Judge tosses out Cayucos viewshed law

May 28, 2010

The Sierra Club has prevailed in a lawsuit filed against a controversial county law addressing viewsheds and land use in the hills around Cayucos. [Tribune]

Superior Court Judge Martin Tangeman upheld the Sierra Club appeal of the county’s controversial Cayucos Fringe Viewshed Ordinance, passed on a 3-1 vote of the Board of Supervisors in December 2009.

The judge’s ruling follows a settlement reached between the county and the Sierra Club May 18 that calls for a comprehensive, countywide approach to viewshed protection instead of the Cayucos ordinance.

Under terms of the settlement, building permit rules for the Cayucos viewshed will now revert to pre-ordinance standards until the current county supervisors can work out a new approach.

Under the original Cayucos ordinance, favored by then-supervisors Jerry Lenthall, Harry Ovitt, and Katcho Achadjian, viewshed protection was reduced from 47,000 acres to 3,910 acres–roughly one-twelfth the area.

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This is just another log on the inferno of Brucie-knows-best. Wait til you get some “Smart Growth” shoved up your … … neighborhood.

———— Remember, This is San Luis Obispo County as seen on YOUTUBE under San Luis Obispo County.

Check out the County viewshed videos at http://www.oceanonursery.com

Shame on CCN for relying on the Tribune for their facts. Read the article and it indicates that a settlement was reached by both parties, the County of SLO and the Sierra Club. The settlement agreement was merely presented before Judge Tangeman who accepted their agreement which did nulify the ordinance. Howeever, the judge didn’t uphold the appeal or even rule on the case, it was a settlement.

Well, the Gang of Three (Katcho, Jerry and Harry) were advised repeatedly their crummy destructive attitude about the view shed ordinance was illegal-they ignored all advice from county counsel and others. Two of them, Harry and Jerry, entrenched incumbents, were wiped out in landslide losses at the next election. Now Jerry and Katcho are looking to get promoted to higher office. Throw the bums out again…

Oh Snap! Just another slap down of the past BOS with the actions of Lenthall, Katcho and Ovitt getting reversed when their decision is viewed under the microscope of the law. At least Ovitt had the good sense to remove himself from further public political involvement. Will any of Lenthall or Katcho’s political rivals use this as a campaign tool?