Quaid fails to show in Santa Barbara court

October 19, 2010

A Santa Barbara judge issued arrest warrants Monday for actor Randy Quaid and his wife after they failed to show up at a court hearing stemming from their arrests last month on suspicion of illegally squatting at a Montecito home [Associated Press]

The $50,000 warrants were issued after the couple failed to appear for an arraignment Monday on a felony vandalism charge. Carter said the couple may turn themselves in sooner, but their case will be called again on Oct. 26.

Randy and Evi Quaid each face a felony vandalism charge. Deputies arrested the couple last month on suspicion that they were living in the guest house of a Montecito home they previously owned. Authorities said at the time the Quaids were suspected of causing more than $5,000 in damage.

The Quaids frequently missed court appearances in an earlier case involving charges they defrauded an innkeeper. That case was resolved in April with Evi Quaid pleading no contest to a misdemeanor count. The charges against her husband were dropped.

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These two are freaks…Treat them as such….Squatter eccentric freaks…Lock them up as anyone else in that predicament. Mo more, no less. And why, in God’s name, are they the subject matter of the damn media? Other homeless eccentrics aren’t…Stop giving the freaks face time!!!!!!

The damn media (this site included) is so damn obsessed with Hollywood..These are PEOPLE….Just plain idiot people, and this site, the L.A. Times and every other media outlook gives quarter to these freaks….

Then again, why shouldn’t they? Whenever they spout off on politics, the damn media (this site included again), pedestals them and gives them some sort of expert credibility on world affairs. They are stupid actors, not experts on world affairs. It’s the media that feeds their ego and makes them think they are brains. They are not brains, they are actors with a bullypulpit. That bullypulpt is you (this site included again), and avery other stupid media outlet.

My God…Get over these freak-a-zoids….

I hate to point out the obvious but YOU have “quarter” to these “freaks” in a multi-paragraph post. Sometimes a single sentence is best.

Put them in jail, give them some hard time. They have money, make them pay for the privlige as well. These white trash rich folks need to learn that if they do the crime they will do the time.

If ya gotta go ya gotta go. You can sleep in your car but there are things that you best do in the dam bathroom.


BeenThere- Agreed but you wouldnt want them Squatting in or down in this county, its only an hour’s drive away. Best ban them to Ventura county line and south or Monky-ray and north. We should also seal any cracks in the Dam Nevada border.

And why should Randy not save Money by acting as his own Lawyer?

Randy; use the Peter Blunt System, It’s worked for you before



Randy Evi, I’m Just funnin; love yer antics. Count me in on your entorage anytime. Come on over, Call me, or just show up, Let’s Party.

I find them rather amusing and also pitiful at the same time. While they are obviously eccentric, I don’t understand why they are doing so much damage to themselves for no reason. They don’t have all that much money anymore and probably were squatting because they really are homeless and broke. At the same time, the last “stunt” they pulled cost them well over 160K in forfeited bail money alone and they got extradited from Texas after they had paid restitution for the hotel bill they had skipped out on. How asinine for the courts to extradite them when they had 160K in bail proceeds and the hotel had been paid, why? They are certainly harmless enough in my opinion. I’m with Alon_Perlman, let’s party.

Another in a long string of behavioral troubles for the “beautiful people”…

What the hell is it with these two and Santa Barbara? Do you notice they have no other legal troubles except there. I say when in court ban them permently from S.B. so us, the general public, don’t have to watch this disaster movie in the making anymore.

What is wrong with these people??? Are they of the opinion they are above the law or just plain don’t get it? Randy…your brother needs tough love.