Schwarzenegger reduces marijuana penalties

October 1, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation this week to reduce the penalty for minor marijuana possession in California. [Salem-News]

Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449, which changes the crime of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor punishable only by a $100 fine to an infraction punishable by a $100 fine.

However, the governor remains opposed to Proposition 19, the November ballot measure that calls for the legalization of marijuana.

“Unfortunately, Proposition 19 is a deeply flawed measure that, if passed, will adversely impact California’s businesses without bringing in the tax revenues to the state promised by its proponents,” the governor said.

In signing the legislation, the governor further stated that, “In this time of drastic budget cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.’

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I can’t believe how slooow the Gov’t has been drug (no pun intended) to the realization of the fact that sooner or later it will be legal and that this is not worth fighting a bunch of chilled out smokers on.

From where the fines and penalties were in the 60’s to now is huge.

This latest change in my opinion goes to show that they know it is no big deal and are just hanging on for the money. Well then legalize, tax and lets get on with it.

Pot smokers are NOT a threat to society.

How about going after (prosecuting) these assholes who killed the girl last weekend? They are a hell of a lot bigger concern than this.

A slow but completely predictable outcome. Every year there has been over 50 thousand folks caught up in this charade of a “war”. Those folks don’t all go away, nor do they change their minds about the issue, in fact most don’t change their behavior at all.

Eventually you will end up with an electorate that accepts the recreational use of pot, it’s an inevitability.

Prohibitions almost always fail, always have, always will.

You are right, pot smokers are not a threat to society but drug cartels are. That’s why pot needs to be legal.

Next up for the chop is the required drug test for employment.

“Ya, I smoked some pot what of it? you ever get a parking ticket?”

The cop’s all think that they are above being drug tested. Apart from a violent criminal they are the next armed danger to society and after some of the press I’ve seen, I suspect that some of them are high. I want change, I want LEO drug tested. They should welcome it with integrity but no they don’t. Guess they are better than every other man and woman who the tax payers rely upon to drive the bus or fly the plane.

No drug test, no job. Bring on the tea party. Do away with city paid personnel and hire private services if that is what it takes to regain our ownership of our cities, towns and counties.

I find it rather odd that a self proclaimed Tea Partier would be in favor of government intrusion like mandatory drug testing.

Whatever happened to personal integrity and self reliance?

Less Government?

And how do you take ownership of government services by giving them away to private business?

Oh comon now! You know that Arnie would tell you that it was a mini cigar. ;-)

What’s he been smoking? He obviously doesn’t get it.

Even at a $100 fine, there are still court costs tacked on and that’s why in reality the total fine for this ”non-crime” is $350 or more. This is why they it’s $750 for a speeding ticket that should rightly be $200.

And since when does literally everything HAVE to be of some revenue benefit for the state, city, county etc… Screw those bastards, I am sick to death of everything being judged on how it affects the government’s tax base.

No matter if Prop 19 brings in tens of billions or 10 cents, it won’t solve the budget problems our various government entities face because the employees are greed heads who feel they are entitled to live better than the people they work for.

Try and cut their salaries? They sue. Put in furloughs? They sue. Try and roll back benefits? They sue. Put government services out for bids to the private sector? They sue. I wish I could sue my boss to ensure my job security.

The point of Prop 19 is that people are tired of being branded criminals just because they want to smoke some dried grass. If I want to inhale in the comfort of my own home, it’s nobody’s business.

I was initially going to disagree until I read past your opening statement. You’re so RIGHT ON and the public has been taking notice of these problems for sometime. We need a BIG tea party aimed right at these very specific problems. If everyone would just deal with their local gov we could all send a message to the state gov.

Something that someone pointed out to me last week just made me furious. This disrespect for the tax payers has all gone way too far with . The below offers a bit of insight into just how “privileged” our local employees have become.

Does it even make any sense? Would it ever happen in the private sector? Would a file clerk ever earn these wages to begin with?

This is good.