Man founding hiding in ex-wife’s home arrested

September 7, 2010

Manuel Heredia

A Grover Beach man on probation for domestic violence was found hiding in a cardboard box, under a pile of laundry, in his ex-wife’s Oceano home earlier today.

Manuel Heredia, 36, began texting his wife describing things in her home only someone inside the house would know. She called emergency dispatchers and said she thought Heredia was hiding in the attic.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies found Heredia hiding in a box, under a pile of laundry in a closet.

Heredia is charged with violating four restraining orders against three different people, burglary and possession of tools for burglary.

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Did anyone check this scumbags immigration status??? Deport him & the rest of his ilk…

easymoney, you can get the impression from this that officers don’t take enforcing the law all that seriously, and neither does the judge. Domestic violence is as rampant here as anywhere else, but sometimes seems there is little done about it. Cops, judges, attorneys. Take it seriously please.

Oh, I do take it seriously. I am afirst responder in many of these domestic violence cases. Once we care for the parties, lEO takes them away, but then again we sometimes return to the same location over and over…

Why was this skidball still out on the street? If our liberal judges and courts actually enforced the law, he might not have even been here to commit all these crimes…

I stand behind LEO, but critisize our system, LEO are just doing their jobs, they courts are not. Someone will most likely come forward and say he was out because” our jails are full”, he had citizen status or he is going through an tough emotional time. BS he is a perp who has broken the law several times and deserves to be put away…

Something is very fishy about this whole thing, why is this this skidball out on the street?

Violating four restraining orders by three different people, burglary and burglary tools. Right there are three strikes, time for him to go bye bye…

What exactly are “tools for burglary”???

Crowbars, pliers, lock picks, sawzalls, and other like items that the average Joe doesn’t have dangling on their key ring count as burglary tools. These are elemental items that help prove intent to commit burglary before entering a structure rather than committing, say, petty or grand theft after a person has entered a structure. Because the suspect committed a residential burglary rather than a commercial burglary, this will also count as a “strike” under the three strikes law.

Chances are, Mr. Heredia’s cardboard accommodations will be upgraded to an extended stay at Hotel Graybar, where luxury amenities include partitioned plates, steel toilets and communal showers.