Mobile marijuana distributor arrested

September 13, 2010

Robert Wharton

Grover Beach Police arrested a Pismo Beach man for selling marijuana out of an illegal mobile marijuana dispensary on Sept. 12.

At approximately 3:20 p.m., someone reported a man was selling marijuana out of a van on the 100 block of North Second Street. Police discovered Robert Wharton, 58, was operating a mobile marijuana dispensary in violation of state law.

Officers seized 58 grams of marijuana and $5,500 in cash out of Wharton’s van.

Officers booked Wharton into County Jail on two felony charges: possession of marijuana for sale and illegal transportation of marijuana.

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Warning! People of Morro Bay, this is your new pharmacist.

I’m thinking maybe it was the “Up in Smoke” weed van that gave him away.

I cannot discern from the article if this guy is a licensed weed-man who got busted for selling on the street, or is he just a pusher-man. I would think that anyone selling out of their car could be described as “operating a mobile marijuana dispensary.”

To operate a collective one is required to be a 403b Non Profit Organization. As a legally operating collective, it is within the framework of the organization to transport medical marijuana to patients holding valid medical marijuana recommendations.

It is not legal to sell marijuana from a vehicle period, (or anywhere else)

I am gonna file this in my “WHAT on earth was he thinking??!!” file. A head shaker.