Cong. Kevin McCarthy tagged “Instant GOP Star”

July 26, 2010

Cong. Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes much of San Luis Obispo County, continues to enjoy a high media profile in Washington, D.C. The conservative Republican was just tagged an “Instant GOP Star” and made the list of “50 Politicians to Watch,” by a leading Beltway political web site. [Politico]

McCarth already enjoys the perks of being Number 4 in House Republican leadership, even though he’s only been in town since 2006. Already serving as chief deputy whip, Republicans are grooming McCarthy–or he’s grooming himself–for a larger party role.

This is how Politico describes McCarthy:

“McCarthy is a master networker, and, with a safe seat at home in California, he has spent his time and money fundraising and campaigning for Republican House candidates since 2006, before he was even elected. Nearly all of the 13 Republicans elected with him in 2006 owe him. So do most of the more than 25 Republicans elected in 2008. As the party’s recruiter in 2010, he’s probably closer to new Republican lawmakers than any other GOP House member.”

Analysts suggest that if the Republicans take back the House in the November elections, it will have as much to do with Kevin McCarthy as any member of the GOP Old Guard.

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Gee, it seems his star rises about once a week around here! POLITICO the website, is owned by the son of old time power broker of the GOP JOE L. ALLBRITTON guys like him have been calling the shots since the purchase of Alaska!

Good thing informed voters like us can verify his record for themselves….right?


Some people seem to have it in for McCarthy, including this biased and selectively quoted article. So much for fair reporting. Personally, I don’t vote for candidates based on party alone, but who is best qualified to represent the people’s (that’s me) interest.

With this much no-news fodder, I’d rather look at the facts. Seems to me McCarthy is earning his keep in Washington on behalf of the 22nd district. If he is a “master networker” and “grooming himself for a larger party role,” perhaps he and our elected President have more in common after all.

“Analysts suggest that if the Republicans take back the House in the November elections, it will have as much to do with Kevin McCarthy as any member of the GOP Old Guard.” Surely, President Obama can likewise be thanked for the present state of of the Democratic Party, albeit contrasted with glaringly unpopular results.

You’re correct, it’s not “fair” reporting.

It’s not “balanced” either.

You could say that it is not “Fair and Balanced.”

Thank god!

I’m curious, R.Hodin. Do you simply enjoy taking sarcastic cracks at conservatives, or are you an equal opportunity scrutinizer of all political persuasions? By the way, I don’t think any media outlet is anywhere near objective.

(With all due respect, unlike yourself I don’t personally credit God Almighty for mediocre reporting. Likewise, I don’t suppose He would want the credit, either.)

Isn’t McCathy the politico that was going to ‘fast track” an Indian Casino for Gearhart and Grigger Jones with an initial million $$ deposit of stolen funds by Gearhart and some fancy foot work to cover up the real LLC owners by Grigger? I believe it was the bankruptcy attorney that made the discovery with the help of CCN after Karen printed the story about the PI Ji Ho Ta LLC and Gearharts involvement.

Kudo’s to CCN, keep it coming. We want to know….

CCN = The media outlet that makes the servants shake in their boot’s and check for flies in the back rooms!

“he has spent his time and money fundraising and campaigning”


Well I couldn’t guess on HIS money but I could see HIS time. Most politico’s do this after hours (evening) and weekends, so I would say at least his time.

I didn’t know they had a timeclock.

Well don’t you go home after hours or do you just work all the time???

Must have been all of that experience running a deli.

There’s something to be said about running a business. Too many legislators have no clue how to run something, much less govern when they seek executive office.

Legislators can’t seem to be able to get it done, so we might as well let a businessman/woman give it a shot?

That’s damning praise for businessmen everywhere.

Um, nooo. Running a business is indicative gives one a front row seat in what it’s like to show leadership, relate with people of all walks of life, manage finances, run an organization, deal with government entities, have direct input into the economy, train, advise and consult others…etc. They are also directly affected by the constraints and regulations or over-regulations of government. Running a government (governors, mayors) have similar challenges, including balancing budgets.

To suggest that that since “legislators can’t seem to get it done, so we might as well let a businessman/woman give it a shot” in this context seems simplistic to me. What I’m saying is that people who are in the proverbial trenches have a much more comprehensive view of running a government when they seek office at the executive level.

Does this experience alone qualify them for that office? Of course not. But it is an undeniably huge advantage to have in one’s arsenal when candidates share and bear firsthand the challenges of his/her constituents. These are talents that campaign promises, investors, special interests, millions of dollars and popularity alone cannot buy.

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