Court employees given whistleblower protection

August 23, 2010

Court employees can rat out their county and state bosses for fraud, waste and abuse without the fear of retaliation, according to legislation Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed last week. [DailyJournal]

Driven by concerns over spending on a statewide computer system, the new legislation provides whistleblower protection to judicial employees. The law allows employees of superior and appellate courts as well as administrative office employees to report “improper governmental activity” to the state auditor without the fear of retaliation.

Under the law, which is slated to take effect on Jan. 1, if an employee has been retaliated against, they can file a complaint with the state personnel board. They can also elect to file a civil suit.

AB 1749, by Assembly members Bonnie Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, and Audra Strickland, R-Thousand Oaks, sailed through the Legislature with almost no opposition.

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Being a Whistleblower! California Residents Health and safety has been put in danger with the Second Appellate Court published California Case Law ruling July 28, 2010 in Bookout v. State of California. ( )Please review the following websites ( ) and the YouTube videos of Caltrans shoveling and grading contaminated storm water and debris into one of our States storm water drainage systems and then the Oceano Community Service District being allowed to use this same storm water drainage system to discharge 2500 gallons of their drinking water and debris into this system daily!

Drain Cube

—————ZAPOD—-Being a Whistleblower in California has a cost of around $300,000.00 in judgements and now allows government to endanger public safety!

This is seen in testomony presented to San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Martin J. Tangeman as seen at–

Why would the County Of San Luis Obispo allow the Oceano Communites use of the railroads storm water drainage channel for well water discharge?

The Second Appellate Court is mistaken on P. 8 of their July 28, 2010 published California Case Law, decision as testimony presented to the Second Appellate Court from Phil Davis of the Oceano Community Service District and exhibit 1768 are facts that have been seen and mentioned by the Appellate Court! This evidence is overwhelming as seen above and below! These drainage changes are made after the Appellate Courts P. 8 100% Blame of the Pismo Oceano Vegetable Exchange!

OCSD stated to Judge Tangeman P. 383 Answer: “We run the well— Right now, we’re running

about five or six day a week. And we just start it in the morning, so it goes through a cycle” –

Question. How much water is discharged out of the pipe each time that you do the procedure that you


Answer. “Approximately 2,500 Gallons per minute?” Question. And the rate at which this water is

discharged is somewhere around 1,300 gallons per minute?

Answer. “Well, it starts out fast and gradually slow down until it stops. And when it stops, all the water

is going into the system.”P. 385 Question: Are you aware of any permission sought by the district,

itself for operating this pipe?

Answer: “Other then the Health Department, I don’t know of any.”

P.386 by Mr. Belsher: Thirteen thirty-six and 1337, is this the same discharge pipe we discussed or

saw in the previous photograph, only a different configuration?

Answer. Yes.

Question: And did you oversee an extension of the pipe into the culvert that’s depicted there?

Answer. Yes.

Question. And this picture dated 2002, so does that seem as if that was the state of the – to your

recollection, That the pipe was projecting into the culvert as of 2002?

Answer. Yes.

Question. And 1338 is another example of the pipe extended into the culvert. Thirteen thirty nine,

is this an OCSD employee? Answer. “I believe it is.”

Question: And I note that the pipe now is cut back from the entrance to culvert?

Answer: “That’s correct.”

Question: And is

I wouldn’t anticipate that this law will help bring much sewage to the surface. People in a position to be aware of wrong doing are usually part of the cadre and well paid. Of course sometimes they get into a fight like what happened with Wilcox and Edge and “some of” the beans get spilled.

Then Planning and Building?

Hey, I wonder if this applies to all of those who work in government? If so, should we expect more information coming from the county assessor’s office?