Bomb scare in Atascadero

June 9, 2010

UPDATE: The “bomb” turned out to be a firecracker.

Atascadero police are reporting that a pipe bomb has been found Wednesday morning on the Santa Barbara overpass.

The Highway 101 overpass at the south end of town remains closed off.

The bomb squad is being brought in. Reports from the scene indicate the bomb has a visible fuse.

More updates and photos from CalCoastNews as information becomes available.

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What a psychotically paranoid society we live in. I understand that safety must be taken.. but really, when was the last time a serious bomb exploded here that was set with malicious intentions? Yes, *you never know*, but then the same people who need a robot for safety from an incident that never occurs here, have no qualms about getting behind the wheel of a car, without a safety cage, even though car accidents are common.