Atascadero man found guilty of attempted murder

December 8, 2010

Michael Simmons

A jury found an Atascadero man guilty of attempted murder on Tuesday for the slashing of a man’s throat at Mr. Rick’s bar in Avila Beach in February.

Michael Simmons, 43, began arguing with David Stratton at the local night spot when Simmons moved close to Stratton and slit his throat with a box cutter. Michael Simmons’ wife, Janet Simmons, 50, then hid the weapon and sat down with her husband who proceeded to order a drink while Simmons clutched his throat behind them.

Stratton received numerous stitches for what was described by San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies as a “serious neck wound.”

Janet Simmons pleaded no contest to attempted murder charges and was sentenced to three years probation and four days in jail.

Michael Simmons faces up to 27 years in jail.

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Women get away with more things civilly and criminally, its just the fact of US life!

The victim is lucky the slash did not hit the main artery to the brain, once its slashed even direct pressure to the wound cannot save him!

The comment: “Women get away with more things than men do” was a statement made by Kathryn Ramsey, a Forensic Psychologist, last year, during a speech on serial killers. I sort of concur with her but not in all cases.

I’m pleased to see that you corrected yourself willie because I have to tell you that “too many woman are in prison for having no other means of defending themselves other than shooting an unarmed (but VERY STRONG armed) husband or getting to the gun first”. I’m not saying that woman don’t take advantage or plot to commit murder, they surely do and should be held accountable. I equally contend that those in abusive relationships are also at a severe and often hopeless disadvantage when there is intimidation and domestic violence, just saying…….

I just don’t understand these injustices. She helps her husband by hiding the knife and by a drink, pleads guility and gets probation. Sort of like Charlie Rangel getting censured for not paying his taxes for 17 yrs, no further charges, and all is done while Wesley Snipes is going to jail for not paying his taxes for 3 years. Yup, love the laws of this land.