Search to replace Warren Baker at Poly continues

June 3, 2010

Cal Poly will continue searching for a new president. [Tribune]

Three candidates were brought to campus last month as possible replacements for retiring president Warren Baker after an extensive national search. A fourth candidate had withdrawn from consideration before campus visits.

“The board of trustees certainly respects the level of experience the candidates bring to the process,” CSO Chancellor Charles B. Reed said in a statement. “But ultimately we must be confident that the next president be the right fit with the campus and the community.”

One of the three, Dr. Carlo Montemagno from the University of Cincinnati,  had taken himself out of the running following the campus visit. The board of trustees didn’t warm to either Dr. Sona Andrews from Boise State University, or Steven Angle of Wright State UIniversity, so the search for a replacement continues.

Baker had been scheduled to retire this month at the end of Poly’s academic year. It is unclear whether he will remain in the position, or if an interim president will be appointed.

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Darn! Darn, darn, darn, A very large contingent here at Boise State was holding prayer vigils, desperate for SOMEONE to take Sona away to do her damage elsewhere. She may be tired of Boise State, but we are thoroughly and completed disengaged from her rampantly uneducated handling of everything from the university budget to curriculum decisions to basic policy issues. How she got to the position of provost is anyone’s guess. I could go on, but you get the point. Good decision for you not to hire this terrible excuse for an administrator, but sad day for us. Please, someone, hire her!

Oops, I meant to say “we are thoroughly and COMPLETELY disengaged from her . . . ” Sorry for the typo.

Hmmm, so you scared off three/ four cannidates for your presz job huh, Wonder if they were reading the local papers and watching the local news and saw all the garbage that is happening in San Luis Obispo. Lets point out to any person thinking of moving to this wonderful area all the pluses here in our wonderful town. Lets start with, we shut down Poly Royal, there is no La Fiesta, we have this lame farmers market on Thursday night which we control. Oh and we have no smoking anywhere in the city. We banned feeding the ducks cause it would give you goose bumps. We just took care of abolishing our shuttle so you have no way to get around. Who would want to come to San Luis Obispo. Oh, and by the way, we are raising bus fares. On top of that, your kids can’t have loud parties and oh so help us if they get caught drinking in our little city. Have we covered everything? Ok. Have a nice trip back to where you came from. Don’t forget to pay your parking meter on the way out of town.