Ian Parkinson’s tax woes

May 12, 2010

Ian Parkinson


Tax collectors have filed six tax liens in the past 10 years against Ian Parkinson, the current front runner for the office of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, because of his failure to pay taxes on properties and recreational vehicles.

In June 2006, the county of Monterey sent Parkinson a bill for $1,546 for a property he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City. More than a year later, after Monterey County had placed a tax lien on the property, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey Tax Collector’s office.

In addition, the San Luis Obispo County Tax Collector’s office has placed five liens on boats Parkinson owned because he had not paid his taxes on time. In all five cases, Parkinson paid the bills within a few months of having a lien placed on his recreational vehicle, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In an interview earlier this week on the Dave Congalton KVEC radio show, Parkinson said the public was confusing him with someone else.

“I think you have the wrong person,” Parkinson said when asked about the tax liens. “I have never had a county tax lien that I am aware of. I have always paid my taxes.”

However, the addresses associated with these properties either match the address Parkinson filed as his home on his campaign filing form or his previous address.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.

Parkinson is running alongside deputy sheriff Mark Adams, retired Pismo Beach Police Chief Joe Cortez, sheriff’s commander Ben Hall, retired SLO police sergeant and former county supervisor Jerry Lenthall and retired CHP officer Michael “Tex” Teixeira.

Parkinson, currently serving as the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s public information officer, did not return requests for comment.

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oh please,

Officer, I really didn’t see the posted speed limit … and… ah… if I did , it was because I was passing it so quickly (120 mph) , but I really think it is the county’s fault for not having a sign we can actually SEE when we are impared! The empty container in the back that looks like Jack Daniels is gator aid. trust me!

Boys, the first rule of reputation management is to come up with a plausible story quickly and not let radio talk show host wait for days for an ‘answer.’ The fact that a proper answer needed to be formulated does not show transparency… or a level of comfort with the facts that most of us would expect.

Using the old, “I can’t remember” is lame. Saying that you thought you were telling the truth doesn’t cut it.

Oh, yeah… we have a few votes in this county and we’re putting them elsewhere.

Roger Freberg

I’ve had a tax lien against me. I didn’t know that there was a lien until a realtor friend of mine called me because she saw it in some realtor publication. In this case these weren’t levies they were liens and such as in my case can occur due to a simple mistake and sometimes that mistake can be on the IRS side. I’m not saying that he’s not a flake, I really don’t know. We don’t know the whole story. If he had a tax ‘levy’ then I’d be concerned.

not about the liens, its about the lies and then saying it was probably someone else, then he disappears and lets a lawyer sort it out. Ian give your college transcripts to a guidance councelor at Cal State SLO an impartial expert that will tell the voters the real facts, we have heard them from you on monday saying you a missing “about 6 classes” prove it, not for the education but for your word prove yourself to be honest and transparent. Ian SHOW US YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION

Did anyone else catch KSBY last night? They obviously did not verify the 5+ 1 liens and then had the NERVE to sandwich in a Parkinson for Sheriff ad. Pandering of the worst kind. Don’t they investigate anything anymore?

Here is the response issued Thursday afternoon by attorney John Ronca, chair of the Ian Parkinson for Sheriff campaign:

“When Ian was on your show, the caller named Ben claimed that he “found seven county tax liens” with Ian’s name on them “in the past ten years.”

I do need to point out that the printout Ben relied upon and which he later emailed to you does not show 7 liens, but 3 liens. The other 4 entries on that printout are releases of liens (“COUNTY TAX LIEN RELEASE”). The printout also shows that the 3 liens were from Oct. 2001, Oct. 2002, and Oct. 2005, and total less than $600. The caller Ben accurately stated on the show that all of the liens had been paid.

Ian’s response on the show to Ben’s statement was, “I think you have the wrong person. I’ve never had a county tax lien that I’m aware of, and I’ve always paid my taxes, so I don’t know where you’re coming up with that info.”

Since I received your email, I have spoken with Ian, reviewed the podcast of the relevant portion of the show, and the printout Ben emailed to you. After reviewing the printout and checking the County records, Ian does not deny that liens were filed, he simply did not recall them on the show, nor does he recall them now. This is not surprising given the small amounts involved and the fact that the most recent lien is almost 5 years old and the earliest one is almost 10 years old, and all are individually less than $240, and have been paid and released. County records show that all 3 liens appearing on the printout were paid within a few weeks of the date each one was filed, which would again have occurred at least 5 – 10 years ago.

The bottom line is that Ian was completely honest on your show when he said he always paid his taxes and that he was unaware of any tax liens. “

There is no mention of the $1500 lien from Monterey County in the statement. I think most of us would remember tax liens and further would recall being late in paying the taxes on our toys and investment property. I apprecite that his committee did respond, but it lack credibility. It also does not negate his self acknowledged inattentiveness to finiancial issues. That worried me deeply for a person who wants to manage $ 57 million in tax payers money each year.

he’s the pretty one that someone called and said “hey you should run for sheriff” kinda like Sara Palin,

and the above was written and explained like only an attorney could, nice!

Parkinson has not posted the press release on his web site yet. I would like to see a copy of what was issued by his campaign to Congleton. What happened to his transparency and openness?

Talk to Velie’s partner, Congalton: he read it on the air. Listen to the podcast. What do you find NOT to be transparent and open about any of this?

Did you forget what you said below Wait4It ?

Posted on 05/13/2010 at 12:48 pm

“Good point. I won’t waste any more time looking for real news on this website.” If the press release to Congelton was posted on his site, that would be transparent.

Yes, Wait4It should post the press release here. I was just over at Ian’s web site and it is not posted there. Ian also does not mention (that I could find) anything about his education or when he anticipates completing his college degree. He might be a nice guy but he can not fill the position of Sheriff without a proper education. That position is highly complex and requires far more experience than simply managing the men and woman LEO. I believe that a 4 year degree in Business Administration or the equivalent should be a minimum requirement, where higher education is concerned.

Good advise, Wait4it, I did listen to the podcast (2:09 hour marker) and Parkinson said :” I think you have the wrong person, I have never had a tax lien that I know of” “..Where are you coming up with this…” Sorry, that is a denial and the facts support that he had several. That is not a truthful response to what appeared to be an innocent question. The caller even conceeded that he was going off of the public record and it could have been another Ian Parkinson. But, it was not.

And you believe that when he said, “that I know of” he was lying, but you have nothing to support that. And that’s what this website is all about: tearing people apart with no factual basis. This is why Karen could not cut it in the real world of journalism. Real reporting requires facts, not opinion, not belief. “All facts,” right quickpick?

This is obviously a very important issue to us who live in the county. You provided the tax lien print out and I heard Parkinson deny it. You and I should be able to disagree on that point without the calling of names. A blog bully goes unheard judged by the number of thumbs down you have. Everyone else can maturely debate their point of view and state an opinion. If your intent is to protect your friend, it is not working out so well for you.

So it’s perfectly acceptable for you to call a person a “liar” without any facts to back it up, but I shouldn’t call someone “McFly”? You have a double standard.

Lying is a character issue, this is the second time Parkinson has lied, first he cheated on his promotion exam. When Brennler said he would take a lie detector test and asked Parkinson to, he refused.. If he wants transparency and honesty he should agree to clear this up with a lie detector test.

I don’t think the County needs someone with questionable character leading the Sheriff’s department, been there, done that! .

Lying is a character issue for both Ian and Jerry.

Operating within the law is an issue for both Ian and Jerry.

Lame as hell throwing rocks at CCN for this fracas. Lame, lame, lame.

The only real power we have is knowledge-and on CCN and the Congalton show we can find out what is going on around here, and discuss it in open forums.

Look at the furor that has sprung up over the ethical issues surrounding Ian? Well, we are very interested if he can pass a test by himself, if he has the requisite education, if he is, in fact, honest. Few trust that bum we have now as sheriff, we certainly don’t want another shady character there.

I wonder if Gearhead, various chiefs of Police and certain officers, county officials both former and present, political hacks (Ashburn etc) or any others would care to step forward and point out where this site has been wrong in the past-or stirred up public opinion without cause. We want public affairs publicized!!!!!!!!!!

So get off that routine and stick to the issues-Ian’s honesty, integrity and qualifications for higher office.

“The only real power we have is knowledge-and on CCN and the Congalton show we can find out what is going on around here, and discuss it in open forums”

I’m curious to know what you consider knowledge. Karen and Dave are being lead around by a former SLOPD officer (Mike) that has some conflict with Ian. A conflict that is one sided. What’s really sad it that I used to defend Dave in public and say what a good guy he is. It appears you all lack knowledge. Even worse you are relying on CCN for your knowledge base. Read a book.

beforeyoufreakout: Here’s a news flash for you — I STILL am a good guy. Thanks for insulting us professionally by inferring that all we do is publlsh stuff that Mike Brennler gives us.

So let me respond:

(1) Obviously we have no idea who you are. You could be Ian’s brother, his attorney, his campaign manager. We have no way of assessing your agenda here.

(2) Brennler gave karen NOTHING. She did the legwork of going to the courthouse and pulled documents herself. She interviewed county staff and found out what it all meant.

(3) She made is very clear on the radio Friday that the liens WERE NOT A STORY. Do you understand that, sir — she’s had this information for a year and she did nothing with it.

So what happened.

(4) Your guy, Captain Parkinson, came on the radio last Monday and when asked the question by the caller, well, let’s be diplomatic, shall we, and just say that Ian didn’t give the most complete answer possible from a candidate vowing to restore integrity to the sheriff’s department.

If he had given a more detailed answer, none of this would be happening right now. Parkinson has no one to blame but himself. Karen came forward with the liens to set the record straight.

Which is her job.

So….what exactly is YOUR problem?

Oh Man, Can you all imagine what his press releases are going to be like if makes it into the Sheriffs chair. I’ve never seen such an idiotic argument when the facts are steering someone right in the face, in fact, they posted the facts and then argued about them.

I truly hope that people on here with common sense can see what is going on here. This is a witch hunt. Ian Parkinson is a good citizen. We as a community are so fortunate to have a candidate like him running for Sheriff. He is going to make it a Department that the members of the community and members of the department will be proud of. PLEASE try to meet with Ian or give him a call. This guy is just what the Sheriff’s Department needs for recovery from some tough times.

The guys digging up this dirt are not good people, Please look at all the facts for yourself, there is no other choice but Ian Parkinson!

We would like proof of his educational background and a list of all courses that he has completed towards his BA degree. This is very important because he lacks the ability to present his academic credentials due to in-completion.

Why don’t you give some reasons why Ian is the guy to run the sheriff’s department. You just ramble on, but give no reasons. He has no education. He promoted because his department lowered the educational requirements to get to his current position as Captain. He had a close encounter (very close from what I hear) with a female officer in his department. He didn’t pay his taxes and lied about it. Had his brother write out his promotional answers for sergeant. What else. Any questions on ethics? No justsaynotojerry, This is no witch hunt. All facts. The only thing you say that has any meaning is your title Just Say No To Jerry

Why don’t you back up your statement that “He didn’t pay his taxes and lied about it”? Let’s hear it. “All facts.”

Wait4it You seem to be very close to the Parkinson campaign. Interesting you only commented on my statement about the tax issue, making me believe you agree with all my other issues I brought up. And you still like the guy? You’re a bit twisted yourself

it was simple do you have tax liens in your past ten years here, answer, not me I pay my taxes

its a lie not guys digging up dirt and they all should be subject to financial stability, lets see all the numbers from all of them just dont bald face lie

Parkinson said to the caller, “I have never had a tax lien that I know of,” then he said, “I have always paid my taxes.” Where’s the lie? Think about it. You’re playing games with a person’s reputation.

I have common sense and because of that I will not vote for someone who is not honest and forth coming as our sheriff.

Parkinson’s Committee needs to issue a corrected press release to Congalton apologizing to everyone especially Karen Velie. There are 5 liens that were issued. 2 of those liens totaled $1546.00. These 2 liens were issued less than 4 years ago. Karen and CCN is correct and accurate, Parkinson and his committee are decimating false information and making false allegations surrounding inaccurate reporting by CCN. I expect to hear Congalton announce that he has received a corrected press release.

Now get to it.

He had a tax lien in excess of $1500 less than 4 years ago! Who is he kidding? That is a far cry from liens that were all less than $200.of which he forgot about all of them. This guy forgets to pay his taxes for 5 separate years and then forgets that he forgot to pay them?

Keep reading McFly….That’s a “release of lien,” which doesn’t necessarily mean a lien was actually filed. No lien is listed from “less than 4 years ago.” And where do you get “5 separate years” from 3 liens?

If there is a RELEASE FOR A LIEN, then there is a lien that is being released. In this case the 2006 release indicates that there were two liens filed that were released on that date. Note the two file#’s. This report indicates that Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst was correct when he said there had been 5 liens. You don’t have the entire report here but there is enough to clearly determine that there were at least 5 tax liens.

You’re wrong Professor. Where does it say that Monterey Co. filed a lien? And why would the SLO Co. “principal financial analyst” have Monterey Co. records or know about them? Shouldn’t she have asked the Monterey Co. “principal financial analyst” about that?

Wait4It – “Where does it say that Monterey Co. filed a lien?”

IT say’s it right here. Do you see who the creditor is? Do you see the filing location?


Amount – $1,546

Original Filing Date – 7/28/2006


Filing Numbers – 2007071072, 2006066372



“No lien was listed from less than 4 years ago”! July 28,2006 ?? Is that less than 4 years ago?

Just heard Congelton read a statement from Parkinson’s campaign on the air in response to this story. Karen got her facts wrong…again. Parkinson had just 3 liens from 5-10 years ago, none of which was more than something like 200 bucks. The payments were just a few weeks late. He didn’t recall them (not surprising), but there was no lie. Why would anyone lie about something so trivial anyway? Nice try, Dale, Mike and Lil’ Joe. Why don’t you call each other the 3 Stooges?

go get the print out yourself at the court you will see the facts karen had were quite right, opps except the biggest one in 06 was in his wifes name sorry

Hahahhaah Ian Parkinson just went on the radio and lied again. I think Karen should send a copy of the print out over to Congalton.

Wow, you are reckless with the facts…Parkinson wasn’t “on the radio,” Congalton read a response from his campaign. Hello?! Anyone there?!

BTW Cindy, Karen would have no need to “send a copy” of anything “to Congalton” because he’s a “Contributing Editor” of this website. They are only pretending that there is any meaningful separation between The Dave Congalton Show and CalCoastNews. Check out the “About Us” page on this site; here’s what it says:

David Congalton, Contributing Editor

David Congalton has written for a variety of Central Coast publications since 1989. A former reporter and columnist for the Telegram-Tribune, he is also the author of two award-winning nonfiction books. He will be serving as Contributing Editor for CalCoastNews. Contact David at tips@calcoastnews.com regarding opinion pieces, letters to the editor and reviews.

Wait4It: To what do we owe the pleasure of your sudden and extended appearance on this site? You seem to be a one-man defense team for Captain Parkinson. It does seem rather telling that you are in the minority on this thread.

There is no secret concerning my involvement with Cal Coast News — I’ve been on board since November. However, I have NOTHING to do with the investigative pieces by Karen and George. I solicit Opinion pieces for the site and I do the Discovered material including reviews and feature pieces. i don’t see Karen’s articles before they posted.

However, why am i bothering to explain? You’re not particularly interested in the truth — you’ve already made that clear.

“You’re not particularly interested in the truth.” I’ve made that clear? You’re the one who has a radio show that you cloak in terms like “truth” and “getting to the facts,” but I hope you can admit to the readers of this site, as you have off the air to a few people, that yours is “not a news show, but is entertainment.” Is that what your show is, entertainment?

I can understand why you don’t attach your name to your opinion Wait4It, the more your post, the worse Ian Parkinson looks — I don’t have a “news” show. Never claimed it. Never. We offer a forum for Opinion on the issues of the day. News is heard on KVEC from 6 to 9 a.m. My show offers Opinion — mine, the guests, the callers.

I’ll leave it to others to decide the merits of the Parkinson campaign response, but I don’t think you’re helping the cause much with all your attacks here.

Okay, here’s the printout, Einstein. Notice 3 liens and 4 releases.


Amount – $1,546

Original Filing Date – 7/28/2006


Filing Numbers – 2007071072, 2006066372




Amount – $187

Original Filing Date – 10/5/2005


Filing Numbers – 2005091276



Amount – $164

Original Filing Date – 10/5/2005


Filing Numbers – 2005083891



Amount – $201

Original Filing Date – 10/9/2002


Filing Numbers – 2002085584



Amount – $215

Original Filing Date – 10/8/2002


Filing Numbers – 2002097801



Amount – $237

Original Filing Date – 10/10/2001


Filing Numbers – 2001097607



Amount – $222

Original Filing Date – 10/10/2001


Filing Numbers – 2001076846


I see from the first item (a release) that the amount is over $1500. The email Dave read claimed the max total was not even $600. So, we are in doubt again as to what is what. And why is Ian owing taxed to another county, hasn’t he claiming to have lived here for the longest time? Are taxed less there, and he was cheating on his residency?

A release of lien doesn’t necessarily mean a lien was actually filed. I would think that if it was filed, the print out would have showed it. And by the way professor, you get taxed on property wherever it’s located. If he had investment property in Monterey Co., then Monterey Co. would tax him. It doesn’t mean he lived in Monterey Co. You think maybe he commuted to San Luis each day for work…!? Yeah, I think you’re onto something. “Karen, let’s run another story!”

This report clearly indicates that there were at least 4 liens. The lien that is attached to the 2006 lien release isn’t listed on this age. So you obviously haven’t provided the entire report.

“In all five cases, Parkinson paid the bills within a few months of having a lien placed on his recreational vehicle, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.”

BTW, I know Parkinson didn’t personally call into Congalton. He had his committee issue a press release. Lets not play with semantics here. He is responsible for providing Congalton with an inaccurate truth for the purpose of initiating an inaccurate broadcast via radio media. Is that better? Between 2001 and 2006 he had at least 4 liens that we can see. That is just about every year, how can he forget? I should think he would remember so that he doesn’t keep forgetting to pay his tax.

Oh, and Cindy: Karen conveniently left this out, but Art Bacon also told her that liens are sent out if payments are late, and that it “happens all the time and is no big deal.”

This report indicates that there were 5 liens as reported by the SLO financial dept principal. The 2006 release indicates that he was paying off 2 separate tax liens. Note the 2 filing #’s.

You’re wrong — only one “release of lien” is listed. But ask the “ace reporter” Karen to clear it up. Presumably she had the documents before she wrote the “story.”

I suppose you were there when Karen interviewed Mr. Bacon? It probably does happen all the time; people late on taxes. It shouldn’t happen to a man making $150,000 a year who is seeking the position of Sheriff. If poor Mr. Parkinson were to be late, just say so and we wouldn’t be in this discussion.

$1546 is more than a couple hundred bucks according to what you just posted. Parkinson did say it must be someone else. Sorry, if he is so delinquent that the county has to file a lien before they collect from several years running, there is a problem. You are correct, why would anyone lie about a realtively minor issue? That is the real focus of all of the interest. A lie from our next Sheriff is not acceptable. A wise man would answer the question with something like, “not that I recall” if that were the truth. I would hope our Sheriff had a better memory than you are proposing. Sorry, it still looks like Parkinson was deseptive in his response.

Here’s what Karen reported he said: “I have never had a county tax lien that I am aware of. I have always paid my taxes.” What part of that are you saying was a lie? Oh, so now it’s his memory that should be better…? I’d love to grill you on every aspect of your finances and see how you do. Nothing is going to satisfy you dude — just admit it.

It looks like you are going to defend your brother till the death. I have never had a lien and would remember such an event. I’m not your dude.

Would you please post a copy of his college transcripts? It would be helpful if he informed the public of what courses he has completed and what courses are required for him to complete his BA/BS? It would also be nice to know what degree he is pursuing.

Post his transcripts to prove the liens? Good argument, McFly. Now you’ve got that thinking cap on!

Is Back to the Future the only film you have ever seen to quote from. You’re the second good reason not to vote for Parkinson. With friends like you hanging out at the Sheriff’s Station, it would be worse than Hedges and Bolts.

What comic book did you pull that from? You just don’t like it when pesky things like facts get in your way, so now I’m not a good reason to vote for Parkinson. Good, fact-based argument!

Oh Man, No I don’t think Jordan is asking about information on Ian’s college transcripts to prove anything about the liens. I think he asking for the college transcripts to determine what educational factors are currently lacking in Ian’s back ground, how many courses he has actually completed and how close is he to completion. Ian seems to avoid these all important facts.

Oh Man, Oh man. you are too much and what’s with the McFly stuff? Are you on Parkinson’s Committee to elect?

You just can’t deal with the article that these posts are supposed to be about. Again. here’s what Karen reported Parkinson said on Congalton: “I have never had a county tax lien that I am aware of. I have always paid my taxes.” What part of that are you saying was a lie?