Marijuana legalization battle now waged on Facebook

July 6, 2010

The fight to legalize marijuana in California this November has now landed on Facebook. [Sacramento Bee]

Proposition 19 supporters announced that their Facebook page already boasts more than 106,000 fans, compared to the mere two dozen who have signed up for the opposition campaign, “Public Safety First.”

“This just goes to show that the people are ahead of the politicians on this issue,” proponent Richard Lee said in a statement. “We are confident that as we move closer towards November, we will see a gathering groundswell of support for our initiative, which will ultimately carry us to victory.”

Lee also pointed out that Proposition 19 currently has more Facebook supporters than Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown combined.

Both Brown and Whitman are opposed to the legalization of marijuana and are urging “No” votes on Proposition 19.

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If this law passes, and I have every confidence that it will, the feds will sue to block it just as they have now done with the Arizona immigration law.

Even though Prez Obama and AG Holder say they will not raid legal dispensaries, there is the bigger question of federal authority vs. state’s rights to consider. So no matter whether the Prez supports this law or not, the federal government will HAVE to fight it to preserve its absolute power over the states and the citizens.

And you can bet the Supreme Court will back the feds.

But at least tokers in Calif. have a few months or possibly years to light up while the feds and the state fight it out in court.

Wow two dozen started an opposition campaign. I would have thought everyone from the temparance movement of 1920 is dead??? Oh wait a minute. That amount may be the only ones still alive. Now I get it.

P.S. I’m still waiting for those opposed to Prop 19 to bring out the old movie from the Forties, “Reefer Madness”, between now and Nov. to scare the masses. ;-)

Saw parts of that movie once a couple years ago. They acted more like mad men on an acid trip. The part I saw was hysterical in how WRONG it was.

Actually, a bad acid trip is nothing like Reefer Madness. And a good trip (the usual) is something to behold. That is a great movie to watch while stoned out of ones’ mind, it is such a farce, just like much of the war on drugs.

I’m surprised to see both Slim and Jerry opposed, I thought Jerry had more sense. But, as top cop, maybe he sees something in the wording of concern that we have missed. Anyway, just like with somany things, the negativos of our past and present policy far outweighs any little glitches that may keep this coming law from being perfect.