Annie’s new owners unleash their anger on Facebook

August 28, 2010

The woman who adopted Annie the dog from county Animal Services last July finally broke her silence Friday night in a scathing public letter posted on Facebook.

Using the pen name “Sasha Sampson,” the Arroyo Grande woman responded to the ongoing media barrage and the 3500-plus members of the “Give Chuck Hoage Back His Dog” page on Facebook.

“Since anonymous hang up calls, a green jeep, a white truck parked across the street from my house according to my daughter who has been uneasy about the unfamiliar vehicles sitting outside our house, since the release of our names on Tuesday by the County. What sane person would “reveal” themselves to the lynch mob mentality?” Sampson said in her letter.

“The most recent Facebook comment stating “they would not have a house to return to and I hope they’d have good insurance…”, forced me to return home early from vacation to a frighten daughter. Why would we come forward when the public outcry painted us as the “bad guys” and the reporting by the Tribune clearly biased toward Hoage. To add more drama, a misinformed radio host inflaming the public and a County Supervisor, claiming to negotiate a return, when he has never spoken to us or we agreeing to meet with him.”

Sampson goes on to defend herself against criticism by The Tribune by pointing out the mistakes Chuck Hoage, the dog’s original owner, made by not having tags on Annie, nor even bothering to search for her at the county shelter.

“If he (Hoage) loved Annie so much why didn’t he make a trip to the shelter? Hoage also never filed a lost dog report (Tribune 8/11) according to Jeff Hamm. Why not? Since the story broke, pictures have been posted all over the newspapers and internet but not once did Hoage think to post a picture at the Animal Shelter. If the same energy that was put into reunification was put into locating Annie things might have been different.”

Sampson stressed that she and her family were very familiar with the Australian shepherd breed and had been taking proper care of the dog. She also stated that the family had been away on vacation and had no idea of the media firestorm until a visit from Dr. Eric Anderson, general manager of Animal Services.

The accidental release of her name, address, and phone number by county counsel last Tuesday especially angered Sampson. The suggestion of a possible lawsuit is quite clear: “The biggest mistake, which may cost the County, is the release of our personal information by Assistant County Counsel Rita Neal who signed the cover letter with our personal information and released it to Kitty Crockett. This action has put us in harms way, created tremendous emotional stress and could result in legal trouble for County Counsel Warren Jensen. What a big faux pau, I struggle sleeping at night worrying about possible vandalism retaliation.”

Sampson vented at protesters from last Tuesday’s rally in San Luis Obispo by challenging them to put their energy into issues such as education and homelessness.

KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton also came under attack for leaving a voice message on the Arroyo Grande home phone. Sampson said she has given a copy of the voice mail to the Arroyo Grande police, the Tribune, and county counsel.

“What about Hoage’s personal advocate Dave Congalton? On 8/26 in the Tribune he said “he is very concerned about the new owners’ names being released and he was trying to tone things down”. However this didn’t stop him on Tuesday, August 24 @ 2:19 calling my home while I was away frightening my daughter who had to stay the night with a neighbor after listening to his voice mail stating, “I’m calling mainly to let you know if I know a lot of other people are about to know and I’m hoping that some way we can resolve this… we need to talk sooner than later””

Congalton admitted making the phone call. “I gave out her personal information to no one,” Congalton said. “But I was extremely concerned when the family’s personal data accidentally became public. I reached out to them, urging them to meet with Adam Hill sooner rather than later. Under the circumstances, I didn’t think we could wait another week.”

After also attacking county supervisor  Hill for sitting outside her house, hoping to find someone home, Sampson said she hoped “that no one ever has to endure an adoptive experience like this.” She also announced that Annie is “safe, happy, outdoors, and running daily.” Sampson asked for privacy so that she and Hoage could discuss Annie’s future privately.

In response to Sampson’s letter, Verena Maier, coordinator of Saturday’s planned rally in Arroyo Grande on behalf of Hoage and Annie, announced late Friday night that the rally would be cancelled.


“Congalton admitted making the phone call.” Hmmmmm, Dave, caught in a lie, huh? I fully support whatever actions these people take. And I don’t feel sorry for not one of you. You have earned what is coming!

Kevin Rice

WHAT LIE??? I fully support Annie going back to her rightful owner. Get over this ‘victim’ thing and do what’s right.


Oh my! You mean the dung is hitting the fan now? Finally, you go Sasha! Cause you did not think this would not happen? Such a poo storm so many have conjured and now you don’t like it and you tuck you tails like little scared dogs and run and hide? If you still believe in your cause, why cancel you rallys? Maybe because your big ring leader is about to feel a nice fat backlash on his fat meddeling rear end. You bet comments from Dave, Tribune & CCN are going to be copied and made available to this womens legal counsel. How many of you are gulity of intimidation, threats of releasing phone number,addresses and threating to picket her house? Ouch. Now, now no take backs.

How does it feel to be a lynch mob that has lynched itself?

Ps Sasha any rallys you need me to come to I’m there lady. There are SO many people whom felt you and your family has done wrong by this. You did NOTHING wrong, keep your head up. I’m sorry your good deed got punished.


The rally was called off because Sasha is talking with Chuck Hogue about the situation. We are giving her time to work this out with him like she asked us to do. No body is tucking tail’s and running anywhere. By the way, it isn’t against the law to picket someone’s home or tell them that you plan to do it. Call your attorney, call the governor heck call the President. If she is intimidated by rallies, signs and picketers too bad. Maybe she needs to check her moral compass. I’m sure some sleazy attorney will be willing to take her money but she can’t get damages for people telling the truth about her.


Wow Cindy… have heard about a little thing called Karma right? Given the amt of nasty, rude and downright mean things you personally have said throughout this saga, you might want to start booming it down a bit. Better yet, why don’t you post your personal name, address and phone number so that you too can receive unsolicited phone calls and have picketers outside your home…….I mean, they’ll just be telling the truth about you as they see fit, so no harm, no foul, right?

Seriously….turn off your computer and go outside for some much needed fresh air and perspective. Or better yet, go do something postive and constructive and leave this poor woman, her home and her adopted dog alone already.




You pat yourselves on the back as though you are taking the high road!

“We are giving her time to work this out with him like she asked us to do. ”

You couldn’t have done this from the get? You couldn’t have given this family an opportunity to respond before the situation was enflammed. Before you made a facebook page, had a rally, made signs , news paper articles and radio broadcasts?

You never thought that even though she had not yet responded to your harsh and unfounded citicisim she would have wanted you guys to be “giving her time to work this out with him”???

What will all you extremists do with all this free time you’ll have now? How about you put those efforts into volunteering some time at animal services. If even half of you here did that you would make such a bigger difference in the lives of thousands of dogs not just one.


You people are so crazy. I am finished communicating with people who think it’s ok to keep another person’s dog. SHAME ON YOU. As for your ridiculous question we did give her a chance, she told Dr Anderson that she would not return Annie, then she took off on a vacation and left dog behind with her daughter! Try reading.


Hi Cindy…It’s crazy here. Alot of us crazies were hoping for a little update because about a week ago you felt the need to have the new owners full address, name and phone number posted online. Yet when we presented you with that same question you seemed to really not want to provide that? Why is that? Do you value your privacy and safety? Your right to disclose that information as you deem fit? Well arn’t you a ugly little hypocrite. I’m just saying.


LOL, I’ll tell you what GemineSappho, if or when I go and picket that house, I’ll leave you my address and you can come over here and picket mine. My neighbors will get a big kick out you. We are a small neighborhood of animal lovers and everyone has a dog, their own dog, there are no captives in my neighborhood. Yes the neighbors will find you amusing, they might even turn on their sprinklers full blast and “accidentally” water the street!


I’ve come to side with Sasha here in this situation. I joined The “Give the Dog Back” group on Facebook, but pulled out when Congalton emerged as an attention-wh*re with his nonstop spammy messages that were an obvious attempt to incite a mo a la Glenn Beck.


This woman was informed about Chuck Hoage by Anderson a few day’s after she adopted Annie. She decided to take a vacation and to hell with the grieving owner. Who adopts a new pet and then runs off for a 3 week vacation, yeah she really cared. Let her rant, I couldn’t care less what she has to complain about, just give the dog back NOW.


Maybe the dog will die. Or the owners.

Which would be the bigger loss?


Get Real Capt Crunch.

There are no angry mobs wiling to do anything other then exercise their freedom of speech in expressing disdain for the unscrupulous behavior of the person who apparently does not know right from wrong. This same group of people are exercizing their voices by criticizing Animal Control who screwed up in a big way and caused this nonsense.

The identity of this person would/will be known anyway, once Houge files suit (and I think he has every right to) against the County and the person who refuses to relinquish the dog. Once the suit is filed, the names are in the public arena.

Bottom line is that the person who refuses to relinquish the dog is a piss poor example of a ‘good neighbor’


TRose, You’re so correct and Hoage did file a report and so did his girlfriend and another person. It was done on line for him and now the AS say’s that reports filed on line aren’t official! Police reports filed on line are official so go figure?

Sasha was informed that Annie had an owner and she refused to return her to Mr Hoage and then took off on a vacation. She can’t sue anybody for anything, no one harmed her, her family or her personal property. What jury is going to give her an award for being spiteful and cruel and keeping a mans dog?

Just give the dog back, your name definitely would have got out. You couldn’t even take Annie for a walk without being spotted. Now do the right thing and quit pointing fingers. You got what you deserved and that was a public tongue lashing.


Leave this poor family alone already! If anything happens to them, it’s on Dave Congalton’s head for inciting all of this. I hope the family successfully sues both Dave and the County for this whole mess, and I hope they stay safe. No one should feel threatened in their own home. Please, angry mobs, leave them alone already.


poor family brought this on themself!


I just love the “Finder’s-Keeper’s” attitude…So grown up!


Jesus listen to you people! Talk about her being a whiney child? She’s tryin to protect her family from crazy people like you! You’re the children pickin on the least favorable person don’t you have lives? Leave hers alone. Whatever she’s doing in her life has nothing to do with the price of tea in china. She got the dog..let it be. If she’s willing to fight this much to keep it then maybe she isn’t going to be some monster everyone is claimin her to be. I mean the dog’s previous owner couldn’t even just get up off his ass for a moment and go down and see if she was at the shelter, this lady is getting hoards of people like you attacking her and making her seem like she’s some terrible person when all she was doing was giving a homeless dog a new home. And isn’t that what we try to promote less dogs in shelters, more in homes? Or would you rather that the dog be wandering the streets or get stuck in the shelter longer cause who knows when he would’ve actually gone down and look for her? Its easy to call a witch hunt when it seems to be the popular idea but how about you live your life and try and find better things to use your engery toward like helping your community or fighting for rights that matter.


wonder who wrote this duh… She is obviously OFF if she can’t tell right from wrong and is not going to be a savior to the dog or any other cause with her attitude….-He was not wandering the streets and now theres just nothing more to say but give the feakin thing back to it’s rightful owner! She will have no more stress then-


Give the man his dog back! Doesn’t matter what happened-it’s NOT YOUR DOG! Your daughter is not a small child obviously and will understand mistakes were made-doesn’t change the fact it does NOT belong to you and you are bringing this upon yourself-


@”Sasha” It really doesn’t matter what you do or say….your excuses don’ make it right-stop your whining and your legal threatening and give the freakin dog back! You are bringing this upon yourself because your actions were/ are clearly WRONG-Once you found out there is a rightful owner, you should have IMMEDIATELY given the dog bACK…Doesn’t matter if the guy made mistakes in seeking his lost pet-or county ….This STILL doesn’t make it your dog-…you are making thre drama and NOW YOU ARE THREATENING TO SUE THE COUNTY! Stop wasting county time and money and do what you should have long ago-Guess what???- the “harrassment” will stop…. Read the open letter in the tribune-Get another dog! It’s unfortunate this happened to you-but it’s wrong to continue acting like a whiny child yourself-Your daughter is obviously a grown adult so it’s not like taking a pet from a little child-Grow up and move on….You Adopt a dog and then leave on a two week vacation?! Sounds like you REALLY committed to this man’s pet-so attached-Geeze get over it!

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