Accident at Oceano Dunes leaves teenage quarterback paralyzed

September 6, 2010

Tyler Schilhabel

The quarterback of Independence High School in Bakersfield was in a single ATV accident at the Oceano Dunes that has left him paralyzed from the chest down on Sunday at about 3 p.m. [KGET]

Tyler Schilhabel, 16, was first taken to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. Later, he was transferred to Stanford Hospital where he underwent surgery Sunday night.

“The long-term prognosis is uncertain, but right now Tyler is paralyzed from the chest down,” said Independence football coach Sean McKeown in a statement. “The next 36 hours are crucial to his overall recovery, and the family asks for continued prayers for Tyler and their family.”

Emergency personnel have responded to seven vehicle accidents at the Oceano Dunes during this Labor Day weekend. Officers made seven arrests, two of which were for drunk driving. [KSBY]

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If you want to go out to the dunes and put your 5 year old on an ATV I say god bless, lord knows that kid was only going to turn out be as dumb as you are. If nature hasnt managed to remove you from the gene pool I suppose it can do the next best thing by correcting a mistake nature should have never let happen in the first place

Ososkid, putting a 5 year old on an ATV is the height of poor judgement. I feel ATVs should be operated only by those who have had 3 or more years highway driving experience. We have a tendency to think our OHVs can conquer all obsticals that nature creates before us. So not true. A child is a child and does not have the maturity to operate a vehicle. If a vehicle can be considered a weapon, an ATV must be considered one too. 5 year olds have no business on OHVs.

Whatisup: Very well stated. So very well said, in fact, that I would like permission to reuse your passage. Is this okay with you?

Thanks, feel free.