Meg Whitman’s campaign tweets cross dressing bassist

October 21, 2010

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman might come from a tech savvy background, but some of her campaign staffers appear to have missed the boat. [InfoWorld]

On Monday, Whitman’s campaign sent out a twitter update with a link intended to take viewers to a site with a San Diego Police Association endorsement. Instead, clickers were taken to a YouTube video of a Japanese man dressed in a pink tutu, thigh-high stockings and garters.

Whitman’s campaign staff’s apparent cut and paste error has bumped the YouTube video to more than 986,000 views. And most curious, the campaign has not yet removed the odd tweet.

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LMAO, That is too funny. I will be voting for her, sense of humor or not. Moon Face doesn’t have a clue.

What do you mean by “moon-face”? That doesn’t even make sense in the least.

When Jerry Brown was California Governor he was a fiscal-conservative, publicly and privately. That pissed off a lot of politicians because it made them look bad. They told him that the citizens expect and want the Governor to have limos and lavish households filled with servants. They said he was crazy if he thought he could tone down spending in Sacramento. But he did it anyway, so in desperation, the crooks labeled Jerry Brown “Governor Moonbeam” because they knew it resonated with the stereo-typical image people have of California.

But the truth is Jerry Brown is a darn good politician, and as honest and scandal free as you are likely to find in that sordid profession. He was Governor, a Mayor and Attorney General. That proves Jerry Brown knows politics and knows how to get things done. Jerry Brown is in politics because he likes it and is good at it. Meg Whitman, on the other hand, doesn’t like politics, but is holding her nose as she goes into it, having been told by her suddenly enriched political consultants she has a chance to become President of the U.S. if she spends enough money.

By the way Cindy, funny you should by so “clueless” to bring it up, but Jerry Brown DOES indeed “have a clue.” He has LOTS of them. He’s the frickin’ Attorney General for California. He has an entire staff that delivers clues to him regularly. That’s his job. He’s the frickin’ Attorney General.

Brown has lots of clues about crooked politicians and lobbyists and corporate criminals and environmental rapists. THAT is exactly why some people are spending so much money to try to defeat him.

For the sake of CalCoastNews, I wish these right-wing extremist propagandists could at least come up with slander that isn’t so cliche and boring, stale and mostly senseless.