Arroyo Grande man arrested after high speed chase

December 13, 2010

Ronald Harvey

An Arroyo Grande man was arrested after a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy attempted a pull him over for a minor traffic violation and having expired tags on Sunday at 12:22 a.m.

Ronald Thomas Harvey, 47, failed to stop when officers turned on their sirens and lights. Instead, Harvey headed towards San Luis Obispo on Highway 227.

San Luis Obispo Police officers placed a spike strip on the highway near the airport in an attempt to stop the fleeing driver. With one of his trucks tires leaking air, Harvey accelerated to speeds of over 90 mph.

Harvey led police down South Street and onto Brooke Street, a dead end street where Harvey finally stopped his truck.

When Harvey refused to leave his vehicle, a San Luis Obispo Police officer shot pepper spray into the vehicle through an open window. Harvey stepped out of his truck without further incident, police said.

Harvey was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of felony failure to yield with bail was set at $25,000.

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This guy’s eyes appear extremely dilated. It could be from the adrenalin rush after messing with the Sheriffs but it looks like he is on some kind of hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms or LSD to me. That would also explain his foolish behavior, probably thought aliens were attempting to abduct him!

Lets not forget who was chasing him now..after all the track record of our sheriffs dept and citizens isnt very good.

I can never understand WHY outrun the cops if it is only a minor traffic violation?? Again the old saying…. you can’t fix STUPID!!

He must have been late for the MENSA meeting.