Internal affairs investigates allegations of internal affairs at sheriff’s department

August 9, 2010


San Luis Obispo County Sheriff officials are conducting an internal affairs investigation into a male sheriff deputy and a female jail correctional officer who are accused of sexual misconduct on the job and of filing a false report against the wife of a former San Luis Obispo police officer.

Patty Limon says that Deputy Gower Slane filed a sheriff’s report last spring claiming she had sent two threatening Facebook messages and one harassing voice message to correctional officer Jamie Elwell.

Limon, the wife of recently terminated San Luis Obispo Police officer Armando Limon, denied the allegations and filed a complaint against Slane who she said filed a false report for a colleague he had allegedly had a relationship with.

CalCoastNews interviewed multiple sheriff’s department insiders who said the investigation, which is focused primarily on sexual misconduct while on the job, is being kept under wraps. However, sources also contend that several additional, but unnamed sheriff deputies, are also being investigated for sexual misconduct while on the clock as part of the internal affairs investigation.

Regardless of whether the original report is accurate, several police officers have said that such messages, unless clearly threatening or voluminous, do not normally result in law enforcement action. At the same time, an officer is not supposed to take any action on behalf of a friend.

According to Patty Limon, deputy Slane originally refused to tell her who reported that she was making harassing phone calls, other than to say the alleged victim lived in Templeton.

Dan McDow, the other police officer who pled guilty in April to bringing misbranded pharmaceuticals over the U.S. border from Mexico, told the Limons the report was most likely filed by Jamie Elwell, his former girlfriend and also the mother of his child. McDow’s suspicions were soon confirmed

After their breakup over three years ago, Elwell and McDow continued to text and stay connected. That is when, according to Patty Limon, Elwell texted McDow to describe intimate encounters she was having, while at work, with deputy Slane.

However, after McDow started dating an old girlfriend, Elwell allegedly broke into McDow’s home and began driving by his and his girlfriend’s homes.

During their custody battle, in an affidavit Elwell admitted to entering McDow’s home without permission. She said she went into the home through a back door because McDow had failed to return one of their son’s shoes after spending time with their son. Armando Limon also provided an affidavit in which he said he had witnessed Elwell stalking McDow.

Then on May 15, 2009, McDow’s current girlfriend, Holly Hovore filed a report against Elwell with the Pismo Beach Police. Holly said Elwell called her dozens of times, sent her text messages, and would repeatedly drive by her home. On two occasions, someone vandalized Hovere’s car during the night.

Holly said she asked Elwell to stop calling or texting her, but the phone calls continued.

“I began getting nervous because she carries a gun for her profession,” Hovore said. “She hasn’t contacted me since I filed the report.”

Hovere and Limon contend that Elwell had Slane file the report to retaliate against them for the affidavits and reports they had previously filed against her.

Meanwhile, some department insiders are questioning if having San Luis Obispo Sheriff Sgt. Andy Rasmussen conduct the internal affairs investigation into the alleged false report and sexual misconduct creates a conflict of interest. Rasmussen worked with Gower Slane’s father, former department commander Greg Slane, and also attends the same church in Atascadero, sources said.

Patty Limon said Rasmussen told her and McDow he knew the messages had come from her computer. He, however, refused to take her computer to check the address after she asked him to examine it in order to clear herself.

“Rasmussen said he had to have a warrant before he could take the computer,” Patty Limon said.

In addition, Limon said Sgt. Andy Rasmussen stopped by McDow’s home on July 29, and threatened that if the sex allegations didn’t go away someone was going to have to go to jail.

“He said they were going to charge Dan (McDow) as an accessory,” Patty Limon said. “This is ridiculous.”

Rasmussen did not return requests for comment.

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Does anyone else think that Rasmussen is not the man to be investigating this mess? He’s got personal ties to Gower Slane, and he just wants to make sure this whole thing goes away so these people can go back to doing whatever they like on duty, and wasting taxpayer’s money. I hope now that this has gotten some press, he’s taken off the investigation so that someone more impartial can be deciding what’s right and wrong here.

My wife has told me that she’s heard rumors at work that Jamie Elwell has offered preferential treatment to jail inmates in exhange for sexual favors. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but with all the other things I’ve heard about her, it sure sounds plausible. It wouldn’t be the first time. A jail guard kept his job a few years back after he even admitted to having had sex with inmates.

Is there no end to the immoral behavior being allowed to take place in the sherriff’s department?

Sounds like the rumor mill is playing a key roll in the story. Sad that women spread rumors about other women, could it be that Jamie is attractive and some don’t like that she works with a lot of men. So they have slammer her and spread rumors about her. She is a local, single mom and you are all slandering her. I hope she get a great lawyer and the truth comes out.

“Jamie is attractive and some don’t like that she works with a lot of men.”

Remove the word ‘WITH’ and you’ll have it right.

Hhahhahah LOL, that was funny JJ,

ooppps sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh

Hhahahahha LMAO, ooppps sorry.

I have to admit, that one had me rolling too!

TruthHurts, since you like to blast out inflammatory nonsense in hopes that people will bite, let ME enlighten YOU on a few points. Jamie Elwell wanted to trap herself a husband…everybody who knows her knows that. McDow was the unfortunate one who got caught in the net, and he has paid dearly. He has done everything possible to be there for his son, but she is more concerned with her own selfish desires than what’s best for her child, so she has stalked, harrassed, and made life miserable for McDow and his fiance ever since they got together…more than a year after his son was born. This all has nothing to do with what happened with him and Limon and their jobs. Obviously that’s all over with now, isn’t it. Now it’s about this woman using and abusing her power to destroy lives. I’m guessing that this making the news will mean more attacks on McDow and his fiance, and his friends, and her family, and anyone else she can go after to try to “get back” and people who cross her. And this woman pretends to be a Christian- that’s the sick thing. I hope her church group reads this, and takes to heart that one of “their own” is having sex with married men on duty, and giving BJ’s in the locker room of the jail, and harrassing men who no longer want to be with her (and McDow is not the only one who has suffered that fate), and having her *&%@-buddies file police reports against people when there’s no proof of guilt or any cause for a report to be filed.

What a clusterf@ck. But really, are you that surprised?

Let’s take an uneducated group of people, give them a government job with no civilian oversight, pay them as much as doctors, let them carry a gun, and fuel them with Mexican amphetamines.

What could go wrong?

I really hope Mr. Parkinson doesn’t get elected – it will just be more of the same.

Here we go again, the SLOPD and the SLOSD acting like a bunch of idiots. Everybody boinking, fighting stalking, lying, cheating and filing false reports on civilians and on each other. These are the illustrious cops that carry guns and are trusted to make honest decisions about our lives, this is what we pay these bone heads for. I’m incensed to hear that they want to get paid to get dressed for work in the locker room and they want to get paid to get head while they are on the job. Stop wasting our money, send all these assholes for a psych examine and drug test.

Here is the thing that kills me. People are upset about the drugs but not cops screwing on OUR dollar. If they are having an affair after hours that DOESN’T interfer with work, then fine none of our business but if they are screwing on our dollar and SCREWING the taxpayer while they should be working, then just like in any job, I say fire them all!!!

I couldn’t agree more. I also know some of these people that Karen has mentioned and can confirm that she talked with many people. This isn’t only based on what Patti Limon said, it’s based on a through investigation done by CCN. I also saw the e-mails that Patti supposedly sent to Elwell and they do not rise to the level of a threat, there are no threats. Whomever sent them did call Elwell “fat”, guess she felt threatened and her boyfriend decided that a crime had been committed, LMAO.

This is what we pay the police for folks……..

Karen, I did not catch your entire interview on the radio, only the first 20 min and the last 5…dont know if this was addressed….I was wondering if you got a copy of the report that was completed by Dep Slane and would you please post it here on your site.. your article only says a report was filed? was it an incident report? was it a crime Report? did they request charges be filed? was there any? please answer these and post the should be public knowledge if it was “filed” right? Many people feel that a police report since it is written is FACT…but in all reality it is a document that really just says…this person says..blah blah and that person says ..yada yada.. the only “facts” that are independent are what the texts/e-mail etc. say or other physical evidence

Fire consumes mobile home, displaces family near Paso Robles.

Deadly flooding in China.

Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination.

Just some other headlines from local news and around the world. Feel free to check out some of the above stories for real news. I know that CCN is the information source for some of you but you should branch out. See what’s going on out there.

Actually from comments people make here often, you can tell they are probably better read than the johnny come lately’s, that like to try and pump up their own deflated self esteem at the expence of others.

Truth matters and so does context. This article completely blew me away. It would appear that the fiascoes following Mr.Limon and McDow have yet again overflowed into the local media blather-sphere. Its not enough that they stole $300k sitting on their asses, how is it that they are not in jail? Anyhow….. Am I to understand from reading the story that McDow is linked to Elwell via a baby they have together, but he is married to someone else? Wow a drug smuggler and a deadbeat dad too! Nice going bud, you give law enforcement a nice sparkle! Anyone that can read the usual BS signs can clearly see from the article that this looks like a lovers quarrel of sorts. Sounds like Elwell is getting the short end of the stick, single mom and now her name is being trashed on this News Blog informed by if I understand it correctly the Wife of an officer that just got fired for running drugs? I’d be curious to see Karen address on “Air” today who her leak was from the original story about Mcdow and Limon as I see another reader speculated what I thought immediately after reading the article today. At the least Karen ought to confirm or deny, otherwise it looks as if you are just playing up the sensationalism of the stories for your benefit and at your informants expense….it looks a little two-faced. So what about it Karen? Can you connect the dots? or are you going to waste our time with the story from a drug smugglers wife? I cannot believe we are still talking about these losers. Confirm or deny. I used to come here for good reading……its starting to look a bit tabloid-ish. Bad choice of for an article. How about an article on how we get our money back (300k) from these ass-clowns.

Great Post!!! could not agree more!!

Per truthmatters – “So what about it Karen? Can you connect the dots? or are you going to waste our time with the story from a drug smugglers wife?”

Of course she can connect the dot’s, if she couldn’t she wouldn’t have wrote the story. Karen mentioned that she was working on this story over 6 weeks ago on Congalton, why do you think she took this long to write it?

Karen outed McDow and Limon, without Karen and CCN no one would have ever found out about the drug smuggling and those guy’s would probably still have their job. Do you really think that Karen would be dumb enough to allow herself to get “set up” by Patti Limon and write a story based on what Limon said? You sound like an idiot or someone who is baiting Karen for her sources, “fat chance” on getting Karen to tell you anything that she doesn’t want to. As for Karen getting sued, some people have tried but they all always have the same problem, you can’t file a slander suit for something that is true.

I have watched a dear friend of mine get hurt by this Jamie Elwell woman over and over and over again. And I know that there are other wives out there who have suffered because of her interest in married or unavailable men. I’ve never met her, and never want to, but I’ve watched my friend suffer as Jamie has tried her hardest to destroy the lives of some very good people, who have never done a thing to hurt or cross her. I’m so glad to see that she’s getting exposed as the homewrecker and sociopath she is.