Ed Arnold waives preliminary hearing

September 15, 2010

Former Arroyo Grande city councilman Ed Arnold, facing multiple criminal charges involving domestic violence and assault, waived his right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday, clearing the way for a criminal trial. [Tribune]

Arnold, 45, faces five charges, including domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon, relating to an alleged attack last December on a woman who had been living with him and his wife in their Arroyo Grande home.

Police searched Arnold’s computer, resulting in an additional two felony charges of possessing child pornography and using a minor for pornographic images.

Investigators allegedly found pictures on a computer of underage naked girls and a video of a 16-year-old foreign-exchange student from Spain who was showering.

Arnold has pleaded not guilty to all five counts and is being represented by high-profile local attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu. The attorney explained that Arnold waived the preliminary hearing to avoid wasting time and money.

Next stop: Arnold will be officially arraigned on Oct. 5.

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Take it for what it’s worth but I have a feeling he is going to be found guilty of hitting his wife’s good friend and found innocent on the rest. This is a nasty divorce case and it’s going to be one “doozie” of a salacious criminal trial. I suspect this public fiasco is going to make Gail Wilcox look tame by the time it’s over and I wonder who is going to get blamed for the shower video or will this turn into a “who done it”?