Cal Poly’s first grievance hearing

November 18, 2010

Bill Loving

For the first time in the history of Cal Poly, a dispute between a faculty member and administrators will be heard at a public grievance hearing to be held on Friday at 9 a.m. in building 33, room 290.

Journalism department professor Bill Loving filed the complaint after being forced out as department chair by Cal Poly Liberal Arts College Dean Linda Halisky in August. Loving is seeking reinstatement to his former leadership position.

“I am bringing my grievance because what the dean did to me and my job was wrong,” Loving said. “More importantly, it is time we had a little sunshine on campus.”

At the hearing, both sides will provide opening statements followed by four hours of witness testimony.

The fight started in 2009 over journalism professor Teresa Allen repeated complaints about Loving’s decision to move two staff members into her office while providing Allen a smaller space. In addition Allen contends she has been treated unfairly because of her gender.

Shortly thereafter, Halisky began working to remove Loving from the chair position.

A three person faculty hearing committee has 14 days in which to issue their decision.

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Win, lose, I highly admire and respect this person in what he is attempting to do.

Do you supose any of this will qualify Halisky, Loving or Allen for disability?

This just has to be terribly stressful for all of them.

I know it is for me to read this crap.

takes one to know one, apparently.

some comments removed for topical liberties and inflammatory nature

Iceman – Before you lump everybody into one category, just what are YOUR competencies? Spelling is obviously not one of them, as obviously you don’t “waist” time to spell-check your comments.

…and just what does Congalton have to do with any of this?? You could, and should, turn off the radio after listening for 6 hours of “Truth-telling” by the likes of Limbaugh and Beck

That’s right and I might add that Iceman doesn’t have “a idea”, but if he did have an idea, maybe he could stay on track and I wouldn’t notice his other faux pas.

Do we not have more critical issues to worry about???