

However, you might need to act quickly. In some states, federal rebate funds have run out in just a few days.

California’s share of the $300 million federal rebate program is $35 million.

The program is designed to help residents replace older, inefficient appliances with Energy Star qualified appliances while simultaneously generating economic activity. If funds remain available, the program is scheduled to run from April 22 to March 23.

Retailer and consumers can track how much money is left or download rebate forms at the California Energy Commission’s Cash for Appliances website.

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This after trying to buy a new washer and jumping through hoops and phone calls, getting false information as to what models qualify, (the expensive models qualify), I’ve decided to buy a fifty dollar Matag 412 on craigslist. Why? because all this new crap is made out of plastic and has a shelf life about three months longer then the guarantee, in other words things these days are made to break, therefore creating more work, more money from complicated machinery repair that doesn’t hold up to a fly landing on it. P.S. almost anyone with any experience with a wrench can work on and successfully fix an older car or washing machine.

GEE another great idea. Why not let the government hire out of work vandals to professionally break windows. The government could give a huge grant to Glaziers and they could hire and train others to repair the broken glass. The more broken glass the more jobs. Heck cash -for- clunkers was way too small. Just think of all the green jobs we could create if we would only break more windows destroy more perfectly good cars or use tax payer money to give to large manufactures to replace appliances before their time. Maybe the government could set off large explosions to make the program more efficient, that way they would not have to hire the vandals to break glass in the first place. This would make the program more efficient in the eyes of our masters at federal level and therefore qualify it for extra funding and extensions………………apologies to F. Bastiac

Absolutely ridiculous! It is the power companies that would truly benefit, because they would not have to build new power plants at great cost.. This is an other example of government welfare to corporate interests under the guise of helping common folks. Let the power companies offer the rebates.