Give a buck on Hunger Awareness Day

June 2, 2010

Volunteers across the county are busy mobilizing at the last minute for Thursday’s 4th annual Hunger Awareness Day, organized by the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County.

The concept is both amazingly simple and surprisingly effective. People are being asked to donate one dollar. That’s all–a buck. Drop by one of the following live donation sites on Thursday from  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.:

Arroyo Grande: Albertsons

Atascadero: Food4Less and KMart

Cambria: Cambria Drug & Gift

Cayucos: Post Office

Los Osos: Ralph’s

Morro Bay: Albertsons

Nipomo: Vons

Paso Robles: Scolari’s, Food4Less, and Wal Mart

Pismo Beach: 5 Cities Outlets

San Luis Obispo: First Bank and Food4Less

Santa Margarita: Seven Sisters Trading Post

Shell Beach: Shell Beach Surf Shop

The goal for Hunger Awareness Day is to raise $250,000, all for county residents. The need is greater than ever, according to Cathy Enns of the Food Bank Coalition.

“We have about 40,000 people in the county who either go hungry on a regular basis or aren’t sure when or where they’ll get their next meal. And almost 40 percent of them are children.”

Every dollar donated on Hunger Awareness Day translates into ten pounds of food.

People can also text FEEDUS to 20222 to make a ten dollar donation.

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I gave my 50 sheckles this morning. In SLO people are on the street in front of first bank at Osos and Higuera, you can just drive by and hand them money out your window.

It’s sad that no one seems to have embraced hot dog’s idea but I’m glad to announce that the locations listed in this article that are collecting the donations are doing great. It’s wonderful to see so many people help out those who are hungry and in need.

Good idea hotdog, How many people can we get to kick into feeding the hungry? Just $1.00 is all we need from each person in the county and we will have it covered for the next 6 months. Many of you have seen us in front of stores in the past with a list of things we need to collect for the food banks. Everyone was so generous back in early May that we stocked the food bank with all those items that were on the list and there is enough to last for 6 months. But we need things like Bread, Milk, and fresh produce, that’s what the $1.00 is for. People can not stay healthy without the produce.

Why don’t we do something cool? Many visit this site for news. Why not do two things at once? Donate in the name of CCN to see how much power this site has. I’m kicking in $50 to make up for 49 others who are too selfish, uninformed or too broke to give even a buck.

If everyone gives just $1.00 we can keep hungry families fed for the next 6 months. Volunteers raised enough food early last month to stock the food bank with canned goods, dry goods and staples. The $1.00 will purchase fresh produce which will include 40% of needy peoples diets. The food bank can stretch this $1. contribution and it’s a great way to help a lot of people that are less fortunate than we are.