County demands blogger remove personal information

October 15, 2010

UPDATE: Ochs reported on Friday that all personal information has been removed from his blog at the request of county counsel. Ochs said he took the information down shortly after he received the email.

San Luis Obispo County Counsel Warren Jensen is demanding that a Central Coast blogger remove the home addresses and phone numbers of three public officials that he has posted on his site.

Aaron Ochs, who writes the blog “The Razor Online,” posted an article called “Get the Facts: Ring Paavo’s Doorbell,” in which he lists the home address and phone number for three county officials directly involved in the Los Osos wastewater controversy: Bruce Gibson, Paavo Ogren, and John Diodati.

Ochs suggested that more names and addresses might be posted.

“Go ahead, ring their doorbells. Knock on their doors. Give them a call,” Ochs urged. “Let them know you want a conversation. Let them know you want your questions answered. Because they’re building Los Osos a sewer that will become the most expensive public works project per capita in the United States — with Los Osos’ money, not theirs — and we’re entitled to the facts.”

Jensen’s email to Ochs, a copy of which was obtained by CalCoastNews, requested that the personal information be removed immediately:

“Pursuant to California Government Code section 6254.21(c)(3), Paavo Ogren, John Diodati,and Bruce Gibson have designated the County as their agent to make a written demand that you remove their home addresses and home phone numbers from the Razor Online site.

“Pursuant to 6254.21, these three individuals are elected or appointed officials of the County who are entitled to have this information removed from the internet. They fear that having their home addresses and phone numbers jeopardizes their safety, given the past threatening behavior of some Los Osos residents, and the likelihood that the inflammatory and unfounded assertions contained in the article will induce an unstable person to take matters into his or her own hands.

“A copy of section 6254.21 is attached for your information. This e-mail will be followed up with a written demand that will be personally served on you as soon as feasible. I am hoping that you will remove the illegally posted addresses and phone numbers in response to this e-mail so that you can come into compliance with the law without delay.”

The information remains on Ochs’ site as of Friday morning.

Warren R. Jensen  |  County Counsel  |  San Luis Obispo County


Mr. Perlman obviously doesn’t know anything about the Internet. Just the link from CCN to Razor creates hundreds of hits. I would guess that the The Razor has never been more popular than it is today — thanks to CCN!!!!


OMG PozerGate has stripped it’s gears.


says: 10/15/2010 at 9:11 am

Pretty chickensh*t maneuver to increase hits on an otherwise unreadable and irrelevant website.

I just checked- Hundreds of Articles, only two hits (1 administrative comment)

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Anybody who wants them can find them, they should quit if they are sissy’s, this sewer is the night mare of my life time if anybody wants to buy my house in Los Osos blog on.

“They fear that having their home addresses and phone numbers jeopardizes their safety, given the past threatening behavior of some Los Osos residents, and the likelihood that the inflammatory and unfounded assertions contained in the article will induce an unstable person to take matters into his or her own hands.”

No nuts are going to hurt you kids now play safe and do your job honestly, transparently and account-ably unlike those before you, where’s my $3,200 mid state bank? Oh no you spent it on legal fees, bullshit!


So post the addresses of their two next door neighbors. problem solved.


Right on maybe their neighbors will 86 them, I love your post, I am still cracking up and I am probably one of the one’s they are afraid of the secretary of the C.S.D. called the cops on me because she said,” You can break a hundred? ” No go get change, I said,” no I want to pay it all in advance for my bill and can do that!” and did. My friend Mark Merritte the former C.S.D coordinator has so much dirt on these good old boys and girls it’s pitiful, he lived with Brucie Buel, the back dating document first day in office freak. We should of all climbed the tree, Joey Riccano was hand -cuffed out of, the birds had to move and this was one screwed up under taking, now they have just left it all trashed up. Any way Mark will be coming back from Hawaii to tell the whole truth, are they afraid ? Hell no they all ready got away with ripping off hundreds of people. This is the fraud capital of the world, blog for house trade, anywhere by the coast, Indonesia preferably. I am totally serious.


The follow-up to this article can be found by clicking here.

Alon Perlman’s defamatory allegations about my family and I bear absolutely no resemblance to the issues that are affecting thousands of residents who will be paying for a sewer that is still $250+ month (despite USDA funding). Residents will also be paying the consequences for the cataclysm of saltwater intrusion, which is taking over their groundwater basin without any aggressive water conservation solutions by the County of San Luis Obispo.

Mr. Perlman’s sensationalist, inane remarks demonstrate only a obsessive, personal vendetta that overpowers common sense and constructive solutions.


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Thank you “slingshot”™ and “Realitychecker”™, if you weren’t “4real”™ people who have never posted here or anywhere else before, the Ochs would have had to invent you.


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They probably would of.


Nothing compared with the fraud currently at hand.