Ian Parkinson’s tax woes

May 12, 2010

Ian Parkinson


Tax collectors have filed six tax liens in the past 10 years against Ian Parkinson, the current front runner for the office of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, because of his failure to pay taxes on properties and recreational vehicles.

In June 2006, the county of Monterey sent Parkinson a bill for $1,546 for a property he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City. More than a year later, after Monterey County had placed a tax lien on the property, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey Tax Collector’s office.

In addition, the San Luis Obispo County Tax Collector’s office has placed five liens on boats Parkinson owned because he had not paid his taxes on time. In all five cases, Parkinson paid the bills within a few months of having a lien placed on his recreational vehicle, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In an interview earlier this week on the Dave Congalton KVEC radio show, Parkinson said the public was confusing him with someone else.

“I think you have the wrong person,” Parkinson said when asked about the tax liens. “I have never had a county tax lien that I am aware of. I have always paid my taxes.”

However, the addresses associated with these properties either match the address Parkinson filed as his home on his campaign filing form or his previous address.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.

Parkinson is running alongside deputy sheriff Mark Adams, retired Pismo Beach Police Chief Joe Cortez, sheriff’s commander Ben Hall, retired SLO police sergeant and former county supervisor Jerry Lenthall and retired CHP officer Michael “Tex” Teixeira.

Parkinson, currently serving as the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s public information officer, did not return requests for comment.

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Above the law!

Here is the answer we and Ian need to make even a morsel of sense. This all started as a result of him denying that the person on the print out Ben the caller was holding was him. He burried himself by going on air and denying it and then making things worse by saying it must have been someone else. Fine its a non issue now, he had them , he lied. End of story.

next issue, I challenge him to verify the statement he made regarding his education and the class units he needs to graduate, he says ” around 6 classes of general ed”

It would go along way for him to turn over his real transcripts to an impartial counselor at SLO State and find out the number of units he has towards a bachelors degree, and what units he has left.

If its within 2 classes either way of 6, Im gonna believe he has some shred of honesty left for us all to consider him a viable candidate.

Go one step further and show us your high school diploma, he did not mention this ever but a rumor of him never graduating with a high school diploma is out there for him to quash if it is indeed a rumor. Now if it turns out he is waaaaaaaay off on the credits or years he needs to get a degree and in fact only has a GED it tells me he is a master of short cuts, short memory and short on credibility, come on Captain show us all you are an honest man that deserve to be put in charge of a 57 million dollar operation.

This is such an excellent post. It exactly captures near everything that I am thinking. But we are supposed to be over on the updated story and posting to the updated blog there. That’s why the CCN admin rolled up this blog into that Older Comments link that you see here. Maybe you can do a cut and paste and post this on the updated story blog?

Other than the sorry attempt by wait4it, isn’t it clear that Ian Parkinson is not the person we should have running our sheriff’s department for the next four years? He was approached by those who couldn’t be elected (Gardner) and convinced he could win. Problem — more experienced people joined the race. Now, the under educated candidate must rely on his brother; his chief to lower the educational requirements to promote to the rank of Captain, and his popularity in local law enforcement to gain endorsements, but won’t take their tainted money, to be elected sheriff. I think his campaign is totally pathetic. Ian, do the right thing. Drop out. Get your education and re-surface with your face on the side of a truck at Golden Hill GMC that you can be proud of! I for one will not purchase a car/truck from Golden Hill GMC


Cindy, all caps is shouting. To the person who flagged Cindy for a simple announcement- you are slime.

There are some people who just see the name Cindy and give the red. I’m certain of that. I believe I have seen something similar happen to some other long term CCN supporters. ;)

The last thing the citizens of this county and the Deputies of the Sheriff’s Dept need is a new Sheriff

who lacks integrity. This makes three seperate situations where Parkinson has either been

dishonest or his integrity called into question. He is clearly not the right person for the job.

I would not be a bit surprised if something else falls out of his closet in the next couple of days.

Attorney John Ronca, chair of the Ian Parkinson for Sheriff campaign did a good job with his press release. I can appreciate how he phrased his argument. He is careful to refer to what the document reveals versus what Ben (the caller) said while never denying that there absolutely are not 7 tax liens as reported by Ben. I suspect that attorney Ronca is aware that Ben was correct but failed to forward all his proof and has (like every good lawyer) taken advantage of that missing other page of the report to launch a defense called deny, deny, deny that you lie.

Guess what folks, there are 5 Tax Liens in SLO and 2 in Monterey . Don’t you just love the argument that just because there is a TAX LIEN RELEASE, that doesn’t mean there was ever a TAX LIEN!

STAND BY for page 2.

Again I bring up, why were there liens in another county? Hasn’t Ian said he always lived here?

But yeah to Cindy and Roger, this is all flaky as hell and just causes us to think about all the other issues with this candidate (getting help on his exams, confusing education data etc.) Like Roger pointed out, the handling of this has not been very ‘with it’. Don’t we want a ‘with it’ person in this position? We’ll be so glad to be rid of the creepo we have now, let’s make sure we make a good choice this time.

According to the New Times article this week ol’ Patty has cost us a fortune, not to mention the travesty with Charles Lynch (the cost of that vendetta not even known as of now-why not?). I wonder how many dozens or hundreds of other things have happened under this regime that we would not approve of but don’t know about. We need to make sure we have a decent person in there for a change.

I wouldn’t mind seeing our public officials responsible for the costs of lawsuits and settlements they bring down on us.

I just looked it up. It was actually a parcel that he and his wife had for some time (at least 12 years). He sold it in 06 but didn’t pay the taxes that they had owed on it until a year later. Go figure.

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