Cortez responds to questions about his health

October 1, 2010

Former Pismo Beach police chief and candidate for county Sheriff, Joe Cortez, issued a statement Friday morning, responding to questions being raised about his health.

“I was contacted today by a local reporter asking about a medical matter during my term as Chief of Police for the City of Pismo Beach. The purpose of this release is to set the record straight on this important issue.

“In 2004, I developed a short-term irregular heartbeat. Under the law, cardio-vascular conditions are presumed to be workplace related for public safety personnel and I was obligated to report it to my employer. They in turn were obligated to ensure I received proper treatment.

“I was without symptoms but went through a series of tests and received a clean bill of health. I missed no days of work, and the temporary condition did not alter my lifestyle in any way.

“With regard to questions about the conditions of my retirement, I retired as Pismo Beach Chief in 2008. My retirement is based fully upon my years of service, and not associated with a Worker’s Compensation disability as has been alleged to the media. My retirement pension is subject to full taxation.

“Suggestions by my opponent that I am somehow physically unfit to serve as Sheriff are completely false. “


Has anyone done the math on the pension Parkinson will receive at age 50? It will between $145,000 and $150,000 per year for the rest of his life. Not bad for a guy with a GED. You can thank Jim Gardner and Chief Linden for excusing all the educational requirements, so that Ian could promote to his current position as Captain.


The Parkinson signs you see in yards belong to SLOSO employees who want to continue to not have to be held accountable for their actions. Cortez is going to come in and clean up the department. Ian will allow the shenanigans to continue unchanged just like Hedges.


Anyone who is sincerely committed to prioritizing getting their own house in order as the first order of business has both my vote and ongoing support.


Before I go, I’m curious about something. Jerry Lenthall worked with Ian Parkinson for several years. Does anyone know if he is supporting Ian? Curious minds want to know!


If it means anything, Mr. Lenthall was seen hanging out with Ian Parkinson at his campaign booth during the Fair at around closing time.





Have you noticed that the Parkinson signs in the lawns of homes are becoming fewer? The ones that are still up make me want to go to their door and ask… are you related… or being paid to have this sign up….? I have seen first hand a house that used to have a Parkinson sign up…. now I see a Cortez sign.

This means people are starting to see the truth. Mr. Cortez is the right choice for the position.

If you have a Parkinson sign up and don’t really know him… Take it down!

It’s better to support no one than the wrong one.


I have recently noticed many Cortez signs appearing and i want to answer the person who mentioned that sign’s for Cortez are appearing on empty lots. Those are usually very large signs that he is talking about but just because those lots are empty does not equate to the sign’s going up without the owners consent. I know that no Cortez signs are placed without the property owners consent. Hey Parkinson camp. read it and weep.




comment removed for misuse of name, you can call him Joe, you can call him Cortez, you can call him Mr.Joe Cortez, but I won’t let you call him by any descriptor other than his name.


Good call, Ref.

There’s never cause to disparage someone’s name.


They keep getting stolen.


That used to happen to George Luna too. The last time he ran for election in Atascadero over 400 sign’s got stolen. When ever someone noticed a sign missing they would call his

campaign manager who spent a great deal of time replacing them.


I don’t understand you people. The Shredder writes some comments about Cortez’s workers comp claim and you all start bashing Parkinson. Are you worried that Cortez isn’t the second coming like you thought. Maybe you all drank the coolaid to early.

I read negative comments about medically retiring for the tax breaks. Yet a lot of you put wieght in the opinion of Mike Brennler. I could be wrong, but I think he is retired medically and getting those tax breaks. I’m not bashing Brennler for that. He probably had it coming and I don’t think the tax break makes up for what he loses in the long run. You want Brennler’s opinion yet some of you complain about the unions and the pay they’ve gotten for law enforcement. Brennler and Strobridge are the ones that negotiated those contracts for the unions. Brennler won’t confirm that. He’ll just ignore my post. Hey Cindy, did you ever get a response from Brennler the last time I posted something about this.

One negative thing comes out about Cortez and you all freak out. I would be pretty concerned if running a department with 23 officers causes you so much stress that you begin to have heart problems. Now you want to go run a department with over 300 employee’s and want to do it for 12 years. Also, if you are retired from law enforcement, why do you want to go back for the top job. Seems like little joe just needs to feed the ego some more.

I’ll give you all a heads up about another dirty negative from the Cortez Camp. Cities are going to start coming down on them for all the illegal signs they are throwing up on gaurd rails and fences and in empty lots. I guess when you don’t have enough support you gotta do what it takes to get your name out there.


“I don’t understand you people. The Shredder writes some comments about Cortez’s workers comp claim and you all start bashing Parkinson”. Not quite, The Shredder wrote about something he didn’t understand which is why he wrote it as The Shredder rather than as an article and the Parkinson camp all started bashing Cortez.

Also it is ridiculous for the State to predetermine that all LE heart irregularities are the result of their profession. I suppose a plaque build up in the arteries is caused from stress rather than poor diet combined with heredity? A quick angioplasty procedure will correct the problem and a change in diet will make you good as new but somehow it is job related! It’s just another “privilege” awarded to LEO but that isn’t Joe’s fault. I don’t know what Joe’s medical diagnosis was but it obviously wasn’t anything serious that couldn’t be corrected and I’m certain that his MD has given him a release as “GOOD TO GO”.


Strobridge + Rob Bryn ex City of SLO retired employees now at Sheriff’s Dept (Double dipping and their are several others) and no matter which candiate wins they will both double dip. SO!!! IF they do the job they are elected to do with honesty and integrity, and efficiency (don’t cheat, lie, or slime their way into office) I have no problem if they are doing their job properly. Do we really want someone without experience doing this job like Hedges, I don’t think so. I’m off to get my Cortez sign…


The Parkinson Camp is getting desperate… Hang in there Joe. This is your time — our time! The more desperate Parkinson becomes, the more he (or his handlers) are aware that your message is resonating with the electorate. Keep going Joe, we need you!


Interesting how some condem Cortez for supposedly saying Pismo isnt his home. Fact is Kacho has openly said “Im going home” when he returns to Armenia or where ever it is he was raised yet you still elect him. This obviously means he really dosent care about the central coast either and its just a place to operate two gas stations ++ and make a handsome living. Hypocrite you?


At the debate Ian proudly claimed to have checked out much of the Sheriff’s Dept. I wonder on whose time he did that? Did he just take off from his job, did the chief just let him go to enhance his chances (like lowering the standards at SLOPD which makes it the least professional force in the county so he could become Captain, and looking the other way when he cheated on his promotion exam). Looks like an avalanche of illogical support for Parkinson. I think we are being snookered again, like we were with Heghes. Vote Cortez, vote honesty.