Maldonado pays off $100,000 tax lien

July 26, 2010

Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado’s family business in Santa Maria paid $111,146 in back taxes Monday, following press reports of tax liens against the Central Coast Republican who is running for re-election. [LA Times]

Maldonado’s campaign manager released a copy of an IRS lien release Monday afternoon, reportedly obtained after the Santa Maria-based company Agro-Jal  Farming Enterprises delivered a check to the IRS office Monday.

Staffers insist that Maldonado was in favor of paying the tax bill when it was originally presented, but was outvoted by his father and his brother, who also sit on the company’s board of directors.

Monday’s statement, from Abel’s brother Frank Maldonado, said the company paid the tax “under protest” and will continue to try to convince the IRS that the vehicles are business expenses. However, he and his father decided to pay the tax, according to the statement, because they “cannot sit by and see a family member unfairly tarnished by a board decision he strongly opposed.”

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Two tax deadbeats – normally who would care – anyone can have bad luck but a Sheriff candidate? and the state’s Lt Governor? Does nothing appall us anymore? Where have all the heroes gone? Did you guys miss me? I didn’t miss you.

JJ, generally, I think you are a fool and disagree with nearly everything you submit. But today, you made a very valid point. We are becoming anesthetized to the illegal behavior of our elected officials. Our expectations have been lowered so far that we make excuses for their poor behavior and concede that this could happen to anyone. What is wrong with us? The bar needs to come back and the expectations set high and inflexible. Thanks for the wake-up call. No, I still didn’t miss you.

The credibility bar certainly would have been much lower by now without CCN.

Tut! Tut! Tsk! Tsk! Why must I be a fool if you disagree with me? Again, the moderators need to look at all these posts – not just mine. If I make a remark, I’m a bad girl. Now, Laura Schlessinger is a multi millionaire public persona – if she chooses to go out in public with or without a facelift at age 63-1/2 spouting her dubious opinions she and her loads of pancake makeup can take the heat.

And Abel and Ian, they are running for public office, they can expect the scrutiny. But, are these two the best we can come up with? I see no shame here. It’s like so what – no big deal here.

You must miss me. Otherwise you tend to take yourself way too seriously

At least he was aware of the issue and was quick to acknowledge the amount and the reason. People do have disputes over taxes. Fortunately, Maldonado did not feel compelled to lie about it like some other candidate for office.

And of course the other candidate is Ian Parkinson, running for sheriff. When asked on the air about his 6 or 7 tax liens over the past decade he lied and said it must be someone else. Later on his campaign threw his wife under the bus by blaming her for the lapse.

The Trib, which endorsed Ian the first time around refused to cover this story with any accuracy-their credibility plummets even further…

According to the L.A. Times 7/27, when first notified by the IRS about the issue, Abel wanted to settle but was out-voted by his father & brother, the two other controlling partners. If true, that is to his credit, but to have this be the umpteenth time that this has gone to a lien, well beyond letters, calls and etc, etc, give me a break — something is seriously dysfunctional at Agro-Jal Farming.