Los Osos sewer project gets $87 million

September 3, 2010

The Los Osos sewer project received $87 million in stimulus monies to construct a wastewater treatment facility, Congresswoman Lois Capps, State Senator Sam Blakeslee and County Supervisor Bruce Gibson announced Friday.

Of the monies, $83 million is a low interest loan and $4 million is in grant funds. The funding comes from the USDA Water and Environmental Program, a group that helps to provide safe wastewater infrastructure to rural areas.

The new facility is slated to bring wastewater discharge levels into compliance.

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Posting a bunch of squiggly lines as a representation of some kind of “art” and demanding an apology from people you disagree with doesn’t address the big picture. Those who approach this serious issue with such trivialities should be completely disregarded.

Most of the $87 million in USDA loan/grant money is, in fact, a loan, meaning that Los Osos residents in the Prohibition Zone will be paying it off at approximately 4% interest (Public Works says around 3.85%). Obviously because we’re receiving more loan than grant money (originally $64 million was set aside for the loan and $16 million for the grant component), we’re also going to be paying much more — significantly more — than before. We are even more in debt. It’s not “free money,” it’s not “cost savings,” and it definitely does not

There is no cost savings because there several x factors including road repairs (deep trenching), O&M costs (which can fluctuate because of change orders) and increased water rates. The LOWWP will not magically zap silt, non-human contaminants — as identified in the Dr. Kitts’ 2002 shellfish study — and salt from the groundwater. We’ll still have bad water.

Maybe you can explain how “O&M costs” which have been defined heretofore as the operating and maintenance costs to the residents once the project is on-line, relate to change orders, which are changes in the agreement between the County and the holder of the construction contract due to problems arising or a change the County wants to make during construction?

Seems to me the biggest cost savings would have been made in doing the last project – or the one before that even.

I guess RU4Real thinks stimulus money comes from the tooth fairy and not from EVERYONES tax dollars…..or maybe he/she thinks it comes out of Obamas Christmas Club Savings Account

Homeowners are in debt for more money. That’s all there is to it.

Old John Wallace is beside himself. So many fools, so little time. There will never be a sewer. Don’t you get it, it’s a classic bureaucrat feeding frenzy. So happy I sold out in 2001. Great comedy, and for a project they don’t need. By the way, for those of you commenting on Oceano drainage, just where would you drain TO from Oceano??? Just curious.