Paso Robles man challenges Congressman McCarthy

October 6, 2010

John Uebersax

A Paso Robles man has launched a write-in campaign challenging Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield for a chance to represent the 22nd Congressional District. []

John Uebersax said he is running on a platform of ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Americans have been lied to continually about Iraq and Afghanistan,” Uebersax says on his website. “These wars have devastated the American economy, morale, and way of life. It’s time to reclaim our country. The first step is to end the wars. Then, when we can see clearly again, we can address our domestic challenges.”

Uebersax, who calls himself a “green libertarian,” is McCarthy’s only challenger. The Paso Robles scientist said he decided to run after he was denied a chance to talk with McCarthy about the war in Afghanistan.

McCarthy said he is focusing his time on battling a Democrat-controlled Congress.

“I am fighting against the policies of a Democrat-controlled Congress and a White House that is overspending and growing our nation’s debt,” McCarthy said in response to Uebersax. “We need to limit the size and cost of government so our entrepreneurs and small businesses can innovate and create jobs. These are the concerns that I am hearing from my constituents in the 22nd District, and I agree so that is how I am spending my time and effort.”

Uebersax is asking voters to compare him and his opponent through their websites at and

If the Secretary of State’s office certifies Uebersax’s candidacy, which would happen later this month, voters would have to write Uebersax’s name on the ballot to vote for him.

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I don’t care if Mr Uebersax has one leg and green teeth, he has to be better than Kelly Gearhart’s friend Kevin McCarthey.

McCarthey is a crook who took 1.5 million in investor funds from Gearhart to promote the Indian gaming casino. I quote Kelly Gearhart, ” We have an assemblyman in our pocket”.

Guess who than assemblyman was, none other than Kevin McCarthey and to this date he has returned not one cent of the investors stolen principal, shame on you Kevin McCarthey, I hope you end up in a bread line or better yet in fraud prison, thief! And I am not alleging that, I am calling Kev, a thief, short an to the point, call him and ask him why he didn’t give back the money,(805-461-1034), if that don’t beat all an Astascadero phone number, or write 5805 Capistrano Av. Suite C. Astascadero, the fraud capital of California. Also an Atascadero address, geez doesn’t anybody care or are you all too scared! Can’t blame you really, call from some one you don’t like’s phone, let them get dragged out of there house in the middle of the night, whats right is right he should give back the contribution he is well aware where it came from, creep!

HUGE thumbs up from me on this one, unfortunately I am in Capps district (ugh). But it’s very cool to see an anti-war, pro-market, pro-immigration, anti-drug war, pro-decentralization candidate in this area. The barrel of a gun, whether it’s from our military or our police, are not where true freedom or progress come from. Central economic planning and fiat money is not where prosperity comes from.

Lots of knee-jerk thumbs down by people who apparently can’t articulate why any of that is wrong… good to see that all that effort the repubs and dems have put into programming people wasn’t wasted.

mkaney could you go a little slower for us mentally challenged folks, I don’t even know what this means, please clarify,”unfortunately I am in Capps district (ugh)”.

Don’t be capping on my Capps now ya hear!

Well the first part just means it is unfortunate I do not live in the district in which Uebersax is running.. the ugh part is capping on your Capps. She is a tried and true party line voter who exemplifies the idea of incumbency, practically inheriting her seat from her husband. She distances herself from her electorate in the sense that she is almost completely out of reach of any constituent wishing to communicate her directly. No letter writing to her ever yields any evidence that it was read or the ideas considered, you just get a form letter back towing the party line.

One month in Afghanistan costs $6.6 billion dollars. That buys a lot of work stateside.

And a whole lot of peaceful apple stroodle, and food for the poor.

I am all for change. I am beyond tired of the mockery our local, state, and federal governments have made of our nation, our home. While I appreciate the need to end the wars, I do not agree that it is our nation’s top issue. I feel that is the economy. As a daughter of an Korean War Vet (recently deceased) and seriously wounded in Korea, I appreciate all the service our men have given for our freedoms in this wonderful nation. Their sacrifices can never be noted enough. But when those soldiers come home, they need to be able to work, thrive in an economy that is fruitful and functional. Our economy is far from that. We must direct our focus on the betterment of our economy for the good of all. Not just the wealthy, or those who live on the grace of taxpayers.

So, Mr. Uebersax, what are your qualifications to be the Representative for the 22 Congressional Districts beside the obvious desire to end the wars??

Mr Uebersax is no less qualified than Mr McCarthy whose sole qualification is to do exactly what the GOP leadership tells him to do. At least this man from Paso has the ability to think for himself.

Let me see, how do you spell U-e-b-e-r-s-a-x ???

Relevant qualifications. Because:

1. I don’t want a political career, but only run out of a sense of civic duty.

2. I refuse to accept any campaign donations.

3. I believe that what America needs first is to regain a sense of moral excellence.

5. I work for a living and drive an old pick-up truck with no A/C.

6. I earned a PhD, which shows I know how to apply myself.

7. I worked at a high-level think tank and know how the government lies with statistics.

8. I hate money, and would spit in the face of anyone who tried to bribe me.

9. I am very angry that universities are cheating young people with high tuition and fees.

10. I see clearly enough to denounce the war sooner than others.

11. I don’t believe in demonizing opponents.

12. I read Plato, Aristotle, Emerson, Jefferson, and the Bible.

Hell you all ready have my vote but if you can do all that fancy stuff, how are your fishing skills? We can go tomorrow! In my boat! Get skunked I win election fare is fare? One thing is for sure I’ll get you back to the dock unlike the suspicious landing ,(on the beach, south of morro rock), by the double master schooner, probably still there could be insurance fraud, I would check it out if you get elected, WE HOPE YOU DO! Both!