Man attempts to hijack parking enforcement vehicle

January 17, 2011

Tyler Dean Davies

Police arrested a San Luis Obispo man who allegedly stole from an 85-year-old man on a city bus, attempted to hijack a parking enforcement vehicle and tried to take a Taser gun from a police officer.

Police said Tyler Dean Davies, 21, harassed and took property from Robert Grim before getting off the bus. The driver called police and waited for their arrival.

After leaving the bus, Davis stole property from a second elderly victim who happened to be walking by. Davis then fled the scene.

A short foot pursuit on Monterey Street ended when Davis jumped into a city parking enforcement vehicle and demanded that the parking officer help him escape.

Cornered by a police officer, Davis tried to take the officer’s Taser gun. The officer used the Taser gun to subdue Davis.

Police booked Davis into San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of elder abuse, grand theft, resisting a police officer and trying to take an officer’s weapon. Bail was set at $20,000.

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No shortage of dirt bags. Anyone who steals from or injures the elderly is a cowardly piece of work. Another mental head case in the making.

Not a bad point; if he was our of his gourd why did he pick on the elderly, the helpless? That sounds like good strategy to me, not the actions of a maniac. The weak are always picked on, easy pickins. Just like the freak in Tucson, he planned and executed an assassination. Sounds like thoughtful pre meditated murder to me. A coward with a bug gun against a bunch of unarmed, and unknowing civilians. Wish I could get my hands on him.

big gun

If Cindy is right it reminds me of a famous local case where a guy on meds was feeling antagonistic and went to mental health for some help. Supposedly he didn’t get it and within an hour had murdered both his parents.

But of course all this talk of mental health and how we must supply more help all goes back to Reagan who was instrumental in closing many hospitals; flooding the country with homeless people in need of care and causing a huge spike in prison populations. While beating his chest about all the money that was saved he screwed the country. Ever since then we have paid dues on that and only now has it received national attention.

Bloggers at the Tribune who know this guy Tyler say that he is a CalPoly student and that he is a very nice guy who is non confrontational but that he has recently had a bout with mental illness. They are saying that he went to the local mental services agency and that he didn’t receive the treatment that he needed which is a direct result of this incident.

Of course you mean the opposite, that his behavior is a direct result of not getting treatment.

Yes that is what I meant. I also wanted to point out that since this current behavior is not consistent with Tyler’s character and considering that he recognized that he was out of sorts and took it upon himself to seek mental health assistance prior to the incident, I retract my original post.

Except for the part about it being funny that he tried to take away the officers taser gun. If a cop was going to taser me, I would reach for thing too!

What a dummy and robbing elderly people makes him a “cowardly” dirt bag to boot.

I had to laugh at the charge of him trying to take away the officers taser gun considering it’s obvious why the officer had it out to begin with!