Whitman outspends Brown 14 to 1; still trails

October 6, 2010

Despite spending nearly $120 million of her personal fortune, roughly a 14 to 1 advantage over opponent Jerry Brown, Republican Meg Whitman is trailing in recent polls. [California Watch]

Analysts say that Whitman is still being battered by recent accusations surrounding her alleged treatment of a housekeeper who turned out to be an illegal immigrant.

Whitman has spent more than $138 million on her campaign so far, including $119 million of her own money, according to campaign filings released yesterday. Brown, by contrast, has spent about $10 million. He has about $22.5 million in the bank for the closing weeks of the campaign.

The Republican candidate for governor has about $9 million in the bank but can continue to draw from her personal fortune as Election Day nears – something she may consider doing to regain ground she has lost in recent polls.

An Ipsos/Reuters poll released yesterday had Brown leading 50-43, and SurveyUSA and Rasmussen polls released yesterday showed him leading 47-43 and 49-44, respectively. Each of the polling results were within the margin of error. A Pollster.com analysis on the Huffington Post website also shows significant gains by Brown.

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I just received two separate mailers from the Whitman campaign today (10/14/10) and as I was putting them in the recycling bin (without reading, of course) I turned over the larger of the two pieces. On the back there was an image of a road that splits into two different roads complete with overhead signs for each lane. The road that went to the right was labeled “Road to Nowhere” and the lane going to the left was labeled “Road to Prosperity”; I wonder if this was a Freudian slip by someone in the Whitman campaign or if maybe the firm that did the printing slipped in a subliminal message. Curious.

MW also ran those TV ads showing clintons old footage claiming cnn facts and such. Clinton himself AND cnn both verified that the information was in fact false. MW’s office also confirmed the data was not accurate, but refused to pull the ads. They knew they are lying to voters but they dont care. Not people I want in office. Brown is the lesser of 2 evils.

Thats exactly how I feel. Sleazy, Sleazy, Sleazy

As much as he doesn’t like people betting on his calculations, Nate Silver who started 538.com is predicting Jerry Brown as a 3 to 1 favorite over Meg Whitman for the California governor’s race. Link here to his piece at the New York Times. Mr. Silver’s ability to call political races is pretty uncanny and his success rate hasn’t been touched by anyone else anywhere. Ms. Whitman, thank you for spending the $140,000,000. so far on what appears to be a losing bid to buy yourself our governor’s seat.

Lou Dobbs got busted hiring undocumented workers The Nation has the story.

mentioning this to underline Meg’s labor problems.

Meg Whitman turned a company known for trading Beanie Babies into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. One of the hardest things to do in business is manage explosive growth of a company, and she did a pretty good job, allowing thousands of folks to make a living on eBay and be self-employed. Most CEOs rate her performance favorably. Like her or not, she is a successful businesswoman – but not an accomplished politician.

By contrast, Jerry Brown is a career politician, and a downright poor businessman. He knows how to win elections, but once before, when he ran this state, he bankrupted it. Whitman only has to recall history to defeat Brown. Jerry Brown is a Jesuit dropout who ran on the coattails of his father and has never worked a private sector job in his life. He will do nothing to create jobs, but in contrast Whitman already has. And if you think he’s sincere when he talks about ‘tax increases only by a vote of the people’ – watch out! The very first thing he will do is try to repeal Prop. 13. He’s already tried it as state AG.

He is going to repeal Prop. 13.Wow, get scared, very scared. That statement alone destroys your credibility, since there is no evidence at all that Jerry has any intention of doing such a thing. This is typical Republican scare tactics.

At least Meg is contributing to our economy in her losing effort.


Lost all respect for this women when I watched her run against Poisner for her party’s nomination. Clearly she would accomplish nothing for our state with these sleazy tactics.

This may sound funny coming from a business owner of over 30 years, But the one group I miss trust more than career politicians is our CEO”S and Industry leaders who have robbed us of our 401K, manipulated stock values, and fixed prices artificially high at will. Give me good old Jerry Brown any day!!!!

$120,000,000 of her own personal pot of gold to be elected for a position making $220,000 annually? If these elitists are looking for some personal gratitude and wanna play God, why dont they do something worthwhile with this little fortune they invest in a political seat.

Either this is the makings for massive corruption and payback scandal, or their ego’s are so big their heads will not fit thru a doorway. As far as ebay went, it didnt need Meg any more than sliced bread does,some things go big without help by a big ego.

Perhaps Meg should gather a few people that have worked for her to state how much of a pleasure it was to work for her IF she could find any … perhaps if she paid them NOW she might get one or two to sing her praises. Or, just keep up the “I did not have employer/employee relations with that woman” sounding as shrill as Clinton did when he lied about Monica. Meg, your time is almost up, your fifteen minutes is coming to a close, good riddance and don’t let the door hit ‘ya where the good lord split ‘ya.