Injured sheriff’s deputy released from hospital

May 31, 2010

The sheriff’s deputy injured in the Friday night arrest of  a Salinas parolee was expected to be released from the hospital sometime Monday.

Department spokesman Rob Bryn said that Deputy Nate Paul, an eight-year veteran, was scheduled to be released from Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton after being airlifted from Lake Nacimiento Friday evening.

Paul suffered a fractured compound in his leg after being rammed by a truck driven Michael Garret Youngblood, 26, of Salinas. The incident occurred at the Lake Nacimiento Campground after deputies had been called to investigate complaints of noise and overcrowding.

As the deputies arrived, Youngblood allegedly tried to escape by driving his truck through a neighboring campsite and striking a tent before hitting Paul. The deputy fired several shots at the truck before begin hit. No one was injured by the gun fire.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone who might have video or still photos of the Friday night incident to call 781-4500.

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We know that there were 5 shots fired but we haven’t been told where the bullets landed. That would be a good start. Where is big mouth Rob Bryn when people are asking for the facts? No one is looking to defame Paul, if something went wrong what can be done to correct it the next time because there is always a next time. Hopefully not to soon and very far in between.

I bet SaveSLOCounty knows the facts. I think it’s possible that the deputy started to shot while he was in shock. A compound fracture is very serious and extremely painful. It’s my understanding that this type of break is so severe that the broken bone/bones actually pierce the skin. If he was in shock he would not have been shooting so straight. Don’t know if this is what happened or not or if it’s even true that he missed his target and hit another truck. What say you SSC? Can you tell us about the facts, we will understand or at least most of us will. I have to admit that I’m curious about what the other deputies were doing? Maybe trying to take his gun away?

I don’t intend to demean the service of the deputy but I to am curious about the facts.

Sorry, I actually have no facts on this incident. I have fired a handgun many times and can tell you it is difficult to hit a moving target. As you have pointed out, combine the moving target with your leg broken in half and it is not surprising that he didn’t score a shot to the ten ring. A disciplined officer will not shoot unless he or she has a clear backdrop and perceives a threat to their own safety or that of another. A deputy has a very difficult job which I appreciate. It is unfortunate that the Sheriff’s Department isn’t releasing any additional facts.

This is turning out to be a strange story cloaked in misinformation or no information. Details please?

Why is it that no deputy opened fire other than Nate Paul? Was the truck stuck in a ditch when he started firing or not?

I encourage anyone who has video or film of the incident to contact CalCoastNews and THEN the sheriff’s department. I agree with Nancy about wanting more details. The Trib has published three articles and every single one had a different story. The guy who claims he was there apparently doesn’t have enough grasp of the English language to provide any details, but what he hints at is disturbing.

What a jack ass was the very statement I had chosen for you. You are right, he should have hit the parole in the head and saved a great deal of court time. But it appears that he used discretion to ensure his firing backdrop was cleared before using deadly force. His quick thinking resulted in protecting all of the others in the area while placing himself in grave peril. He is a hero. You sir, are a fool.

This jerk with the handle “cop killer” has left himself with almost no credibility. He is claiming that he was there at the scene. We have had almost ZERO detail about what actually occurred. He is saying that Deputy Paul fired his gun and hit another truck that was parked in the area. If this is true then this is disturbing. I can’t imagine that the Deputy was there by himself without backup, yet he is the only one that fired his weapon. My heart goes out to this deputy and his severe injuries but there are some odd accounts starting to surface. I would be curious to hear the facts. I’ve been told that the incident happened very fast and that by the time any shots were fired the truck was disabled. I’ve also been told that there were many people in the vicinity and that shot’s did miss the target, as in wizzed by the entire target including the truck and that it is by the grace of God that an innocent bystander wasn’t hit as the shots were being fired in a panic even though the danger had subsided.

Wish you a speedy recovery

that cop shot is gun into a crowded campsite…and im sure he is being commended for his wild actions…he should be reprimanded by the sheriffs department but im sure he wont be so i hope that he is forever crippled and remindedr that he needs to think about whats behind whats he is shooting at…and that moron did not even hit within 5 feet of the guy sitting in his truck, i was right there and i watched him shoot his gun into a parked truck..what a jackass