The Shredder takes on The Hulk

October 14, 2010

We knew–we just knew–CalCoastNews couldn’t be the only media in town amused by the recent Youtube exchange between sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson and former television star Lou Ferrigno.

So we weren’t all that surprised to go online this morning and see our friend The Shredder weigh in on this car-wreck of a political video. [New Times]

“May I direct your attention to Capt. Ian Parkinson, the SLO Sheriff golden boy with the good looks and Joe Everyman persona,” Shred begins.

“His latest political stunt—no doubt cooked up by local campaign puppet master Cory Black—has Parkinson sitting down in a four-part interview series on You Tube with Lou Ferrigno, aka, The Hulk. You wouldn’t want to see him angry.

“In this crappily shot video with even crappier audio, the Hulkster chats with Parkinson for about 20 minutes. And don’t even try to figure out why someone thought this was a good idea, or even why someone had this idea. Your brain might melt, or pack its bags and head off for saner climates. It wasn’t just Ferrigno’s eerily well-sculpted forearms that had me scratching my noodle over this one, but just the sheer … um … what’s the word? Holy crappery of this whole situation.”

Ol’ Shred is just getting going.

“About the only reasons I can figure out for why Ferrigno is interviewing our local sheriff candidate are that he owns a home here, he’s vaguely recognizable as a celebrity, and he and Parkinson are wearing cutesy matching outfits.

“Which nitwit concocted this mad science brew of campaign showboating? The real pisser is that the discussion is borderline interesting, but the whole time watching it I can’t help but think, ‘Why is The Hulk interviewing a candidate for sheriff? Am I still high?’

“Perhaps the silliest moment comes at the very end when Ferrigno extends his sinewy arm in a conciliatory handshake.

“Good luck,” Ferrigno says.

“Thanks buddy,” Parkinson responds—his arms appearing downright flabby compared to his bulging counterpart. Then Parkinson shoots this geeky grin at the camera that seems to say, “Holy moley! I just got interviewed by The Hulk!”

We appreciate the Shredder sharing our sense of bemusement and wonder at this little slice of Internet reality. But given some of the attacks we’ve gotten on our original piece, we’re wondering if those same critics are now going to go after New Times for being anti-Parkinson.

The Tribune hasn’t mentioned the story yet.

Meanwhile, the circus continues. Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. KSBY will air a live debate between Parkinson and Joe Cortez.

Our advice to Cortez: Don’t get Parkinson angry. He might suddenly turn in to Lou Ferrigno.

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“The Tribune hasn’t mentioned the story yet.” Why this? Mud slinging? Maybe they don’t think it’s news worthy and I really don’t either. I will be voting for Cortez, I just don’t see the point of acting as childish, as thou’s opponent. The Tribune is not your opponent merely a jealous neighbor, who has been bought and payed for a long time ago.

I too saw the forum and was shocked with Trompeter’s behavior. Parkinson was asked about testifying as ab expert witness, Cortez about his health. Parkinson skated over the issue and Trompeter said nothing as Parkinson went on to make a personal attack on Cortez. Cortez gave a detailed accounting.

It was disgusting and embarrassing to watch her.

You’re correct, I went back and took another look at the taped forum. She gave Parkinson a break , more than once, It is disgusting. I had to look again to see it because I trusted her and KSBY when I watched it live.

Here is the link, watch for yourselves, and yet, Cortez still kicked ass!

Maybe JT is yet another person who was captivated by Parkinson’s song and dance? After all she’s single and possibly looking… To her defense however, it’s not like she has much experience doing this sort of thing…

One thing I would like to ad to the comments is no one has commented on Jeanette Trompeter’s position. I was almost embarrassed for her. She looked like a gushing school girl who get’s to sit next to her crush. Her fluttering eyes when looking at Ian as she so emphasized his name with her sickening sweet demeanor. Barf. How unprofessional. And they way she changed when Mr. Cortez wanted to comment on Parkinson’s slam towards him. How convenient a set up that was. I would love to see another debate, one that is moderated by someone else that doesn’t practically slobber all over herself when looking at Mr. Parkinson.

slorealitycheck , I usually agree with you but the rules were set up before the forum began. It was made clear that this was not a debate and that a participant could not respond to the other participant but could only respond to the questions that were asked of them. That is why Cortez was not allowed to respond to Parkinson when he refused to answer the hard question about his role in the trial that he testified in for his relative, where his relationship was never disclosed, but Parkinson got away with blaming the public disclose on Cortez.. That didn’t go unnoticed and we all know that Cortex could not possibility have known about it. Whoever dropped that dime on Parkinson knew about it for a long time and was once a close friend.

Cripe I hate when I leave typo’s like I did here (above), maybe moderator will correct them for me since we no longer have edit capabilities?

I do stand corrected. Sorry about the mis info. I do remember her saying that. I guess I was just so embarrassed by her school girl crush attitude. I was blushing at points. I wish they would have a debate before the election to be held by 1 or 2 unbiased people maybe from out of the area. I know that Parkinson would not agree because it seems he doesn’t do well in a public forum and his body language is obvious when he attempts anything close to it. I saw him at a local business the other day buying a plant. I wonder who the poor sucker was who received that, not to mention a proverbial kiss on the derrière.

No, I stand corrected, I went back and took another look. Initially I believed that it was all fair but I did have some concerns about Parkinson not getting questioned like Cortez was during their answers. Parkinson definitely got a break on his answer about his testimony for his relative and he was never questioned about the disability claim. Cortez did not get a break and was questioned about his claim even after he answered. That was not fair despite the fact that Cortez benefited from be made to elucidate, Parkinson got off and it was a serious charge that she let him slide on. Like I said, I took another look and you have made a good point.

I watched it a second time as well. JT was unprofessional. Nevertheless, Cortez looked better than Parkinson…

Saw Parkinson at the Pioneer Day parade with his bad Paris Hilton designer sunglasses, and a much thinner hairline than all the gargantuan billboards littering the county.

So vain. I consider that a personality disorder.

Cortez on the other hand just seemed like a normal guy, no sunglasses so he could look you in the eyes and just smiled and waved to anyone, not worried about the grey in his awesome cop mustache.

Cortez FTW

I have wondered where Parkinson goes to get the gray “washed” out of his hair…

to KSBY, of course.

BIG FAIL FOR PARKINSON from the beginning on the KSBY debate. While Mr. Cortez started off well mannered and directed his answer to the truth, Mr. Parkinson went for the juggler and attacked Mr. Cortez instead of addressing the issue at hand. BIG FAIL IAN! NO CLASS!

I just watched The KSBY forum with Cortez and Parkinson. Parkinson bombed big time. He refused to answer the question about his court testimony on behalf of his relative and blamed Joe for it having come out in the first place. His closing statement was very poor and he did not address the people, he couldn’t even look straight into the camera, unlike Cortez who did the complete opposite. Parkinson basically say’s he is the better candidate because he lived here all his life and cares more.

He also contradicted himself again, he is quite a man of contradictions. When this race started he said that his life goal was always to be Sheriff and he had groomed himself since the age of 19. Now he says he never thought about it until a local business owner suggested that he should run because he would make a good Sheriff. This is an easy call, Cortez for Sheriff.

I also saw the program and something with him just isn’t right, his eyes were darting all over the place, he was very shifty and couldn’t look at the camera. It was odd but he clearly gave the impression of not being honest. Joe Cortez was the epitome of scrupulous character, integrity, maturity and he was fast on his feet. His answers were well thought out and he is right about the biggest problem being accountability and consistency, rather than Ian who is always falling back on his so called communication skills (everybody likes me) as a fix all. Cortez is clearly the more experienced and capable man of choice. If Parkinson gets in, I will lose all faith in the voting populace of this county.

Parkinson didn’t have a clue what Cortez was talking about when it came to intelligence work and bringing down gangs. Parkinson thinks that the less organized a gang is the more difficult it is to gather intelligence when in reality, the exact opposite is true.

Parkinson also claims to know all about the Farm and Ag community and it’s people because he works the fair grounds as security 10 days a year. Who did he think he was kidding?

I missed the debate :( Will it be re-run?

Thanks for the link, I never watch ksby so I missed it.

What Parkinson is doing is not ridiculous, it is called the art of brain branding his name and appearance in the minds of the voters. If his name stands out more at the voting poll, a conditioned person will tend to vote that branded in their minds especially when in indescretion!

One aspect of this race that has received little attention is the contrasting responses of both sheriff’s candidates to the “Hart Locker” scandal in which SLO Sheriff deputies conspire to violate a citizen’s second and fourth amendment rights when they illegally break into his gun locker, confiscate all his guns, and are caught on tape trying to make up justification for doing so.

(See the commentary link at

Cortez has come out strongly denouncing the deputies illegal actions, whereas Parkinson basically has no real comment and says he doesn’t know enough about the incident.

I’m surprised that the ACLU, NRA, and similar groups have not picked up on this and put their support behind Cortez for his stand on the issue and pledge to stick up for the rights of citizens. If you value your civil rights in this county, you should demand nothing less from the Sheriff you elect.

““Thanks buddy,” Parkinson responds—his arms appearing downright flabby compared to his bulging counterpart. Then Parkinson shoots this geeky grin at the camera that seems to say, “Holy moley! I just got interviewed by The Hulk!”

I hadn’t picked up on that part, I guess it’s a guy thing so I went back and looked. Sure enough, Parkinson did look “downright flabby” next to Lou. Yup, Shredder was correct about the grim at the end too and they did have near matching shirts. Parkinson could have done well with longer sleeves for that interview, what interview? What I got out of it was primarily that Parkinson thinks it’s important for the Sheriff to be a popular guy and Parkinson definitely thinks he is popular. That didn’t surprise me as that’s how he has climbed through the ranks until now. As long as everyone likes you, the job gets done. That seems to be his approach.

Ian Parkinson is a ripoff with his already $150,000.00 plus annual salary taypayers are paying for this guy. He wants to become Sheriff to get an additional $320,000.00 a year and plus get his taxpayers pension. Good old boys, NOT! This cop should question the salary he is already ripping off taxpayers as it is. Thank God for Karen for informing us how crooked Ian Parkinson is, this guy is ripoff to all taxpayers, he is all about the money. All he wants that big fat paycheck and overtime he doesn’t deserve. Voting for Ian means going broke like Bell Country California. I mean really Ian Parkinson is going for Sheriff to make $27,000 a month, a month. Imagine that, that’s more than most people make in San Luis Obispo country and we’re going broken because we are broke, Ian doesn’t care he gets want his money. Shame on you Ian Parkinson