San Luis Obispo Fire Chief John Callahan announces retirement

July 6, 2010

John Callahan, San Luis Obispo Fire Chief for the last five years, has announced plans to retire in November.

The announcement came in an email from City Manager Katie Lichtig to employees. Callahan also sent out a separate email announcement to friends and colleagues.

“As you know, I already put in over 32 years with the City of LA before I set foot in a SLO City fire station,” Callahan wrote in his email.  “So I now am edging close to 38 years in the fire service (and 44 years total as a working man) and I think it is time to relax a little.

“I notified my people this morning what my plans are and I will be working with the City to conduct a recruitment and test for a suitable replacement. I am confident with the reputation of the City and the attraction of the Central Coast that a good number of high quality candidates will be competing. And I will be able to offer the new chief any assistance they desire, since I am not planning on moving anywhere.”

Callahan and his wife Lynne plan to continue to live on the Central Coast.

Mayor Dave Romero hailed Callahan as “a terrific Chief. One of the best I’ve worked with in my 50  plus years of service with the City.”

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I am happy to see that the Chief made his five years with the City which coincidentally vests him in the retirement system. Now he’ll enjoy PERS and City of LA retirement checks. Double dipping the pension systems is a great strategy. . . for him.