New Tracy Taylor art exhibit opens Thursday

June 29, 2010



Self-described “painter chick” Tracy Taylor is back with a brand new art exhibit opening Thursday at Frameworks in San Luis Obispo.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Tracy for more than 18 years, since she first bounced into town in the early ’90s, setting up shop on the second floor of the Old Edna Market.

She seems to follow me wherever I go. I’ve seen her paintings hung at a hotel in Victoria, and another in Honolulu. Her work has been exhibited from Paris to Tokyo. Plenty of people with money commission Tracy for specific projects. She makes money. She burns through money. Her life is always a drama.

The local art community seems to either hate or love Tracy Taylor–there is no in-between. She fell out of favor at the Art Center, for example, after dismissing the artists there as “Sunday painters.” Tracy speaks her mind, even when she probably shouldn’t.

But there is always the art.

“I Want to Love with Total Abandon”

Tracy’s new exhibit at Frameworks returns to her familiar watercolor tradition of bright colors and quirky subjects, often involving nature.

Called “All of my Favorite Things,” the title comes from Tracy’s ultra-favorite movie, “The Sound of Music.”

“I totally love that movie. I used to watch it every morning,” says Tracy. “It puts me in such a great mood.” She thinks for a second. “You know, we should go visit Austria sometime and see where they made the movie.”

This time around, Tracy is thinking small, working on canvases smaller than usual, helping to keep the prices down, the art more accessible.

“I’ve really gotten in to boats,” Tracy tells me. “I can’t seem to stop painting boats.”

The subjects range from a nod to Cupid’s Hot Dogs, to bright floral and nature musings, to her long-held interest in typewriters. Tracy loves painting typewriters, fascinated by the creativity that bounces off the keys.

“Sweet Peas”

Tracy has been painting since the age of 14. Other than being a waitress for a year, it’s the only life she has ever known. She still wants to tackle oil painting. Time for a new challenge.

Meanwhile, “All of My Favorite Things” will be up at Frameworks, 339 Marsh Street, through mid-September. Tracy will be holding court Friday night, July 2, during Art After Dark and an official Artist reception will be held on September 3.