Gov. nixes parole for Manson follower at California Men’s Colony

June 28, 2010

Bruce Davis following his arrest

A member of the infamous Manson “family”  had his bid for parole officially rejected by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday, dashing his hopes of being released from CMC and being able to live in Grover Beach. [AP]

Bruce Davis, 67, has been serving life sentences for two 1969 murders, even though he was not directly involved in the killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles.

In a letter released Monday, Schwarzenegger reversed an earlier decision by the state parole board to free Davis. The governor called the 1969 murders “especially heinous” and argued that Davis would be a dangerous risk to society.

While in prison, Davis earned a master’s degree in religion and a doctorate in philosophy. He married a woman and the couple have a daughter. Davis had hoped to be paroled to Grover Beach where he wanted to work with a church and do landscaping.

Schwarzenegger acknowledged that Davis had made “some credible gains” during his incarceration. But in turning down the parole recommendation, he cited the “especially heinous” nature of the slayings and Davis’ repeated efforts to minimize his involvement.

Michael Beckman of Santa Monica, Davis’ attorney, said he would file a lawsuit in Los Angeles to reverse the governor’s decision. Beckman said that Schwarzenegger lacked any valid grounds to reverse the findings of the parole board and a court-appointed psychiatrist.

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per my last post , let me be absolutely clear i do not believe in conjugal visits for any prisoners , long or short sentence , gay or straight , but i think all prisoners can be married to as many people at the same time as they want and of either sex as long as there are no conjugal visits . that would be fair to all the prisoners .

I’m with you. I too have never had a problem with marriage of prisoners. Just no conjugal visits. They are suppose to be doing time. If you wind up giving them everything they have on the outside, then were is the deterent? And for anybody that wants to say that being behind bars is a deterent no it is not. I have been inside both CMC and Paso CYA for a tour.

At the CYA a lot of the youth are from the inner city. Life in the CYA is not much different. In the city they hang most of the time in a two block area. Same in prison. They hang with their buddies. A lot at CYA were from the same areas and knew each other. In the inner city they had drugs. Same at CYA.

About the only thing they didn’t have was any contact with women. That’s it. Anybody that doubts this, my source was an aquantiance of mine who got me the tour. The assistant to the wardon.

ck out Wikipedia ” In June 2007, the California Department of Corrections announced it would allow same-sex conjugal visits. The policy was enacted to comply with a 2005 state law requiring state agencies to give the same rights to domestic partners that heterosexual couples receive. The new rules allow for visits only by registered domestic partners who are not themselves incarcerated. Further, the domestic partnership must have been established before the prisoner was incarcerated . ” established before the prisoner was incarcerated ( so what does that mean ? ) and california does not recognize gay marriage how is this having the same rights ? but any prison groupie or jesus freak can walk off the street marry a prisoner have conjugal visits and make babies how is this fair ? NEWS FLASH conjugal visits between gay couples are NOT producing a lot of babies .

Music teacher (if I remember right) Gary Hinmen tortured over 1-2 days and then murdered. Spahn ranch, ranch hand Donald (Shorty) Shea, beheaded after being killed. These where two decent human beings. They will NEVER have any marriage or consumation there of. No kids. No nothing.

Had the laws worked and the death penality not been overturned in 1972, we wouldn’t be here argueing about the rights of the Manson clan.

These where then and still are now, brutal murders. PERIOD!! So save us all the indignites of the piousness of hiding behind what their constitutional rights are. Why not put the same effort into the rights of victums???

In making statements about rights by your creator, then how about trying this one on for size. Eye for an eye. So in this guess we go back to pre 72′ and they wouldn’t be around to make these silly arguements about their rights.

Interesting that people are against this? I mean two negs? So are you two saying you have no problem with murder? Guess as long as not your family?

Having worked around this Inmate for some 18 years I can tell you that he is very open about what he has done in the past, He has done a lot to better himself, however I can also tell you that he, like most Inmates will tell what ever he thinks you want to hear. So the bottom line is buyer beware, error on the safe side, I don’t agree with much of what Schwarzenegger does but I think in this case he did the right thing. Watson been gone from CMC for a long time.

Tex Watson is now in prison in Texas. His family is from there- and he was granted the transfer there once his wife and 4 children relocated to Texas to be closer to his family and help care for them and protect her from the media- she was always getting approached to do a story.

Tex’s family is very wealthy and I believe they support the wife and kids fully- she met him when her church group would visit the prison to preach to them- as a “true christian” she felt he should be forgiven and had repented his sins- they later married and produced 4 children during conjugal visits. She was a member of the church I attended back when and she also received a lot of support and help from church members during this time.

She was very quiet with an introverted and submissive personality- I am sure she fell under his spell during her visits there. She was a rather lost soul from a broken family and wanted to be loved and serve the lord- no one but she can really tell anyone why she did what she did though. The scary thing is that two of his sons look exactly like him (they moved after the fourth child was born- and she has been back to the area a time or two according to some)- and what do you tell your children about why your daddy is in jail for life and how do you keep them from learning about it in school or through other media sources.

One of my most vivid memories of her was when our church group had a float in the Holiday parade and they had a manger scene with real people on it from the church- she played the role of the Virgin Mary—-reallly????????? Many members of the church were angry about this move because many in the community knew who she was at the time.

This is truly a case where marriage should have been allowed as the law states but no conjugal visits unless sterilization was proven first.

Double check your info. Last I heard is that he is in Mule Creek State Prison in Ione California.

I find it hard to believe that a prisoner doing time in the California Legal System, convicted in the California legal system, would be transfered to another state. It just doesn’t happen. Maybe in the Federal Prison System but doubtful at the State level.

I really doubt that where he is or isn’t now – is important to what we are talking about on this page but I was actually told by his wife that he was being transferred to Texas after she and the kids got there. May not have ever happened though? Either way they are not here in SLO County anymore.

Tex Watson wrote an autobiography. If you get a chance read it. He was essentially a country bumpkin that fell for the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll of the Manson family. Not sure if he’s still in CMC. Manson is at Corcoran state prison along with other notable mass murderers like Juan Corona.

As for Bruce Davis, if I recall the book Helter Skelter correctly, he never killed anyone but was a co-conspirator after the fact. He’s still guilty but perhaps not the danger to society that the governor believes.

In my mind certain crimes should be punishable by hanging on the courthouse steps. People like Davis will continue to play the parole game because they can. They milk all they can get out of the system including conjugal visits. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the answer, make hard time, just that not a holiday…

If he hadn’t been party to a heinous crime he would have been free today…

he has a daughter from a prison marriage through conjugal visits . this should stop . the state is looking to save money here is a good place . ok so the guy has a daughter and a wife fine i’m not looking in the rear view mirror . i’m looking forward i feel we need to stop these conjugal visits for many reasons and cost is as good as any . i remember that years ago there was something in the media about tex watson having four kids from conjugal visits and the family was living in slo on public assistants . i do believe in limited public assistants but for this kind of stuff … ???

The right to marry is one of the unalienable rights mentioned in the foundational documents that define us as a country, un a lien able means that no authority can remove them, not even the booben grabbin groppen fuhrer Governor of California can take away your right to marry.

True but do we have to give them an “un a lien able” right to consummate their marriage? I agree with crowphlies, we don’t need to be supporting their “romps” that produce children that we then have to support. I agree that prisoners who are married with a family when they are sentenced should have conjugal visits. It’s important to maintain existing family ties, particularly if they are going to be released eventually.

TEX Watson is a horrible sadist that should have been put to death. Is he housed around here? What’s with his family living in SLO? Are you sure about that? Any woman that would marry that man surely should never have been allowed to reproduce. That Neanderthal Watson went and dumped 5 more people on the dole for us to support. Off with his head, sterilize him the hard way.

un a lien able rights are provided by ‘your creator’ just like it says in the declaration. Not subject to the whims of populist anger, settled by the Supreme Court, probably Earl Warren’s I don’t remember.

Yes they have a constitutional right to marry but do they have a constitutional right to boink while incarcerated on our dime? Would someone tell me where I can locate the constitutional right to boink while incarcerated?