Templeton mother arrested for drugs

October 1, 2010

Tracy Hall

Detectives arrested the 47-year-old mother of an alleged drug dealer after she accepted and signed for two pounds of Mephedrone at her home on the 100 block of Dandelion in Templeton on Thursday.

On Sept. 21, Tracy Hall’s son, 18-year-old Alister Hall, was arrested for allegedly selling the psychoactive stimulant to two teenagers who became violently ill from the drug. The two 15-year-old Templeton boys were taken to Twin Cities Community Hospital where they were treated for Mephedrone ingestion on Sept.11.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies said the drug is similar to ecstasy and can cause agitation, euphoria, elevated body temperature, and violent vomiting. The drug is a white powder substance that can be swallowed in pill form, injected or mixed in liquid and drunk.


You have to be kidding me. Are you saying that the Sheriffs went back and found the signed receipt from the original package and then arrested the mother because she signed for it? If that is true, what a bunch of Assholes the Sheriffs are. SLOSD, get a clue and stop wasting our taxpayer $$$$. The harder you try the more obnoxious and egregious you appear. You already have the criminal, what did you possibly hope to gain? IDIOTS!


I get packages from China daily. Although some can come though in less than a week, most take longer. Much longer. Even if they don’t get “inspected” they still get held up. I’d place my money on him ordering it 2 – 5 weeks ago.


She was arrested WAY after receiving the package! Who has proof their was a second one?! Obviously she didn’t know what it was and they traced her signature from weeks before! The kid did NOT order more! What a bunch of salacious crap!

Her eyes are red because she was crying you heartless vultures…Wouldn’t you be if that happened to you and your family!

People are vicious!


When they can’t find a crime that suits their purposes and continue to build the myth of law enforcement, they will create one.


Oh look, here is how they do it…


they even include their previous B.S. to make it extra shocking.


I think that if my child got arrested for selling drugs and I bailed him out of jail for $100,000 I would have sat him down and had a long hard conversation with him, like where did you get it, who sold it to you, etc. etc. And if they communicated, I would think she would have known at this point and he would have told her another package was coming, etc. etc. I do find this a little suspicious and while don’t want to condemn mom, think she probably knows more than we do. This poor family, if she didn’t know and did not have a clue I feel real bad for her, but as parents, we have to accept the responsibilities that come with the job. Those two boys that went to the hosital could have died and just look at what happened to the young girl over the weekend as that was probably drug related. If you play with the devil you have to take the consequences.


Wait, wait — was she busted for a second delivery, or just busted for taking delivery of the package with the original two pounds? I haven’t seen or heard anything about a second package.

As to signing for a package for your kid, well, I do it for mine. He is a computer geek and likes to help his friends fix up their computers. He gets parts deliveries at our house (many from China) and the packages sometimes show up when he is still at school. I never open them up, never thought twice about it, but my kid is a total nerd and such a straight arrow that he annoys his friends. But maybe this mom thought the same about her boy…..


She is monumentally stupid if she signed for a package from China, knowing that her son was arrested for getting this drug from China. That, or she’s in on it too.


The original press doesn’t say that the “2 lbs” of Mephadrone that the Sheriffs found during her son’s initial arrest in mid September had come from China. The press doesn’t say where he had got the drugs from. I doubt that his mother knew that he got it from China. What is mind boggling is that he appears to have immediately ordered another 2 lbs to replace what was confiscated! His poor mother put up $100K to bail him out of jail and then he went and did this to her. This is not a good kid and he is not smart either. This goes way beyond a mistake or poor judgment as his arrest didn’t change anything! He needs some serious jail time, I don’t know what else there is to do with someone like this unless maybe he had ordered it before his last incident which means it all counts towards his first strike but I find that doubtful.

I don’t think his mother had a clue, not after what they had just gone through, what parent would think that their child was such an anti-social derelict?


She looks a little glassy eyed.


I think she was probably crying when she found out what was in the box and also got arrested for it. Seems to me that if the package was addressed to her son and the police knew what it was, then they should have explained that the receipt had to be signed by the person whose name appeared on the address label. They could have even called the house to see if he was home and pretended to be a telemarketer and waited for him to be home or left a receipt in the mail box to pick up a package at the post office.

Geez if you ever want to mess someone up, just mail them a package with drugs and tip off the police!

Something here doesn’t sound right to me.


I would assume the mom knew what she was signing for or does it matter? As a mom, I would have definitely asked my kid what he was getting from China, but there are some not so diligent. It sort of seems unfair for them to arrest the mom unless she knew.


I agree, I am hoping that there is something more to this story not being shared yet. I would hate to see a mother arrested for simply accepting a package for her son. She may have had no idea what it contained.


Just say no to 2 pounds of ANY drug. Words to live by.