Reiss appointed to Coastal Commission (for now)

December 8, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has selected former Pismo Beach mayor Mary Ann Reiss to serve on the California Coastal Commission. [KSBY]

Reiss, who was elected to a new term on the Pismo Beach City Council last month, will replace Katcho Achadjian, who resigned this month after being elected to the state Assembly.

District II county supervisor Bruce Gibson had also been under consideration for the open seat. Reiss has served as the commission alternate since last June. She will attend her first meeting on Dec. 15.

However, Reiss, a Republican, may not be serving long. All political appointments are subject to review when the new governor, Democrat Jerry Brown, takes office in January. Analysts suggest that Gibson may get that phone call yet.

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Let’s try on a bit of cynicism: none of it matters, anyway. They are all political appointees and NONE serve because of qualifications. The citizens of this state gave away their governing authority to the coastal commission knowing the commission would be made up of political appointees (aka those who are owed some payback because of previous brown nosing at higher political levels). We usually get what we deserve.

Oh no, we need Bruce in there. He needs to reach a new pinnacle of corruption and hasn’t lined his pockets or kissed the asses of Christine Mullholland and the clan enough. Lets get him in there so he can protect his property values while screwing the rest of us. Watch out Sunnyacres.

I suspect you would like to see Mr. Bordonaro in this position….seems to fit your qualification’s………

Reiss is the obvious choice, as she is currently serving as an alternate to the commission.