Parkinson takes on the Incredible Hulk (seriously)

October 11, 2010

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson may avoid debates on KVEC, or interviews with our intrepid reporter Karen Velie, but no one declines an interview with the Incredible Hulk.

Just when you thought that Parkinson couldn’t become any more unpredictable after his TV commercial last summer for a local home loan company, comes this four-part “interview” currently available on YouTube.

The Hulk, AKA actor Lou Ferrigno, who has a house on the Central Coast, sat down recently with our Man-Who-Would-Be-Sheriff (if-only-CalCoastNews-would-stop-writing-about-me) and asked him the tough questions.

We wonder if critics will call it The Incredible Hunk meets The Incredible Hulk.

No word yet as to whether Parkinson will next appear on the Rick Martel Show.

Enjoy today’s surreal Moment of Zen and keeping telling yourself  The election is almost over.

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(if-only-CalCoastNews-would-stop-writing-about-me) and asked him the tough questions.

So CCN, Have you asked for another match, is he still backing down? Taunt him a little, bring out the true child, (we all are),tease him, threaten to spar with him, a fighter truly loves to fight, or he is just a wanna bee. He will debate if he has a brain. I do not condemn a man for his hobbies, but these are not credentials for sheriff in that fact either. They are actually credential to perpetuate further police, and sheriff’s departments, use of non-lethal violence, yeah right, cheseburgers done like dinner just like Parkinson. P,S. Go Hulk!

This interview is nothing short of an emberassment. Lou’s a great guy and has earned my respect for all he has accomplished in his life but he is not an official Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. He are a reservist, there is a huge difference. Lou would never be able to get past the POST mandated hearing test that all law enforcement applicants need to pass in order to continue the application process. Sheriff’s commonly hand out reservist titles to celebrities and friends to boost their image

Lou Ferrigno, Best known as “The Incredible Hulk”, also a LA County Deputy Sheriff and San Luis Obispo County resident sits down with Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson to discuss serving the community.

NOTE: This “interview” was not planned. Lou and Ian happened to be in the same place at the same time so we grabbed a cell phone and just recorded them chatting. We apologize for the lack of professional lighting and sound. We hope you can simply learn more about any candidate before you vote.


“We hope you can simply learn more about the candidate before you vote.”

I would think that any serious candidate would find a better way to communicate with the voting public, than being interviewed on a cell phone video by a partially deaf man with a severe speech impediment. Osama Bin Laden does a much finer job communicating with the public, and he’s in hiding in the middle of some desert!!

Isn’t Parkinson ever “in the same place at the same time” as anyone in the media? I would have been better informed by an article in one of the local High-School newspapers.

Your efforts churned out a half-assed product. Seems to fit your candidate…

By the way, what happened to Parkinson’s hair? His picture on the billboard show a great deal more…

I thought Lou Ferrigno was deaf? If so, I’m sure that’s why Ian Parkinson chose him to conduct the interview. Hellen Keller would have been better, but she’s dead.

I’m actually more shocked at the words exchanged between “willie” and “cindy.” Does anyone really expect unbiased reporting from any news agency anymore? I think there is a slant in the reporting here at CCN, just like there is an obvious slant in the Tribune and on KSBY. I try to read each story from a couple of sources, and that helps me kinda determine where the center might be. I don’t think CCN’s view is detrmined by advertisers. I mean good god people, Dave Cognalton is a contributing editor!! And you think stories are slanted due to advertising revenue?

I beg your pardon SLOChildren but I find it hard to believe that you were shocked by a word exchange between Willie and me. It was undoubtedly when he called someone a BITCH and told them to go do something? Why would that be shocking to you, considering the sort of folks that blog on CCN from time to time? Doesn’t that happen on other blog’s or do you lead a sheltered life?

—————————–Vote for Joe Cortex or suffer the anger of a very green Man!