The Jan Marx-Kathy Smith-Patty Andreen connection

December 11, 2010

Local activist Kevin P. Rice, who has applied for the open San Luis Obispo City Council seat, is claiming a conflict-of-interest between two sitting council members and another candidate for the vacancy.

Rice obtained documents from the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office that indicates that Patty Andreen, also a candidate for the council vacancy, donated a combined $900 to the Marx mayoral and the Smith council campaigns in last month’s election.

Andreen, who lost the race for District III county supervisor to Jerry Lenthall in 2004, also hosted a “Meet Jan Marx” fundraiser on Oct. 3.

“Should a personal friend be appointed to the city council?” Rice asked in an email sent to council members.

Rice, Andreen, and Dan Carpenter are the three candidates for the open council seat, scheduled to be filled at the Dec. 21 council meeting.


I was undecided in all this and just happy that Marx won the election. With so much push back now I hope she does the right thing and votes for Andrean for the position. Marx won the election and elections have consequences. If you don’t like the process then work to change it, but these baseless attacks on Marx and Andrean are just idiotic.

Kevin Rice

Well there ya have it. Talk about putting on blinders. I bet you didn’t even look at the campaign contributions on my web site before declaring everything is “baseless”. Did you even look? No, you didn’t.


How about YOUR attacks on Rice? I guess it’s o.k. to sink to new lows when it comes to supporting your own cadidates and politics isn’t it?


I have nothing personal against Rice. Just pointing out his many comments and actions which show his instability, just like many other unbiased people have done this past year. The thought of having someone this unstable in any form of government is frightening.

Which is too bad because he often starts out with good intentions. It’s like he is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The good Kevin who starts out great, then the evil Kevin who lashes out, threatens, intimidates, harasses etc. If this appeals to you then good. I don’t think it appeals to most people. Maybe in a few years of maturing he can match his good intents with good behavior and do REAL good.


In a word, poppycock…

You have clearly spent a great deal of time and effort attacking Mr. Rice. Personal attacks driven it would appear by partisanship and your own dislike of the man. Only in your posting of 12/13/2010 at 9:35 am do you finally go public with your unabashed love for all things Marx.

I would bet dollars to dimes that you are just another sniveling DCC whiner who can’t believer anyone — in this case Mr. Rice, would fight back against what is clearly septic politics.

At least you finally had the guts to come out of the closet. Now I can totally discount your attacks of Mr. Rice…

Kevin Rice

Nothing personal. That explains your anonymous email:

Received: from ([97.93.16.*]) Sat, 11 Dec 2010 22:45:47 -0800

From: “NOYDM” eatsh*t (at) hotmail (dot) com

To: “Kevin Rice” kevin (at) slorider (dot) com

Date: 11 Dec 2010 22:45:47 -0800

You are one sick and twisted f*ck

I’m evil? I threaten, intimidate and harass? I need to mature?

ThomasPaine you are a liar, and coward, and a hypocrite.


Briefly plagerizing Ronald Regan: Mayor Marx, tear down this wall.


Dear Jan;

I’m sorry to hear things haven’t worked out as planned. I know you expected to annihilate Paul Brown in the last election yet you barely prevailed. After a tedious week of vote-counting there went your expected mandate and your dream of congratulatory champagne brunches. In retrospect not vacating your old council seat and making local politics partisan through the DCC seem to have taken an unexpected toll on your reputation. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen you’re obviously no Dave Romero.

I must say though Jan, you really stepped on yourself (so to speak) when you began the sleazy process of trying to slime your former campaign manager Patty Andreen into your former council seat. No Jan, the electorate doesn’t want to hear that Andreen wasn’t your campaign manager for that’s a lie. No Jan you’re not fooling anyone.

It’s almost 2011 and the spoils system of political patronage just won’t work in a place like SLO with today’s communications outlets like CCN — at least not without a very high price to pay. As a politician you should be aware of this. You need to begin repairing your reputation NOW by not appointing your former campaign manager to your former city council seat.




Kevin you have so many alias’ you are really freaking out …loosing control-get off this thing and stop your childish sqabbling!

Kevin Rice

A very on-point letter in the Trib today (12/13) by Mr. Barta. Go read it.


Patty Andreen is now the face of sleazy local politics in SLO.

Congratulations, Patty. Maybe it’s best you resign before you are even appointed?


kevin…give it a rest!


I agree Patty Andreen is a typical liberal lawyer who wants to be in office that can’t find a real job but if Patty is elected we will have the same problems as Bell County California has. We don’t need her running the city when Jan Max is already over spending our money.


I agree Patty Andreen is a typical liberal lawyer who wants to be in office that can’t find a real job.


I have lived in SLO for 40+ years. As much as I hate to say it, I really see the coucil approving Andreen, making a brief statement and stupid exuse for thier decision, and moving on without accepting further comment. They will ignore you, ignore your calls, ignore your statements, and ignore your e-mails. And business as usual will rule the day. One thing they can’t ignore is your vote, and you people voted for Marx.


“and you people voted for Marx”

Ain’t democracy grand !? now we just wait and see if our new mayor ‘s name comes up in the ongoing measure j rico process.

Kevin Rice

Interesting you bring that up, since there was $200 donated from James Copeland and $200 from Tom Copeland to Jan Marx. It’s right in Marx’ campaign disclosure available on my web site. Wasn’t the no-growth crowd against the downtown Copeland project? At least they were until Copeland started handing out money to stop Dalidio. Then their hands were out. Stinky politics.


bfd 200USD


I fear that you are right. Marx and Company are showing extreme arrogance and ignorance in their public comments. Marx is setting herself up to be a 2 year lame duck mayor — her credibility is shot right out of the gate. She barely defeated a candidate who carries a great deal of baggage and the only reason she did was because of the Democratic Central Committee’s Rolodex. You have no mandate, Jan. You’re setting yourself up to fail.

Marx is further slathering herself with the grim and stink of machine politics by pushing her former campaign manager Andreen to take over her old council seat. It’s a conflict Jan and don’t think for a minute we don’t notice. Political patronage returns to SLO after an absence of decades and it has the smell of a fetid pigsty.

Keep it up Marx and Company — just try to do the DCC’s bidding and see just how uncomfortable it becomes to be a councilperson in SLO. My guess is Smith will be the first to resign closely followed by Andreen — if history is any indicator of the future…

Kevin Rice

Crusader, there’s more that I haven’t made public yet. Hope to meet you at the hearing, or feel free to contact me. More people need to write the Council and the papers.


FWIW I don’t know Kevin and have had no dealings with him. But just by reading this site for the past year and especially the trib site his behavior of intimidation, threats and bullying leave me cause for concern. For all I know he could be a swell guy. Based on his comments on the Internet though he has some problems. It is weird because on several occasions he starts out on the right track and maybe even on the right side. But then his obsessive nature takes over and he seems to lose control. If he could balance his emotions and be more stable he would get further IMHO.


I really don’t see the council choosing Rice. It would be awesome, but if the council actually had any morals or values – Carpenter or a special election would be the correct choice. As for what plainly seem to be personal problems you have with Rice, I would strongly suggest counseling


I’ve already suggested it. He won’t go. He’s in denial.


Did you type that while looking into a mirror perchance?

Paul Anthony

I went to the website and watched all 5+ minutes of Kevin Rice standing out front the county government center at, he says, and it looked to be, 1:00AM in the morning. Goodness gracious.

People may be attacking him personally, but I won’t. I’ll just make some observations:

He correctly shows that the law offices of Marx and Andreen co-sponsored a community cultural event.

He correctly stated that no election will be held to fill the empty city council seat, and that the existing city council members will vote to fill the empty seat.

But, when he and his website focus on the professional relationship between Marx and Andreen all of you take the bait and believe that Marx is going to be the (only) one to appoint anybody and if able to appoint by herself she would pick Andreen, and if she did the only reason she would is because of some kind of nepotism and crookedness. Not factual or logical – just emotional.

Marx cannot appoint the new city council member. She is only 25% of the vote because three other members vote, too.

SLO City Charter section 406: “the Council by a majority vote of its remaining members shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy”


Next item. Mr. Rice is standing out front of the COUNTY government building to make a point about the CITY government.

Where is smoking a cigarette. This is not a lawful action in San Luis Obispo and I don’t think I would want to have a city council candidate appointed who breaks the law while seeking the seat.

He is correct that you and he and I can run to be considered for the appointment. It’s financially free, BUT: The City’s website says:

Applicants have until Dec. 13 to submit an application to the city for the council seat, and the vote takes place Dec. 21. Each applicant, according to the city charter, “is encouraged to submit a 200-word statement of qualifications stating the amount of time available each week to devote to the Council, reasons for wanting to be appointed, involvement in community affairs and organizations, especially in the preceding 23-month period, personal qualifications for the position, and prior experience in government, or areas associated with or doing business with government.”

Kevin Rice

Pretty good, Paul, but look closer:

(1) Marx holds 33% of the vote that counts. The fourth vote doesn’t matter.

(2) Kathy Smith holds 33% as well.

You INCORRECTLY stated I point out a relationship between Marx and Andreen. No. I pointed out a relationship between Marx, SMITH and Andreen.

Now, we only need one more vote. You think Carter is going to pick the guy he ran against for six months? You think Ashbaugh is going to pick a Republican?

You INCORRECTLY state I argue the “only reason [Marx] would [pick Andreen] is because of some kind of nepotism and crookedness” — No, I never stated “the ONLY reason”, what I did state is the ONLY way to avoid that PERCEPTION (and perception is reality) is an ELECTION.

Marx and Smith CANNOT appoint Andreen or they will wear this perception for two years.

If you watched all five minutes of the video (you state you did, but I doubt it) it is set outside the County Office of Elections which is the entity that conducts elections in the county and would necessarily be involved with a City election as well. This is stated right upfront in the video itself. Did you watch it?

P.S.–You are also clearly misinformed or ignorant of the City smoking ordinance. I suggest you find it and read 8.16.050, paragraph 4. Of course, you draw attention to that just to skew from the topic and find something else to point out wrong… right?


it may be the fluoride in the water that Kevin’s been drinking.

Kevin Rice

It’s curious, R.Hodin, that you frequently have criticism, but rarely anything to add.

If you have an opinion of substance, please share it.


Knock-off the hit and run crap, Russ. It’s beneath you…


kevin, slorider, crusader-what was the other one?,,,geeze-


Batman and Robin given Paine the dozens!


Mandrake! I will not stand by while America’s precious bodily fluids are impurified.


What web site was this on?

Kevin Rice



Thank you for raising the smoking issue.

On another subject, how could Mrs. Andreen contribute a total of $900 to two campaigns when the donation limit is $200 per candidate, per election, or am I mistaken?


I think he became so embarrassed by the web site that he took it down. Would have liked to seen it.

“So many questions

There’s just no better way to sum up Kevin Rice’s latest stunt, so I’ll just say it. Or write it, as it were.



Sound that out in your mind’s ear with the “U” drawn out. It should sound something like, duuude, but all judgmental—not like a stoner impressed with himself because he just made a sandwich.

I bestow that dude onto you in the most pretentious way possible. Picture me the way you picture a New Yorker cover, but less educated and with a more lacking vocabulary. See there, I just used up 95 percent of the words I know. If only I could squeeze in the word “avuncular,” I’d have exhausted my shredtionary and could go home. Wait, I just did. Later, suckers!

Blank space. Blank space. Snarky comment. Sarcastic news item. Rambling. More blank space.

Oh, you’re still here? I guess I’ll indulge you with whatever it was I was talking about.

Rice recently tickled the giggling girl part of my funny bone with a welcoming video for his website,, aptly titled “SLO Voice of Democracy,” which I don’t quite understand. Is it a play on words as in a slow voice of democracy? Or is it the San Luis Obispo voice of democracy? Wait. Maybe he meant “for democracy” instead of “of democracy.” Rice says it’s a “committee to support rights of SLO City voters to democratically elect city council members.” But I’m still confused.

The video opens with Rice sparking a cig—isn’t that illegal?-—in front of the County Government Center with text on screen alerting you to the fact that it’s 1 a.m. when he’s recording.

Oh, real quick before I get any further into this: Rice is pissy because Jan Marx bailed on her council seat halfway through her term and landed the mayor gig. Now the city has to either hold a special election or—and here’s what the smart money says will happen—let the councilmembers appoint someone. Oh, and Rice also wants to run for council should there be an election. But there won’t be. And he knew that before the council even decided it.

Which brings me back to that video. Before the guy even opens his mouth, he sticks a cigarette in it and lights up—leaving me sitting here watching this thing and wondering, “Why is Kevin Rice smoking and talking into a camera at 1 a.m.? Was he just passing by and thought, ‘Hey I’m pissed off, might as well put it on tape?’” Or is this the type of thing you plan?

Dammit Rice, you thought-ninja! You slunk into my subconscious as quiet as a mouse in footy pajamas and poisoned my psyche. And I haven’t even listened to what you’re saying yet?!? See the exasperated punctuation you’ve forced me to use?!?

I’m not quite sure what he’s saying. Actually, I’m having a tiff over the finer points with one of my fellow writer-dummies. Joe McSmartass Writer Guy here thinks Rice is staging a protest to show that the people should vote on a new councilmember. Methinks this particular writer has been huffing glue and Rice just wants the seat. Let’s ask Rice.

“Hi, my name’s Kevin,” he says in the video, with smoke leaking out of his nostrils into the cold air. “I’m aiming to be San Luis Obispo’s next City Council person.”

Maybe he’s just fooling around.

“That’s right, I’m serious.”

Guess not. You owe me a beer, Professor Wrong-All-The-Time-Writer-Shlub.

“But this isn’t a campaign video,” he goes on. “You don’t need to know my platform, my positions. I don’t need to dress up nice or kiss any babies. Because there’s no election.”

All right. Maybe he is trying to make some sort of statement. But I’ll go you one further, because I’ve seen others try to pull this sort of stunt before. It goes something along the lines of, “This process is a farce and we should let our government whosey-whatsits know we’re not happy,” followed promptly by, “But vote for me anyway.” Or, since there’s no election, his intended audience is the sitting council, and I’m not sure if they’ll appreciate this video’s subtleties.

Rice is not alone in poking at the city powers for wielding their appointing possibilities around—elections do tend to, you know, carry out the actual will of the people—but he’s the only one I’ve seen so far to say it out loud. In the pre-dawn chill. While smoking.”


I’m undecided about the SLO Council. But Kevin’s actions speak for themselves. He is a bully and has more than his share of problems.

“As 2010 rolls forward, the Rice-Langford battlefield has moved to one of Langford’s two beachfront vacation cottages on the Strand in Oceano, which she has been renting for three decades. Rice is trying to shut them down by alleging code violations.

Matt Janssen of the county Planning and Building Department would say only that the investigation of Rice’s claims is ongoing.

But the significant fact is that the investigation is taking place at all.

Langford says it is the latest in a series of harassment of her and her friends by Rice, a Canyon Country firefighter who lives in San Luis Obispo.

In the three years that their feud has been going on, Rice has:

• Sought to appropriate the name by which Langford informally called her organization, triggering a trademark fight that is still in the courts.

• Gone on Craigslist, where Langford lists her beachfront rentals, disparaged her and her property, and told people to rent elsewhere.

• Called the employers of a Santa Maria teacher and an Arroyo Grande doctor, friends of Langford who oppose motorized vehicles on the Dunes, to complain about them.

• On the other side of the Sierra, near Truckee, knocked unannounced on an opponent’s door and tried to persuade him of the error of his ways.

• Questioned in print whether 84-year-old Bill Denneen, another Langford ally, should be allowed near children.

• Sent a 21-page faux legal document, threatening a lawsuit, to an Oceano off-roading critic. It had the recipient’s Social Security number on the front page.”

If this seems like stable behavior to you then not much else to say

Read more:


Are you a paid staffer or just a volunteer with the Democratic Central Committee? Is that you, Patty?

Kevin Rice

LOL!!! Naw, it’s “Club Nell” trying their best. Mrs. Andreen is surely not as lacking and much more on-topic. One would hope. I kinda like having a fan club, though. I do hope they come to the council hearing.

Hear that, mancha (Lucia) and T.P.?? You’re invited. Please come. The more the merrier! We need your angry lunacy to help show the debacle that happens when you steal an election from the people. Bring your green tinsel hats and NO CARS ON THE BEACH signs, too. I’m counting on ya. Don’t let me down!


I think the folks who lost the election should get over it and let the winners get to work.

NO ONE STOLE THE ELECTION IN SLO. we need your fauxnews tinsel type distortions in our local politics, like we need a hole in the head.

“We need your angry lunacy” speaks for itself

Kevin Rice

OF COURSE THEY DID, zaphod! Take your NPR partisanship and go get some honesty counseling. Appointing your best friend, campaign manager, and campaign donor is crooked. You reveal your one-sided view with such blind comments.


Jeez…. it is thick in here, but this, “JAN MARX WINS MAYOR RACE”The People voted, she did not steal an election.

Kevin Rice

zaphod– are you cluless? Not the mayor race… the 5th council seat race!!!! STOLEN.


I don’t know how to tie up my own cluelaces :-)

yeah stolen by the mayor!


you could make a ‘fortune’ writing them, for cookies .


My honesty is alright enough thank you. But slagging me with the npr huh? you mean small things considered? like the size of your complaint here.?

Kevin Rice



The council CANNOT appoint an inside contributor and the mayor’s campaign manager. It’s crooked and corrupt. Now, if we held an election and Andreen got ELECTED, that’s a different story. But you cannot appoint buddies and donors. It is nothing less than cronyism and incestuous nepotism. Sorry, but you cannot get around that without an ELECTION.


I have had the total displeasure of knowing Patty Andreen for 5 horrible years and I will tell you the woman is as crooked as they come. The woman loves herself because she wears the pants in the family as I feel sorry for her husband Ken. I have no idea what he sees in her but Patty for office, think twice and think about Bell County California. She spends on herself but leaves the trash for everybody else and I will tell you she is no politician but only another lawyer who can’t find a job but waste people’s time yabbing her loud month off everywhere she goes. I was at a point to put a restraining order on this batty woman for bugging the hell out of neighborhood as she thinks she is the law, not! The woman has a history of problems and I will be fine to post her on youtube for her mistakes caught on video as we don’t need another liberal trying to run this city when we are already in trouble now with over spending, the last thing we need is Patty messing it up more. Vote No for no Andreen for City council!